Thursday, October 2, 2014

bergoglio joke of the day

bergoglio joke of the day

bergoglio and kasper were having lunch in Casa Santa Marta and bergoglio was just starting to eat his third cannoli for dessert when kasper turned to him and said, "oh, i have been meaning to ask you... why is the bergoglio publicity blimp flying at night now?"

bergoglio wiped the cannoli cream from his face and smiled and answered, "oh no my dear kasper, that is not the bergoglio publicity blimp...."

kasper interrupted, "but i saw it clearly as it flew across the full moon.... "

bergoglio had just taken another bite out of his cannoli and without even waiting to finish swallowing replied excitedly, "my dear kasper that was really me!"

".... but how?" asked a perplexed kasper.

"let me explain... i was in the basement of the Vatican museum admiring some of the medieval instruments of torture when i saw an ordinary looking broom...."

"... and?" interrupted kasper impatiently.

"i thought of Harry Potter... you know how much i like the Harry Potter movies... and I pretended to imitate him flying through the air on my broom... "

"uh, yes, better to speak of such things only in private, don't you think?" hinted kasper.

"oh my dear kasper, but the truly amazing thing was that i really was flying through the room... "

"i would like to see this broom..."

"oh you will... i am planning on making a grand entrance to the synod by flying in on my broom... that is why i have been practicing secretly at night."

"oh, i see... are you sure you have been taking all of your medications?"

"yes... "

"well then there is only one thing to do... we will have to prepare father lombardi to explain to the press that this is the new papal broom and that it is being used because it is more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly than using a car or flying in a plane or helicopter... "

"... and just in time for halloween... "

"i think we can leave that out of the official Vatican statement... "

"oh but i just thought of something..."

"really?", replied kasper with a look of surprise.

"yes, how will i have a papal press conference in the air on a broom? there is not enough room for all the reporters! eh? no? yes?"

"oh, i would not worry about that... i am sure they can find brooms of their own... "

~ ~ ~

no comment?

we're off to see the wizard?

something like that...

maybe bergoglio can make another cartoon with Plim Plim the magical satanic clown where they fly through the air together on their magical wiccan brooms...


yes, we can't leave out the wiccans...

yes, that's very important for the bishops to keep in mind during the upcoming synod...

... yes, what should the priest do when a wiccan comes flying up to receive communion on his/her/its broom...

... mercy me! who is the priest to judge?

... one slogan fits all...

i'm afraid so... mercy, mercy, mercy...

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