Saturday, April 3, 2010

Corporate media is mesmerized by the Gaga sham

WARNING: The corporate media's obsession with Lady Gaga may be harmful to your spiritual and mental health.

I did a quick search on Google News to see what the latest stories on Lady Gaga might be. I was expecting at least some stories that are critical of her occult symbolism and sex filled videos aimed at young people. Boy was I surprised. Here is a smattering of the top results. Not one of them is critical of Stefani Germanotta's (Gaga's real name) evil influence on young people.

Janet Jackson Helps Us Salute Lady Gaga's Out Of This World Style In This ...

Miley Cyrus' Next Album Has Lady GaGa Influence

Perth goes gaga over Lady Gaga's Monster Ball

Aniston: 'I couldn't pull off GaGa's style'

Lady Gaga to sing the next James Bond theme?

'Glee' Exclusive: New details on the crazy upcoming Lady Gaga episode

Janet Jackson Thinks Lady Gaga Is 'A Sweetheart'

Lady Gaga announces new album details: 'It is the anthem for our generation'

Can Christina Aguilera keep up with Lady Gaga?

Notice that Gaga is actually entering into the mainstream of culture via James Bond and Glee. And not surprisingly the other MK puppets want to be associated with the Gaga juggernaut.

As I said in a recent comment:
"Stefani (Gaga's real name) cannot pretend to be unaware of all of this occult symbolism. MTV cannot pretend to be unaware either. This is truly shameful and despicable behavior."

I know it's bad form - not to mention a bit narcissistic - to quote yourself, but I really don't know what else I can add to that sentiment.



    No cog-diss there lol

    Will be interesting to see what this "anthem for her generation" will be. Maybe....Satan?? lol

  2. I have to say this is pretty funny...they did a good job mocking the Telephone video.

    But this parody is also, in a sense, a little bit like "Hogan's Heroes" in that regard. Making a fun, silly parody of source material that has an obviously evil nature (mass murder).

    Falsified metacommunication to an extreme.

    Just because I'm not bothered by mass murder and fun naked dancing afterwards in celebration, that doesn't mean I am desensitized...does it?


  3. WOW...that new Anti-christ-ina Aguilera song really sucks! I mean that objectively, too, as I don't have any problem saying a song is well crafted, whether I hate it or love it. But, I mean, yikes...that's supposed to be top dollar Illusionati songwriting talent there???

    I gotta say, musically, Gaga's songs are like Mozart compared to that crap I just heard. lol

    You've got the buzzy metallic synth patches, very much like Gaga's people use, the attempt to make that "house" type sound, but seriously, the phrasing of the vocal lines is pathetically forced (not rhythmic, panicky), not catchy, no hooks to speak of...again, I gotta say, wow.

    Now I have to reconsider whether Lucifer's songwriting team is working for her anymore, cuz I should think they're much, much better than what I'm hearing on that hellish track. :)


  4. re: quoting yourself

    "Hey I may be Narcissistic, but I'm no Narcississy!!" (tm)

    - LVB

  5. The parody video was actually funny. Of course it fits into the pattern of letting the public in on the upper layer agenda without revealing the lower level agenda which is occult. I wouldn't be too surprised to find out the record companies were actually behind this. (I am NOT paranoid! LOL!)

    But seriously, they have banned videos from YouTube (and even sued people) for much less. Remember how they yanked all the Akon videos of him sexually abusing a girl on stage because you could hear his music in the background. The conclusion is that they want this stuff out there.

    It's the Joey Isuzu marketing approach - if you can remember that far back. I read somewhere that this is part of the cognitive dissonance technique. The company is saying "hey, we're letting you in on our secret method of mind control and how we sell you crap" while selling you there crap. Or something like that.

    P.S. I'll have to check out the new anti-Christina song.

  6. Re: new Anti-christ-ina Aguilera song

    The main point seems to be the "f- you" lyrics. Remember that Britney did the F.U. Seek Amy lyrics recently. That was desensitization or pre-conditioning for this song. I suppose it will be interesting to see how the radio stations handle this, although that's all part of the promo plan. You see. It works. They already have us talking about it.

    The beat of the song seems retro-disco to me. There's a part that is sort of reminiscent of the old Donna Summer's "Love to love you baba" - I mean baby! The song certainly doesn't make good use of Christina's voice, and she has a very good voice so that's a waste.

    I thought it actually worked as a dance song. I would expect something similar to this from the upcoming Miley Cyrus album.

    I haven't analyzed the lyrics yet, but the big thing will be the video accompanying it. Back in the day when Christina was competing with Britney, she was known to amp up the raunchiness of her videos. I'm guessing this video will push the limits of public decency. And of course everyone will be madly anticipating it. Even if it flops it will be greatly talked about.

    We're all anticipating transhumanism and mind control themes for the video, but watch out for hidden occult symbolism. I'll probably do a blog entry in the next few days on the connection to "the six million dollar man" that we discussed earlier over at VC's website.

  7. But haven't you seen the promo for her album? Twisted imagery :O Now the thing is... it's just been deleted from everywhere, can't find it anymore.

  8. liZ - I see what you're saying. There's a message that it violated copyright of Sony Music. It probably wasn't an official video. My guess is that someone used the music to create their own video. I went to CA's website and they haven't officially released a video yet.