Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What did Burke really say... Part IV

What did Burke really say... Part IV

This is the concluding chapter of the IV part tragic mini-series...

"Never has there been a tale of such woe then this of Michael Voris... and his bergoglio... "

"Michael Voris... Michael Voris... wherefore art thou Michael Voris?"

And now we come to the conclusion of our tragedy as our main character, Michael Voris, who at one point in this story seemed on the verge of greatness, plunges again into the depths of the bergoglian cesspool...

Scene 1 -- Wherein AngelQueen reports that the much heralded Voris report on how the "Pope [is] harming the Church" simply disappears in an apparent act of magic by some mysterious wicked sorcerer... [LINK]

Scene 2 -- Wherein our fallen hero Michael Voris releases a new video claiming that all is well in Rome... Alas! Et tu Michael Voris? [LINK to CMTV video]

Scene 3 -- Wherein Louie Verrecchio declares that there is something rotten at ChurchMilitant TV... and reveals the presence of a "quasi-internal menace” lurking behind the scenes... [LINK]

The fall of our hero Michael Voris is complete... "all are punished."

How now Michael Voris? How do you now answer AngelQueen's prophetic question?

"Michael Voris says ['Pope Harming the Church'] because he is reporting what Cardinal Burke said. Is Michael now ready to say the same on his own authority?" [LINK]

Dear Michael, are you perhaps in the grip of the cruel fates? Awake! Arise from your slumber Michael Voris!

Reject this bergoglian poison so that this story may have a happy and holy ending... all is well that ends well.


Part I [LINK]
Part II [LINK]

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