Friday, October 3, 2014

bergoglio's peace of the world award

bergoglio's peace of the world award

We here at PublicVigil have been informed through our highly placed secret sources that bergoglio will be the winner of this year's nobel peace prize.... also, it is rumored that the award money this year will consist of 30 pieces of antique silver from the Roman government of Palestine in the year 1 B.C. featuring the bust of Caesar on the front....  and on the back the inscription "who are we to judge"...

Actually, we have no "highly placed secret sources", but anyone can see this coming a mile away.

Certainly no one can say that bergoglio hasn't done everything humanly [and diabolically] possible to deserve this worldly award.

If the near total destruction of the Catholic Church is not enough to impress the masonic peace prize committee... then I don't know what is...



The composition of the prize committee, which can be described comprehensively as left and  Masonic, has - as a quick look through the list of Nobel Peace Prize shows - honored their peers especially, but few Catholic personalities. The Popes were simply ignored despite their significant commitment to peace efforts by the prize committee.

His conjecture based political scientist with the "tireless commitment to the fight against global poverty." Poverty, says Harpviken, is the main reason for armed conflicts. The reference to the images of the Pope on the Italian Mediterranean island of Lampedusa off the coast of Tunisia comes to mind.

Another reason for his assumption that Francis could be awarded the Nobel Prize,  Harpviken sees in the "new hope for a reform of the Catholic Church." Is the award of the Nobel Peace Prize a distinction for certain internal church decisions? Who would  interfere in internal Church affairs in the spirit of the Masonic founder, but a left-liberal prize committee?

In 2013 the International Anti-Chemical Weapons Organization (OPCW) was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, in 2012 the European Union. Unwieldy laureates, with little ability to evoke emotion during their ceremony. Particularly controversial, even grotesque, was the granting in 2009 of the newly elected U.S. President Barack Obama. The otherwise subdued ideological coloration  shown in the idea behind the award ceremony has  rarely been revealed so blatantly.

All in all, a new record was achieved with 278 applications, among which is also the application of the International Gay Lobbyists ILGA.

[Maybe the committee can make a bold statement by splitting the award between bergoglio and ILGA... or else ILGA can make bergoglio an honorary member and thus share in his "glory".... or bergoglio could donate the prize money to ILGA.... ]

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