Sunday, October 12, 2014

EWTN interviews Cardinal Burke -- color me not impressed

EWTN interviews Cardinal Burke -- color me not impressed

Cristopher Ferrara at the Remnant brought this to my attention -- "Outstanding EWTN Interview".


Normally, I would say "bravo!" to EWTN. These are not normal times.

I don't want it to appear that I am criticizing Cardinal Burke. I'm not... at least not at this time.... I am withholding judgment and waiting to see if his words which are harshly critical of Cardinal Kasper will be followed up by any meaningful action... will they bear fruit?

As for EWTN and the Pee Wee Herman look-a-like that anchors their weekly "news" show, I have seen enough of their "conservative Catholic" act in the past to not be fooled by this weak attempt at putting up a show of resistance...

I am reminded of Cardinal Dolan's pathetic performance "in defense of" the Catholic Truth regarding the grave sin of sodomy...


As I stated back then, this is a case of too-little-too-late....

Can't EWTN promote the Catholic teaching on divorced and "re-married" themselves? (Try searching your own website...)

Why do they need to sneakily hide behind Cardinal Burke?

So that they can claim "we didn't criticize Kasper [and his capo don bergoglio] we just quoted Cardinal Burke".... ?

And if Cardinal Burke had not spoken out, was the plan to remain silent?

Answer: YES... most emphatically!

Soldiers of Christ? The Church Militant?

... those words do not describe EWTN.

Sorry, these are not ordinary times. We need those who claim to speak out for the Church to be courageous and holy.

We need to follow the examples of the saints. Surely, EWTN knows this since they have whole various series of programs on this topic.

How about putting this into practice...


  1. You are right about EWRan. Thay can always blame Burke.
    Ditto for Archbold. (no "i")

  2. Yup. EWTN is not about to burn any bridges. They are ready to follow the direction of the papal pendulum -- whichever way it swings.

    Actually, they had a pretty icy attitude towards BXVI.... but JPII, oh he's "great"!

    Yeah, he's "the great one" that made kasper and bergoglio cardinals. Both on the same day in October 2001! Even though they were both known heretics.

    2001 -- the year of man-made disasters. The World Trade Center and the making of kasper and bergoglio into cardinals.

    Mind you that Mother Angelica was not afraid to confront the VII heirarchy -- not so the maggots that have taken over her network.

    P.S. Thanks for the spelling tip on Archbold's name. :)

    I'm sure they are trying to be good Catholics, but at some point you have to follow Christ and not the man-made church of Vatican II.