Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Archbishop Cupich entering into the Vortex

Archbishop Cupich entering into the Vortex

It appears that Michael Voris will have no shortage of material for future daily Vortex shows now that Cupich has been designated as the new Archbishop of Chicago.

Hilary White at LifeSiteNews has the full background on Cupich's anti-Life and anti-Church positions.


"The appointment of Bishop Blase Cupich, current head of the Spokane diocese in Washington, to America’s third most prominent see – an appointment which Vatican watchers predicted would signal the pope’s priorities for the direction of the U.S. Church – has been widely praised by liberal Catholics and opponents of Church teaching but met with concern by many Catholic [pro-Life?] activists."

The question for Voris is, will he publicly recognize the cause-effect relationship between bergoglio and Cupich?

I am seeing hopeful signs from Voris in his recent Vortex episodes. In yesterday's Vortex Michael clearly drew a line in the sand with respect to communion between the divorced and re-married.


However, he never mentioned bergoglio... but he did shoot dangerously close when he took aim at Kasper's "pastoral" plan -- although he never mentioned Kasper by name. Since Kasper and bergoglio are inextricably entwined -- according to Kasper himself -- a blow against Kasper's plan is a blow against don bergoglio himself.

The one good thing -- the ONLY good thing -- that comes from this abominable appointment of Cupich and the synod on the family (aka the synod on sex) and the rest of bergoglio's radical anti-Catholic program is that it forces the Michael Voris's of the world to come out and declare in public -- Christ or chaos?

Which will it be Michael?

It is a question for all of us.

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