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Pat Archibold quotes Pope Leo XIII and Pope St. Pius X -- again color me not impressed

Pat Archibold quotes Pope Leo XIII and Pope St. Pius X -- again color me not impressed

Pat Archibold has written a column titled "The Truth About This Crisis" published on the National Catholic Register website.


At one point he says:

"And while some well-meaning Catholics, desperate to believe all is well, try to mask the cracks in the façade of St. Peter’s with layer upon layer of ‘hermeneutic of continuity’ spackle, the furious work of destruction continues unabated within its walls."

He then quotes Pope Benedict XVI at the end of the article -- mr. ‘hermeneutic of continuity’ himself and head honcho facade spackler and masker of cracks...

Give me a break!

As if everything was all hunky dory during Ratzinger's papacy and the wheels only fell off afterwards... as if Ratzinger wasn't the one that appointed cardinals like Dolan of New York and Sean O'Malley of Boston himself -- to name just two off the top of my head.

As if it wasn't the same Cardinals that JPII ('the great one') and Ratzinger appointed that came up with the 'great' choice of bergoglio.... and  who came up with the 'great' choices of Cardinals bergoglio and kasper -- YES! It was 'the great one' himself... on 21 of February 2001 he 'elevated' both of these termites to become Cardinals of the Church... who knew that these termites could cause such damage... of course they were both known heretics prior to being appointed cardinals by JPII, but so what? Right? Eh? No? Yes? A little heretical diversity is a good thing, eh?

And speaking of bergoglio... bergoglio? bergoglio who?.... there's a guy named bergoglio that is the pope?

YES! Quick! Somebody tell Pat Archibold that bergoglio is the pope!

Because he doesn't seem to know... or he just forgot to mention it in his article... doh!

Is Archibold pulling a Voris? Does he thing berglio is the 'most misunderstood pope in history'? Is he secretly a sedevacantist?

Or is he just playing it safe and self-censoring because he knows that the day he writes a column and declares the REAL "Truth About This Crisis" is the last day he will be working for NCR (reporter or register or whatever... what's the difference?)

The TRUTH is as I have said that bergoglio does not think, act or speak like the successor of St. Peter, but rather like a successor to Judas [LINK]... That's the TRUTH about this 'crisis'... and 'crisis' is not even an appropriate word... how about 'heresy' or 'apostasy'.... those words are the language of the Church... 'crisis' is the language of a P.R. man who is trying to minimize the damage...

Archibold quotes Pope St. Pius X saying:

" ...they lie hid, a thing to be deeply deplored and feared, in her very bosom and heart, and are the more mischievous, the less conspicuously they appear. We allude, Venerable Brethren, to many who belong to the Catholic laity.... "

Dear Pat Archibold.... please take a look in the mirror... those words of Pope St. Pius X are directed at YOU!

YOU are the least conspicious of all and therefore YOU are the one to be most deeply deplored and feared....

You say:

"Whether these persons do this knowingly or unknowingly I cannot say, but I can say that it is evil."

Sorry, but how much proof do you need that bergoglio is doing these things "knowingly"? Do you need to see horns sprout from his head and hear him speak like a dragon? Or would that NOT be convincing enough so that you could conclude that he is "knowingly" destroying the Church. After all, "who are YOU to judge?"

You talk about "the cracks in Vatican II" as if VII were not an anti-Catholic revolution with the sole goal of destroying the Church in cooperation with humanists/atheists/modernists/freemasons.

Vatican II is simply not salvageable. It does not represent a 'crack' but a nuclear bomb exploded over St. Peter's... Archbishop Lefebvre describes it aptly as World War III.

And again, how can you -- knowing all that you know -- end your article by quoting Ratzinger, one of the principal 'fathers' of Vatican II... you know far too much to plead ignorance...

+ + +

Finally, dear Pat, I do not say these words out of hatred or anger, but out of a sense of love for the Church and a sense of love for the souls of our fellow Catholics... yes, it is time to speak the TRUTH, but we must speak the FULL TRUTH as Christ taught us.

Yours in Christ,

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