Saturday, October 4, 2014

bergog-lio's synod ¡Qué lío!

bergog-lio's synod ¡Qué lío!

TRANSLATION: What a mess!


"Cardinal Kasper claims papal support, raps critics in new interview"


Cardinal Walter Kasper has said that he had the support of Pope Francis to advance his proposal for allowing Communion to divorced and remarried Catholics. But the German cardinal said that the Pope will not go forward with the proposal unless he sees a consensus of support at the Synod of Bishops.

In an interview with the Catholic News Service, Cardinal Kasper said that before advancing his proposal at a meeting of cardinals, “I spoke beforehand with the Pope himself; otherwise I would not have touched this problem in my conference.” He said that the Pontiff encouraged him to raise the question of whether divorced and remarried Catholics might be allowed to receive Communion.

However, while he “had the impression” that the Pope is open to a change in Church discipline, the cardinal said that Pope Francis will not act without support from the Synod. The Pope, he said, “wants a great majority of the bishops behind himself. He does not like division within the Church and the collegiality of bishops.”


So now bergog-lio wants to use a "democratic vote" of the the bishops to justify changing Catholic teaching which is based on the very words of Jesus Christ himself.... in a synod of bishops stacked with the most liberal bishops bergoglio and kasper could find.... and if you happen to vote against don bergoglio.... well then the vatican gay mafia will hunt you down, shoot you and have you for breakfast....

¡Qué lío!

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