Sunday, December 28, 2014

bergoglio's bimbo upsets neo-Catholic bimbos

bergoglio's bimbo upsets neo-Catholic bimbos

After all of the heresies and blasphemies that have come from the mouth of bergoglio and have been completely ignored by neo-Catholics... or even defended by so-called "conservative Catholics"...

Finally something has got them up in arms... at least the women...

Who would have thought that a video released by the Vatican featuring an Italian bimbo would cause so much fuss...

[See for example this article -- LINK]

If you ask me the Vatican got its target audience right and used a spokeswoman that portrayed the most essential quality of that audience... airheads...

... nothing between the ears... nothing going on inside there...

Oh but neo-Catholic women saw this and loudly complained... why?

Well its like looking at a picture of yourself and realizing that you look fat... and not just a little bit fat... must be something wrong with the camera... or the photographer... or the lighting... or the outfit... or the pose...

... it couldn't be that the picture is portraying an accurate view of reality... now could it... and not your slim sophisticated fantasy version of yourself...

... and if you think there really is something in that space between the ears of "conservative" neo-Catholic women then why is the next reaction after the shock of looking at your ugly self in the mirror the question... who is responsible for this unflattering portrayal of women in the Church...

Who indeed? Who do you think? It's not that hard?

Can you imagine such a video being released by the Vatican prior to bergoglio (AKA pope francis)?

See it wasn't such a tough question after all...

You can go back to telling each other what a wonderful pope we have in bergoglio... just ignore the blonde bimbo in the video... that doesn't prove anything... does it?

Conclusion... bergoglio can speak heresy all day long and neo-Catholic women won't bat an eye... as long as no one in the Vatican attacks the liberal feminist ideals that neo-Conservative Catholic women hold so dear then everything is A-OK... what was that commandment about false idols...

Saturday, December 27, 2014

bergoglio joke of the day

bergoglio joke of the day

on the morning before Christmas kasper burst into bergoglio's bedroom in the Casa Santa Marta and started to open his mouth to speak, but bergolio quickly turned and pointed to his apple iFag phone and angrily began to rebuke him...

"can't you see i'm on the phone..." and then he realized who it was and continued meekly, "oh it's you my dear kasper... just one second..."

"hello," spoke bergoglio into his iFag, "... yes, can i call you back later?... yes... ok... happy holidays to you too raul... and say hello to your brother fidel... yes, i'll say hello to barack when i talk to him... bye, bye..."

"ah, kasper... you were saying..."

"my dear bergoglio, you have surpassed yourself... this Christmas message to the Curia was brilliant... 15 spiritual diseases... where did you come up with this... brilliant!... and all our friends in the press are talking about it... they love it..."

"ah, my dear kasper... i'm very sorry but i can't tell you where the inspiration for this speech came from..."

"why not..."

"it's a secret..."

"but, you always share everything with me... why is this different..."

"... because... it is a secret of the confessional..."

"i don't understand... are you saying some member of the Curia confessed these 15 spiritual diseases to you..."

"no, not exactly... i don't understand it myself..."

"so then... in this case -- for pastoral reasons shall we say -- i think the seal of the confessional can be broken..."

"you're sure it's ok..."

"of course... now tell me exactly what was the inspiration for this speech..."

"oh, ok... it was during my weekly confession..."

"you were confessing..."

"yes... i had just confessed that when i was in Turkey i was driven in a large car... but that it wasn't by my choice..."

"yes... yes... continue..." said kasper impatiently.

"... well... i don't have the slightest idea why... but my confessor started to speak to me about these 15 spiritual diseases..."

"... perhaps i should speak to this confessor... what happened next?"

"... well, i stopped him and went on to confess how i had sinned by not eating all my food on the plane ride back from the European Parliament... but i explained that it was a short plane trip and the plane attendants wouldn't let me finish my customary third cannoli for dessert because we were getting ready to land..."

"... ah, yes... and then what..." said kapser through gritted teeth.

"... well, that was it... and then the confessor handed me a piece of paper and asked me to read it later... he said it was about the 15 spiritual diseases he was trying to talk to me about earlier..."

"... oh, i see.. what did you say the name of that confessor is..."

bergoglio continued seemingly oblivious to kasper's comments, "... it wasn't until later when i read the paper that i realized that my confessor had given me the paper on the 15 spiritual diseases so that i could use this as the basis for my speech to the Curia..."

"... you really think so... " said kasper with a look of utter disbelief.

"... yes... but what i don't understand is why he didn't just say so... a strange priest this confessor... he gives me a "funeral face" look all the time when i'm confessing... similar to the look you just gave me... i wonder why... thankfully, God has bestowed on me a healthy dose of unawareness..."

"... so that's how it happened..."

"... yes..."

"... i should have guessed it would be something like this... what was the name of this priest again..."

"... i don't remember right now... i think his name was something like "old timer"... Father Alzheimer!... i think that was it..."

"... i see... let's just forget about it then..."

"... sure... forget about what..."

"... never mind... i'm leaving now..."

"... ok... nice boys those castro brothers... not like those Cardinals in the Curia... maybe i will visit them in Havana... i could stop there on the way back from the Philippines... we could take some selfies..."

~ ~ ~

Vatican consultant Enzo Bianchi said in reaction to bergoglio's speech to the Curia that he is a new Psalmist and a new Bernard of Clairvaux [LINK]... isn't that hilarious... don't you wish we would have thought of that...

... actually.. he was being serious...

... you're kidding...

... no...

... you're not kidding... oh my dear God... what's next...

... only God knows...

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Puer natus

Puer natus est nobis,
et filius datus est nobis:
cuius imperium super humerum eius:
et vocabitur nomen eius, magni consilii Angelus
 -- Prophecy Of Isaias (Isaiah) 9:6

To us is born a child
and to us is given a son:
his dominion is on his shoulders:
and he will be called angel of great counsel

 + + +

"Puer natus" is the introit  of Christmas Day.

Sandro Magister has posted a new recording of it  by the "Cantori Gregoriani" and their Maestro Fulvio Rampion. Please visit Magister's website and read the "listener's guide" which he has provided so that you may more fully appreciate the beauty of the rich Catholic tradition which is Gregorian Chant.

There are some recordings of "Cantori Gregoriani" and their Maestro Fulvio Rampion available for purchase:||+fulvio+rampi

 + + +

May you have a blessed Christmas.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

bergoglio's sodomite admirer at the New York Times

bergoglio's sodomite admirer at the New York Times

Frank Bruni has been described as an anti-Catholic bigot. A quick search of "Frank Bruni Catholic" reveals a long track record of savage and biased attacks against the Church.

I'm guessing that Bruni has never had a kind word to say about a pope... until bergoglio -- every anti-Catholic's favorite pope.

Bruni writes today in a featured New York Times article titled "The Pope, Beyoncé and Me -- Francis’ Gift to [pro-sodomite?] Catholics"...


"... almost two years into his papacy, it’s impossible to deny the revolutionary freshness of his posture: humble, receptive, even casual. The pomp is gone and, with it, the air of thundering judgment..."

Bruni adds the following very mild disqualifier...

"... things are different. Not different enough, not by a long shot. The church remains wrong on women and wrong on gays..."

Bruni fails to mention that he is a sodomite. How do we know this? The New York Times highlights this aspect of Bruni's life in a brief description about him. Who cares? I wouldn't care if Bruni would not allow his perverted lifestlye choices to taint his writing about the Catholic Church... but that seems to be the whole point of Bruni's article.

Does the New York Times make it a regular practice to employ radical marxists to write for their business section? And yet when it comes to the Times coverage of the Church the writers it employs are inevitably radically anti-Catholic.


Below is a quote from a January 2013 article titled "NY Times’ Frank Bruni Again Uses Old Sex Abuse Stories For More Anti-Catholic Bigotry". What I find interesting is that Bruni uses the same tactic of latching on to "anti-Catholic Catholics" in order to attack the Church. In the quote below it is "Garry Wills", but if you substitute for "Garry Wills" the name "jorge bergoglio" the results are very interesting...


"In order to advance his spiteful attack on the Catholic priesthood, Bruni turns to a long-time Church basher, Garry Wills [jorge bergoglio], a writer who has long been known as an "anti-Catholic Catholic." Wills [bergoglio] proudly supports abortion on demand, artificial contraception, and women's ordination. He also rejects and/or denies papal infallibility, papal authority, and the Real Presence in the Eucharist. In other words, Wills [bergoglio] is not really a follower of the Catholic Church. He's a follower of the Church of Garry Wills [jorge bergoglio]. And his trendy views align nicely with those of the New York Times editorial board."

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Coming soon.. bergoglio throws out an anti-communist line

Coming soon.. bergoglio throws out an anti-communist line

It's time for bergoglio to say something nominally anti-communist to appease the Cuban Catholics who are outraged over his pandering to the Castro brothers.

4... 3... 2... 1...

that's your cue bergoglio...

... trust me...  it's coming...

... this is his modus operandi... he blasts the pro-Life Catholics and then he makes some weak statement a few weeks later that can be interpreted as pro-Life... meanwhile the liberal media jumps on his initial attack on pro-Life Catholics and ignores everything after that... mission accomplished... and then some "conservative" 'c'atholic commentators blame it all on the media... it's called plausible deniability and manipulating the media... and bergoglio has got this tune down cold...

bergoglio is likes our jokes about him

bergoglio is likes our jokes about him

We at PublicVigil have been informed by our secret sources in the Vatican that bergoglio is an avid reader of "the bergoglio joke of the day" available here:


In his recent address to the Curia he...

"... invites people to be full of humour and self-irony; 'How beneficial a healthy dose of humour can be!' "



Wow! bergoglio really officially endorsed "the bergoglio joke of the day"!

Well, i wouldn't exactly say he "officially endorsed" it...

... but he said he likes it...

Well, i'm not so sure about that... the literal translation of what our secret source said is "bergoglio is likes your jokes"...

... so he likes our jokes, right?

... actually, I think our secret source was saying "bergoglio is like our jokes" or in another words "bergoglio is a joke"...

... oh... this translation stuff can be tricky...

... just ask Father Lombardi...

... so-o-o-o... does that mean we have to retract this article...

... no... we will just have our official spokesman explain the misunderstanding...

... but... we don't have an official spokesman...

... actually... we don't have a secret source in the Vatican either...

... but we do have "a healthy dose of humour"...

... got that right...

... so we've got an official papal endorsement for our "bergoglio joke of the day" apostolate!

... do i have to explain this all again...

... explain what?

... never mind...

... ok...

Sunday, December 21, 2014

The gay lobby meets the Cuban lobby

The gay lobby meets the Cuban lobby

Now this could get interesting... the Cubans are a tough crowd.

Already, bergoglio has angered many pro-Life Catholics.

African Catholics aren't happy about his attacks on marriage and the family.

Some politically conservative Catholics are finally starting to get fed up with bergoglio's radical leftist politics.

Tradition minded Catholics have had enough of bergoglio's attacks on anything in the Church that pre-dates Vatican 2.

Middle Eastern Catholics have been abandoned by bergoglio.

Asian Catholics should be wary of bergoglio's intentions regarding China.

... but of all of these groups, the Cubans are the ones that bergoglio should fear the most. They are passionate and vocal but they don't just talk... they take action...


Cuban-Americans Denounce Pope Francis: ‘I Am a Catholic Without a Pope’


“I’m still Catholic till the day I die,” said Efrain Rivas, a 53-year-old maintenance man in Miami who was a political prisoner in Cuba for 16 years. “But I am a Catholic without a pope.”

Rivas said he cried when Obama surprisingly announced a reversal of a half-century’s efforts to isolate Cuba. Then, when he learned of Francis’ role, he got angry.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

bergoglio joke of the day

bergoglio joke of the day

The weather prediction for the Church for the year 2015 according to bergoglio's almanac...

... clear sunny skies...

... gentle rains...

... tranquil seas...

... smooth sailing...

... abundant harvests...

... peace, love and harmony...


... uh, isn't that the same thing he predicted last year...

... and the year before that...

... so-o-o-o... why does anybody still listen to him...

... it's one of the great mysteries of the modern world...

... what about that raging hurricane in October 2014...

... what about the raging SUPER-hurricane in October of 2015 that most analysts are predicting...

... it could turn into "gentle rains"...

... you really thinks so...

... no... not really... that's why I have dug a nuclear proof bunker under my house with enough supplies to last 20 years...

... better make it 50...

... you think that will be enough...

... it's a start... or you could dig your head out of the sand...

... actually, i've read on the internet that putting your head in the sand is the best protection...

... don't believe everything you read on the internet...

... what about videos...

... even less...

... oh... ok...

Friday, December 19, 2014

refurbishing the bergoglio brand

refurbishing the bergoglio brand

After all the bad press surrounding the synod on sex (and the family) the bergoglio brand was in bad need of refurbishing...

Yes, this is all about marketing and public relations... or haven't you noticed...

So... out of nowhere we have bergoglio getting full credit for brokering some sort of deal between Cuba and the U.S... whether you think this deal is a good idea or not doesn't matter... it's the fact that bergoglio is getting lots of favorable coverage in the liberal press... a P.R. bonanza...

Brand bergoglio is now fully restored and refurbished and ready to continue with its appointed satanic/masonic mission... the total destruction of the Catholic Church... as anti-Catholics of all stripes and colors cheer on their hero...

Well, I admit I was wrong in my prediction that bergoglio would get the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014... but there's always next year...

protect the papacy -- not bergoglio

protect the papacy -- not bergoglio

We should not have to decide between protecting the papacy and protecting the pope, but sadly that is the position that bergoglio puts us in...

... just as we should not have to choose between protecting the priesthood and protecting some particular priest who is a homosexual predator of adolescent boys.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Say No! to bergoglio

Say No! to bergoglio

Finally, leaders of the traditional movement within the Church are saying clearly and unapologetically what we have been saying here for some time... that bergoglio is hell-bent on destroying the Church.

Today on Remnant TV Christopher Ferrara said the following:

[LINK] (See ~21:30 mark)

"What we are seeing is an attack on the Church by the pope himself and we have to stand up and say, 'No! This is wrong!' "

I applaud Mr. Ferrara for speaking out forcefully. May the chorus of voices speaking out against bergoglio grow ever stronger until we finally see the day that the Church is rid of this heretical anti-Catholic pope once and for all.

Pray to God that it be sooner rather than later because the damage on the Church and on the world is greater than we can imagine. And we will be living with the consequences of actions and the statements of this heretical pope for many generations.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

bergoglio the hammering heretic

bergoglio the hammering heretic

... bergoglio the hammering heretic that never stops banging away at the doctrines of the Catholic Church...

... bang... bang... bang...

... hammering heretical nails into the hands and feet of the mystical body of Christ...

... smashing the stained glass windows... breaking down the cathedral doors...

... and letting every form of sin run wild through the Church...

... bang... bang... bang...

... pulverizing the castle walls that protected the faith...

... bang...

... smashing the skull of the dove...

... and sacrificing her on the altar of bergoglio's baal...

... bang... bang... bang...

... when will the hammering stop? ISIS does to the body... so bergoglio does to the spirit...

+ + +

Holy Mary Mother of God pray for us... now and at the hour of our death...

+ Amen +

Sunday, December 14, 2014

No sad saints?

No sad saints?

bergoglio says there are "no sad saints"....


.... actually, there are a lot of sad saints now that bergoglio is pope...

... there will be great joy in the heavens and on the earth on the day that bergoglio ceases to be pope...



+ + +

Our Lady of Sorrows, pray for us.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A post-Christian pope

A post-Christian pope

How is it that a conservative commentator in France that is not even a Catholic can see so clearly through the mask of bergoglio and yet "conservative" Catholics seem unable to grasp the simple truth that bergoglio is set on destroying the Church?

The commentator calls bergoglio a post-Christian pope. He could just as easily have said that bergoglio is an anti-Christian pope... but perhaps he thought this would be too shocking for people to hear.

But I have already said it and I will say it again that bergoglio is an anti-Christ... why else would all the enemies of the Church applaud him with such enthusiasm?

We have gone beyond living in a post-Christian world and are now entering into an anti-Christian world.

bergoglio says over and over again that the Church should not be turned into an NGO and at the same time he does everything humanly possible to do exactly that.

Is he not acting as a son of the father of lies?


Excerpts below are from Rorate Caeli's article. Follow the link for the full article.

For the record: Top French Commentator in Radio-Editorial: "Francis, the Anti-Benedict XVI, is leading serious Christians to desperation."


Pope Francis speaks of the roots of Europe, but never makes clear that they are Christian.

He exalts spirituality, but he barely mentions the name of God, and never that of "Christ".

He mentions "human rights", "solidarity", "exploitation, "diversity", "the environment", "globalization", and "immigration", but does not say "abortion", "euthanasia" or "homosexual marriage".

He pronounces the words are are pleasing, not the words that annoy.

This pope is obsessed with dialogue between Christianity and Islam, but other than a conventional and protocolary dialogue, how can Christianity dialogue with an Islam that considers all Christians to be Muslims who don't yet know it or who deny who they are?

Francis tosses out dogma to please the age.

Vatican II had wrought havoc on the liturgical bearings of Christians. Francis seems set on giving away the cultural and religious bearings. Pope Francis is the idol of the media, of Members of the European Parliament, and of the Left in the West. He does not seem to mind that the most vengeful and sarcastic critics of the Church applaud him.

A post-Christian pope. An adherent of a Christianity without dogmas, who is adored by contemporary Progressives who have thrown away what is Sacred into the dustbins of history.

Pope Francis is in the process of transforming the Church into a simple NGO.

Monday, December 8, 2014

bergoglio joke of the day

bergoglio joke of the day

PublicVigil has an exclusive preview of bergoglio's latest interview which will appear on newstands everywhere tomorrow.

ATHEIST INTERVIEWER: Can you tell us some of your favorite things about being pope? For instance is it that you can eat like a pig? Or that you can say whatever stupid thing pops into your head? What are your thoughts? If you have any?

bERGOGLIO: Yes, it's true that as pope i get to eat like a pig and say whatever ridiculous thing pops into my head. It's true, but there is more... for instance...

... now that i'm pope people actually listen to what I have to say... that never happened in Buenos Aires.. mostly they just said, "shut up bergoglio!"... now who's turn is it to shut up?... eh?... what did you say? ... i said shut up... who's the pope? ... i'm the pope... shut up... no, YOU shut up...

... and now everyone wants to talk to me... in Buenos Aires nobody wanted to talk to me... they said, "bergoglio? why do i want to talk to bergoglio?"... now everyone wants to interview me... ME, the pope... because i'm el hombre... el GRAN hombre... it's like, you want to talk to me? ... sure give me a minute to finish this interview and i'll be right over...

... and everybody loves me... in Buenos Aires nobody loved me... sure Skorka and Tony were my friends... but now... now everyone wants to be my friend... i don't want to sound like i'm bragging because i'm so humble, but i got so many friends on facebook and twitter... how many friends you got? ... maybe you need to be pope... like me... sorry the job's already taken... ha! ... what a funny guy i am ...

ATHEIST INTERVIEWER: Thank you jorge for this candid and enlightening interview. Do you have any closing thoughts? I mean if you have any thoughts at all.

bERGOGLIO: i just want to assure you that as pope i would never try to proselytize you...

ATHEIST INTERVIEWER: ...uh, yes. You said that at least ten times during the interview. I guess there are no closing thoughts.

bERGOGLIO: Did I tell you that i don't want to proselytize you...

ATHEIST INTERVIEWER: ...uh, yes... you did...

bERGOGLIO: OK... cause I wouldn't want to forget that... it's very important... eh? no? yes?


bERGOGLIO: Do you want to take a selfie with the pope?

ATHEIST INTERVIEWER: ...uh, sure... why not...

Sunday, December 7, 2014

bergoglio joke of the day

bergoglio joke of the day

From "The adventures of bergoglio the talking mule"

Chapter 10 -- How bergoglio the talking mule became the pope

One day bergoglio the talking mule was in Buenos Aires pulling a cart full of tourists dressed in red.

bergoglio said to the tourists, "Why are all of you dressed in red?"

The first man named Murphy-O'Connor said, "It is because we are cardinals of the Catholic Church."

"Oh", said bergoglio, "We don't get many such big red birds here in Buenos Aires."

"Wait!" said a surprised Murphy-O'Connor. "You're a mule but you can talk."

"Yes," replied bergoglio matter-of-factly.

"How would you like to be pope of the Catholic Church! We need somebody different to shake things up."

"Oh, I like shaking things up," said bergoglio and he shook the cart so hard that all the cardinals fell out.

The next thing bergoglio the talking mule knew he was dressed in red and at the pre-conclave to elect a new pope.

"What will you do if you become pope?" asked all the other cardinals.

"I will shake things up!" replied bergoglio and he began to shake his big mule behind so hard that all the cardinal were so shaken up that they were thrown to the floor.

"That's exactly what we've been looking for," said a large group of cardinals and they immediately formed "team bergoglio" to back bergoglio the talking mule to be the next pope.

bergoglio the talking mule was very pleased by this. Murphy-O'Connor had promised him that as pope he would have his own kitchen staff and be able to eat anything he wanted all day long. bergoglio loved to eat and so this pleased him very much.

And Murphy-O'Connor said that once he was pope everyone would have to listen to him and that he could say anything he wanted. If there was anything that bergoglio the talking mule liked more than eating it was talking so he was especially pleased by this.

Then the actual conclave began. Murphy-O'Connor said that he would not be able to accompany bergoglio, but not to worry because the other members of team bergoglio would be there to help him.

At first it did not go well for bergoglio the talking mule. He only got a small number of votes in the first round, but then members of team bergoglio would approach those who had voted for another candidate and pull out a file folder with pictures and documents.

Gradually bergoglio the talking mule got more and more votes as team bergoglio spoke to many of the cardinals individually -- always showing them a personalized file folder with pictures and documents.

bergoglio the talking mule didn't know what was in the file folders but once he overheard some of team bergoglio saying something about a "gay lobby".

Finally, after a few days bergoglio was voted by the cardinals to be the pope.

As he was on his way out to the balcony to greet the crowds he saw Murphy-O'Connor and said jokingly, "This is all your fault!"

A few minutes later bergoglio the talking mule was standing awkardly on the balcony dressed in white and asking the crowd to pray for him.

"Finally," he thought, "now I can eat whatever I want and no one will dare call me a fat-ass mule because I am the pope!"

"And what's even better than that," he thought, "now I can say and do whatever I want and no one can call me a dumb-ass mule because I am the pope!"

And that is the true story of how bergoglio the talking mule became the pope. In the next chapters we will learn about bergoglio's many adventures as the pope -- or bishop of rome as he preferred to be called.

Time to tell bergoglio to SHUT UP!

Time to tell bergoglio to SHUT UP!

Bergoglio has ANOTHER interview.

[LINK]    [Original in Spanish]

I have not read the whole thing, but it would take days to respond to the little bit that I have read so far.

This has gone beyond ridiculous. When will Catholics finally tell this pope to "SHUT UP!"

bergoglio thinks that he can say and do whatever he wants and that no is ever going to tell him to "shut up!"

Where did he get that crazy idea from?

... from Catholic media
... from Catholic bishops
... from cardinals
... from the vast majority of the laity

bergoglio has taken on the role of a dictator... or as I have stated previously a mafia godfather... the godfather of the gay mafia...

he sees that he is unchallenged and therefore he assumes that he is un-challengeable.

Each day he becomes more drunk with his papal power...

What he needs is a bolt of lightning to hit him on the head... but even then -- assuming he survived -- he would not get the message... he would just take this as proof that he is invincible and untouchable...

The man's criminal insanity reaches new depths each day... and why not?

Who is going to stop him? Who is going to tell him to "Shut up!"

mr. humility now openly boasts of destroying his enemies... he mocks them.. and why not?

It is true that he is the most powerful agent of satan in the world today... have we ever seen any like him before?

Future generations will wonder what sort of hypnotic power he had over the Catholic faithful which caused them to remain silent before such evil...

The proper Catholic response to this latest interview is not to carefully analyze it and refute the rantings of this criminal maniac point by point... NO!

The proper Catholic response is to tell bergoglio to "Shut up!"

Saturday, December 6, 2014

bergoglio's odd Christmas card

bergoglio's odd Christmas card

See the image of the card here signed only "Francis"... no "pope"... at least he didn't sign as "jorge"...

As with everything else, bergoglio never misses an opportunity to send an anti-Catholic and anti-Christian message.

The art work is -- as you would expect from bergoglio -- non-traditional.

The artist is Victor Delhez. Taking a look at some of the other work from this same artist one is left with the impression that this is a person obsessed with the occult. See results of a google search here:


For more of this artists interpretation of biblical scenes see this webpage which has high resolution images that supposedly depict scenes from the Gospel of St. Matthew.


Again, the feel of these pictures is very occult even though the theme is supposedly the Gospel. Also, I suspect that the the artist imaged Christ after himself.

I have noticed bergoglio's perverse taste in arts before. If you go back to some of his early interviews you can find where he mentions some of his favorite writers, artists and musicians. I found that many of them were homosexuals. This seemed to be his way of sending a signal early in his papacy that he was friendly to the homosexuals in the Church heirarchy.


BTW. the quote in Latin is from Luke 2:30 "Because my eyes have seen thy salvation", and comes from the canticle of Simeon when he sees the Christ child as St. Mary and St. Joseph  present him in the temple. I leave it to others to decide whether this is the most appropriate verse from the Bible at Christmas time. It is a beautiful verse full of meaning and worthy of contemplation which I can see how it would lend itself to the nativity... but with bergoglio one always wonders.


H/T Edward Pentin on twitter

bergoglio joke of the day

bergoglio joke of the day

how to dance the bergoglio

The basic step is one step forward and two steps backward.

The weight is shifted from left to right, but always maintaining more weight on the left.

The music is usually tango, although the latest trend is to use punk rock sung by old washed up former "stars" or new covers of tired old 80s disco classics sung by new wannabee "stars" dressed as nuns.

The dance starts by one of the partners bowing his head on the chest of the other who kisses him on top of his head. This opening move is referred to as "the dialogue".

The dance is performed by two males. Traditionally one of the partners is referred to as "jorge" and the other as "bart".

In theory the lead partner is "jorge" but in practice bart and jorge are co-leaders, although this can cause some confusion for the dancers... and also the audience.

After the opening "dialogue" the rest of the dance troupe dressed in red forms a circle around the lead dancers. Their task is to try to imitate the moves of the lead dancers which can be quite difficult since the dance is so unpredictable.

If one of the members of the troupe is unable (or unwilling) to imitate the moves of the two lead dancers then they are escorted to the "maltese room". This is a separate isolated area.  There is no admittance back into the dance from the maltese room.

Eventually all the dancers become exhausted and dizzy from all the hopping and contortions and spinning and fall on the floor in a pile of bodies.

.... this is when the real fun begins...

~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~

I'm getting dizzy just watching all of that spinning...

... and the contortions required to follow the lead dancer dressed in white...

... call him "jorge"... that's what he likes...

... right, "jorge"... he's a very accomplished dancer....

... yes, he learned those intricate tango moves in argentina...

... in the whore houses...

... oh no, they dance tango in the cathedral these days...

... that's good... i guess... i still can't get used to two men tangling their legs up that way...

... oh, but it's very trendy and popular...

... i know... but i am having a hard time appreciating this new fashion... it must just be me...

... no, it's not just you...

Friday, December 5, 2014

Read this article!

Read this article!

... and weep.

"UK bishops to host pro-gay priest for talk at Catholic youth"

"The real problem is not Fr. Radcliffe but his supporters in the UK hierarchy. “Fr. Radcliffe is the darling of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales.' "



For even more disturbing details read the following article.

"Women Priests, Gay Sex, and Communion for the Re-Married: Is Fr. Timothy Radcliffe an appropriate speaker for Flame2 Youth Conference 2015? "


Sorry, but I can't stomach putting the more relevant quotes here. I don't want such filth on my blog. You will have to read it yourself.

Also, take a look at the pictures of this priest. Normally, I do not judge a man by his looks, but in this case the man has pervert written all over him. I would be shocked and surprised if he isn't a sexual predator of young boys. And yet this "priest" is brought by the Church specifically to speak to young people...

... meanwhile faithful priests such as Father Michael Rodriguez are being persecuted by the Church....



The bergoglio effect? Yes, to some extent,  but Radcliffe did not become a priest just yesterday. In fact he was the "Master of the Dominican Order from 1992 to 2001"....

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Watch this video!

Watch this video!

The Manning Report reacts to bergoglio saying that agnostics and atheists can go to heaven.

[Video LINK]

Dear Catholics,

What the hell is wrong with you? Why don't you get it? Watch this video!

This should be the Catholic reaction to the BLASPHEMIES spewing from the mouth of bergoglio on a daily basis -- often times more than once per day.

And the reaction from Catholics is a stunning silence or a denial.

Yes, it is very un-Catholic to criticize a pope, but then we have a very un-Catholic pope in bergoglio. So get over it!

Dear Michael Voris, please watch this video!

And then do your best white boy Catholic cover of this soul tune. Please! Get over the whole papal  idolatry thing!

The two best video reactions to bergoglio's papacy are this one and the "hippy pope" video...

[Video LINK]

... both by non-Catholics. Why is that?

Oh sure we can have our intellectual/academic/theological discussions about heresy vs. blasphemy.... bla, bla, bla...

But it's really about very simple and basic Christianity... bergoglio doesn't even get the simplest, most basic things right...

The guy is a joke and an embarassment to Catholics. The king has no clothes! Let's stop pretending that he does.

He is a clown and a bozo at best. And an anti-Christ at worse. In fact he is all of those things and much more. He is a great destroyer of the Catholic Church.

And yet it is "liberal catholics" who love him. And yes, those "liberal catholics" seem to make up most of the Church these days... and that includes priests, bishops and cardinals.

So that brings me back to another question... Is the Church dead or alive?

The reaction to bergoglio and his rampant blasphemies indicates to me that the Church is either dead or at the very least in a comatose state. Just hanging limp from the crucifix... at the point of breathing its last breath... all of the vital organs are on the verge of shutting down.

And as I stated before the Church at this point needs much more than a restoration... it needs a resurrection... a miracle which only God can grant.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us...