Monday, October 13, 2014

Dear pro-Life Catholics: Stop whining and start fighting!

Dear pro-Life Catholics: Stop whining and start fighting!

Pro-life Catholics have described the mid-way report from the synod (on sex) as a ‘betrayal’... [ LINK ]


'Betrayal' implies an element of surprise....

Are you surprised, really?

Haven't you been paying attention to the words and actions of bergoglio from the moment he stepped out on the balcony?

This is the man that said the Church must stop "obsessing" over pro-Life issues.

There is no 'betrayal' here.

For God's sake wake up. Stop whining and start fighting.

All of this nicey-nice talk of 'betrayal' is going to get you nowhere... except perhaps to the head of the line for the guillotine.

For God's sake fight! Fight like your lives depended on it... and the lives of your children... the lives of unborn children... the lives of elderly...

... and the souls of those nearest and dearest to you... and also of those strangers you will never meet.... we are all depending on you... please, for God's sake wake up and fight!

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