Wednesday, October 8, 2014

TIME says: bergoglio is "THE ONE"

TIME says: bergoglio is "THE ONE"

Forget about what the Catholic rags say about the synod (on sex). Who reads that stuff anyway?

What counts is how the secular press reports on the synod (on sex) because that is how most of the people in the pews are going to learn about what is happening in Rome over the next two weeks.

Time magazine has a typical puff piece wherein we learn that berggolio is "THE ONE"... funny, I thought Obama was "THE ONE".... maybe it is that bergoglio is the OTHER ONE.

We also learn that bergoglio's got THE SPIRIT!

Who's got THE SPIRIT?

Bergoglio's got THE SPIRIT!!!!

[Shake those papal pom-poms!!!]

No mention about Christ or God in any meaningful context, but lots of talk about people -- because the Church is all about the people. They don't call it the "house of the people" for nothing, right?

Oh, no. Actually it's the "house of the people of God"... I knew God was in there somewhere.... right after the people...

People.... people who need people... are the luckiest people of all....

People.... people.... people....

Bergoglio is all about the people.... God?... not so much....

But the Holy Spirit.... gotta love the Holy Spirit because unlike God and Christ the Spirit is less well-defined, less "dogmatic"... so bergoglio and friends can easily conflate the Holy Spirit with other "spirits".... like the masonic "spirit of freedom".... that's almost the same as the Holy Spirit, right?.... in bergoglio's heretical mind, yes!


From Time article: "Pope Francis’ Family Synod Forgoes Flash for Spiritual Depth"


"We can ‘thwart’ God’s dream if we fail to let ourselves be guided by the Holy Spirit.”

His meaning was clear. This meeting is not a time for the bishops to each shine with their own debates, Francis was saying, but rather a time to focus on the people and what the people need.

The spiritual moments that have shaped the Synod’s start are a concrete reminder that Francis the pastor is the one calling the shots. He’s the one walking the incense around the papal altar at mass, he’s the one celebrating Eucharist, and he’s the one determining where the ultimate emphasis is placed. He is the one in St. Peter’s seat. The bishops are there at his request. It’s the tone he sets that matters.


Yes, bergoglio is THE ONE destroying the Catholic Church. So give him the nobel peace prize as his worldly reward already...

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