Monday, October 13, 2014

97th Anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun

97th Anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun

Today is the 97th anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun as predicted by Our Lady of Fatima to the Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta -- the three children seers of Fatima.

In three more years we will be celebrating the centenial anniversary of the apparition of Our Lady of Fatima.

I trust in God that by this time jorge bergoglio will no longer be "the bishop of rome".

I only pray that the successor to bergoglio will be a Catholic.

It would truly be a miracle if the sun were to penetrate the proceedings of the synod in Rome. Certainly, there has been some of that, but not enough I am afraid to make a real difference.

Of course we continue to pray for a conversion of bergoglio for his own good and the good of the Church, but realistically the expectations are low. I had hoped early on that taking the Seat of Peter would cause some profound change in the man, but he remains perfidious -- like his jewish brethren which he seems to regard as his closest friends.

He will be pleased to know then that he will share in their suffering in the afterlife.

When Lucia asked Our Lady about the fate of some who had passed away the answer was blunt. And Our Lady showed the children a vision of hell.

So the message from Our Lady is clear -- there is no guarantee of "mercy" as is suggested by kasper and bergoglio and company.

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"Our Lady of Fatima"


At the end of October 1918, Francisco and Jacinta fell ill, almost at the same time. When Lucia visited them, she found Jacinta elated she said;"Our Lady came to see us and said that she is coming to take Francisco to heaven very soon. She asked me if I still wanted to convert more sinners. I told her I did. She told me I would be taken to a hospital and that I would suffer greatly there, but that I should suffer for the conversion of sinners, in reparation for the sins committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and for the love of Jesus."

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