Saturday, October 18, 2014

bergoglio follows Christian tradition... of Judas

bergoglio follows Christian tradition... of Judas

... and all the traitors, heretics and apostates in Church "tradition"...

How else to explain the following comments by Cardinal Kasper (little judas)...?

BTW, Rabbi Skorka was recently overheard saying to bergoglio in a thick yiddish accent, "... have I got a 'hundred year plan' for you..." (or maybe I just dreamed that... more like a nightmare that has become reality...)


"Kasper Talks About Pope's 'Hundred Year Plan' "

LINK (from Eponymous Flower)

Cardinal Kasper has bandaged the pontificate of Pope Francis with the mood of a "new springtime", so that among the participants in the Synod of Bishops, which comes to an end in a few days,  observed the much-touted "Francis" effect. With Francis, a "paradigm shift" has been completed. Accordingly, we could not squeeze him into the "familiar progressive-conservative schema" or determine to assign a "theological school of thought" to him.The "Catholic News Agency Austria" writes: "Rather, it combined elements of tradition in his understanding of the Church  with elements 'a ecclesia semper reformanda '- a church that is pushing for change. Francis thus consciously imagines the tradition of the conciliar Popes John XXIII. and Paul VI., who always wanted to re-interpret it in the light of the signs of the times' the unchanging gospel."

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