Tuesday, October 14, 2014

REPOSTING 3 articles on bergoglio's diabolical mis-use of 'mercy'

REPOSTING 3 articles on bergoglio's diabolical mis-use of 'mercy'

I am re-posting 3 articles which highlight bergoglio's twisted (diabolical) mis-use of the virtue of "mercy".

The first of these articles titled "Papal plot to destroy the family" makes a  prediction regarding the synod -- a prediction that is coming true.

I say this not to boast, but rather to show that the results of this synod were very predictable and should surprise no one.

I hope that by now faithful Catholics will have accepted the unpleasant TRUTH regarding bergoglio -- that he is an enemy of the Church.

And I hope that faithful Catholics will not continue to simply react to bergoglio's plan to destroy the Church, but will begin to boldly challenge him with all their might... for love of God and for love of the souls of our fellow men.

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The articles I am re-posting are...

4/30/14 -- Papal plot to destroy the family [LINK]

8/3/14 -- bergoglio employs "situation ethics" and calls it "mercy" [LINK]

8/3/14 -- THE INTERVIEW and "situation ethics" [LINK]

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