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Pope vs. pope

Pope vs. pope

H/T Restore-DC-Catholicism

"Msgr Pope On Denying Holy Communion To Those In De Facto Adulterous Situations"


Please read the article above by Restore-DC-Catholicism in order to better understand the current situation in the archdiocese of Washington, D.C. They also have posted a full copy of Msgr. Pope's article in the event that it is removed from the website of the archdiocese.

Thanks be to God that there are at least some priests, bishops and cardinals speaking out against bergoglio's maniacal plans to "re-form" the Church -- the bergoglian reformation?

Time will tell how these words will be translated into action...

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Excerpts from Msgr. Charles Pope's article.

"Musings and Concerns on the Synod"


Pope Francis himself has largely encouraged this [ (lío) cardinals and bishops with very different points of view airing those differences quite publicly]. It is more typical at synods for the sparring and debates to take place more privately, and press conferences usually just issue summaries of things discussed. Time will tell of the wisdom (or lack thereof) of such public airings, but if the permission for frank discussion may extend to a lowly parish priest....

I realize that some people are in difficult and complex situations, but I cannot simply overrule the Lord or what He said to St. Paul. At the end of the day there is a choice for those who desperately seek Communion but are in second unions. That choice is celibacy. I realize that this is difficult and some conclude that this would be unjust to the second “spouse.” But it is ultimately their choice, not mine. I am respectful of the fact that some do not think they can reasonably choose to live celibately in their second union. However, it is not fair to say that just because other avenues have been exhausted, those in these situations have absolutely no choice. They do. It is difficult, but it is their choice to make.

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