Monday, October 6, 2014

Voris just doesn't do bergoglio

Voris just doesn't do bergoglio

After being bombarded by news of the synod (on sex) today, I hopped over to the Vortex to get Michael Voris' take on things.

To my utter amazement Voris had not a word to say. Instead he pulled out his favorite punching bag -- Cardinal Dolan -- and walloped away.

According to the ChurchMilitant daily news video, they have a correspondent in Rome that will be covering the synod (on sex).

That's encouraging because I was wondering if Rome had dropped off the map in ChurchMilitant land.

Why do I bother with such things?

Plainly and simply because the current number of Catholics that are raising up their voices in opposition to bergoglio's plans to destroy Church teaching on sexual morality via the synod (on sex) -- and thereby unleashing devastating destruction on the Church as a whole -- is relatively miniscule.

We absolutely need the Michael Voris's and other conservative Catholics to get on board in order to have an effective voice.

There is a growing voice from Catholics who are working in the area of pro-Life -- and this is great news. Although it would have been more effective if the Catholic pro-Life forces had mobilized a year ago....

.... and I have pointed out before that really this battle is already lost. We are on the defensive and even an apparent "victory" at the synod (on sex) will mean next to nothing.

The wheels are already in motion... the very fact that such proposals as communion for the divorced and re-married are even being considered means that in the eyes of bergoglio and many others in the Catholic heirarchy Church teaching on morality is "up for grabs".

This message has already been communicated effectively to the lay Catholics through the mass media and no matter the statement made by this synod (on sex) and the upcoming one in a year -- the message is clearly that the Catholic Church no longer stands firmly in defense of the immutable truths of Jesus Christ.

Today we saw how this plays out in the larger society. The Supreme Court effectively ruled in favor of "homosexual marriage" in five states.


How many "Catholics" are on the Supreme Court??? Does the teaching of the Catholic Church mean anything at all to them???

If the Pope were to speak out clearly and forcefully against "homosexual marriage" in defense of Catholic teaching, would these 'c'atholics on the Court have dared to do such a thing? Absolutely NOT!

Are any of these "Catholic" Supreme Court Justices going to be denied communion as a result of their decision??? NO, NO, and NO!!!

(Who are they to judge?)

This is a replay of the 1960s and in my opinion the whole radical makeover of American and world culture could NEVER have taken place if not for the cover provided by Vatican II to let hedonism disguised as "aggiornamento" sweep over the youth of the world in the form of the "sexual revolution". YES, I am placing the blame squarely on Vatican II and if you don't believe the historical proof then just look at what is happening in the world today in full masonic synchronization with bergoglio's heretical papacy.

I don't think the 'c'atholic Supreme Court Judges are going to be getting any phone calls from bergoglio unless it is to congratulate them.... most likely they have all already booked their tickets to Rome to be received in a papal audience... where they can pick up their personal autographed copies of evangelium gaudium and pose for a selfie with mr. humble himself....

For a glimpse of what the Catholic Church will look like in the near future -- not a pretty picture -- I highly recommend this article from the Remnant titled "Enforcing Sacrilege (What will the Church look like after the Kasper proposal?)"


For news about the synod (on sex) from a Catholic pro-Life perspective here are a couple of links.

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Also, I have noticed that AngelQueen is doing a good job of providing articles from various sources regarding the synod.

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