Wednesday, October 8, 2014

bergoglio gives hope... to anti-Catholics

bergoglio gives hope... to anti-Catholics

"Liberals" (AKA marxists/freemasons/atheists/modernists and various other anti-Catholics) "HOPE" (for "CHANGE") in the Church -- the anti-Christ in the White House couldn't have said it better himself.


The Guardian newspaper's overview of the synod (on sex)


... [bergoglio] opened a landmark assembly [the synod on sex] that liberals hope will spark reform [marxist revolution] of some of the church’s entrenched [immutable] stances on marriage, sex and divorce. [... like I said -- the synod on sex...]

At a prayer vigil on Saturday evening, Francis said that only by paying close attention and understanding real people’s lives would the church earn credibility on issues which he did not name but which are thought to include cohabitation, second marriages and gay relationships. [... like I said -- the synod on sex...]

The scope of the synod’s likely consequences is limited: the church is not, for instance, going to endorse gay marriage or abortion. [... like I said -- the synod on sex... and don't ya know that the "liberals" are not going to be satisfied with whatever they get... they will keep pushing for more and more and more heresy and abominable abandonment of Church teaching on morality -- particularly in the area of sexual morality.... ]

Subjects ranging from artificial birth control to the baptism of gay couples’ children could be discussed at the synod. But the particularly thorny issue concerning remarried divorcees has dominated debate in recent months... [... like I said -- the synod on sex...]

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