Saturday, October 18, 2014

What did Burke really say?

What did Burke really say?

AngelQueen says that Michael Voris says that "Pope is harming the Church"... which Voris attributes to Cardinal Burke...

Rorate Caeli says that Burke says that  "Pope has done a lot of harm"... whether the object of this harm is society or himself or Kasper's pet rabbit is not clear...

... to say that the Burke is saying specifically that the "Pope is harming the Church" seems a bit like putting words into Cardinal Burke's mouth...

Which is it? Should Michael Voris have finished his meal first and perhaps waited until the morning after sleeping it off to issue this "breaking news story"...? Is perhaps Michael projecting his own opinion on to Cardinal Burke...?

AngelQueen says "Michael Voris says that Cardinal Burke said it. Is Michael now ready to say the same on his own authority?"

The ultimate source of these quotes is a BuzzFeed interview with Cardinal Burke. The BuzzFeed article is written in a (deliberately?) ambiguous way... which leaves the interpretation of what Cardinal Burke is really saying up for grabs... BTW  the title of the BuzzFeed article is "Conservative Cardinal Who Clashed With Pope Francis Confirms He Has Been Ousted"... sensationalist much...?

... does Michael Voris know something that Rorate doesn't...? Is Michael giving us essentially the word on the streets of Rome... will Voris lead the storming of the Casa Santa Marta in the morning...? (Sorry, wishful thinking on my part...)

... this is how rumors get started... didn't bergoglio tell the Vatican Swiss Guard to protect the pope against rumors...? Watch out Michael Voris...


Here are all the links so that you can figure it out for yourself...

Rorate Caeli -- LINK

Michael Voris on YouTube -- LINK

BuzzFeed (sensationalist?) story -- LINK

AngelQueen -- LINK

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