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Good news for Public Vigil fans!

Hi Public Vigil fans. Good news! LVB's article "Transhumanism, PsyWar and B.E.P.’s 'Imma Be'" is up on Vigilant Citizen's site. Congratulations to LVB! Just remember you read it here first. Plus the version posted here has some additional material that you won't find in the VC version.

LVB is working on a new article that he will be publishing in the next few days, and he promises it will be a good one. He's even thinking of turning it into a series of articles according to our conversations. All of you who read his last article on the Pea's Imma BEE video know how much information he can pack into one article, so maybe this would be a good thing. ☺ What do you think? (You can read a short description of his upcoming article below. It's the one about SSRIs.)

So while we're waiting for the appearance of LVB's latest article, I just want to open up this blog post to general comments. What do you like so far about Public Vigil? What topics would you suggest for future articles? Also, feel free to put in links to your favorite articles or videos on other sites. (Just no blatant spamming please. ☺ )

What's next?

LVB thought you'd like to know about articles that are in the works. I hesitate to talk about articles I'm working on, because about half of them never see the light of day. But if there's enough enthusiasm for any particular topics, that would certainly inspire us to boost our efforts. We don't want to let our fans down. ☺

But seriously folks. I know it is a cliché, but we are doing this for you guys. Without you there would be no Public Vigil! It may be a cliché, but it's still true.

So here's a brief list of articles in the works:

AVATAR - This is a big topic that LVB and I are both very interested in. There is so much that we could write about this subject that it's hard sometimes to know where to start. My focus would be on transhumanism, but it would be hard not to get into occult symbolism of the Qabalah variety. If any of you have insight with regards to Avatar and Qabalah please pass it along in the comments. (Surprisingly, Vigilant Citizen never wrote an article on Avatar.)

LSD and MKULTRA - I've undertaken a huge research project on the history of LSD with regards to MKULTRA. Basically I'm assembling a timeline from the discovery of LSD in the 40's, to it's use in MKULTRA experiments in the 50's, to its emergence as a street drug in the 60's. Obviously the CIA has a big role in this, but there is also a major role by British intelligence which is less known. One of my theories is that Aldous Huxley who wrote "Doors of Perception" was a covert agent for British and American intelligence who deliberately sought to popularize the drug. The why seems to involve crippling the capacity of the "baby boom generation" from being an effective voice for changing the status quo. Huxley is also strongly connected to the emergence of the New Age movement through his friends like Heard. And of course the whole Huxley family were leaders in the eugenics movement in the late 1800's and early 1900's. (And that's my brief summary. Ha!) I feel like I could write a book about this.

SSRI - LVB is researching and working on a huge article that he believes involves what is probably a newer generation of MK-ULTRA, related to the vast array of so-called anti-depressants, known as SSRI drugs, which are the very definition of mass mind control. This article will likely be called 'MK-ULTRA 2.0: Mass Mind Control and SSRI Drugs'.

Anyway we love your comments. You'll notice that we try to reply to everyone. Maybe one day we will get so swamped with comments that we won't be able to do that anymore. But for now, this is a fun little corner of the internet where we can have intimate and interesting conversations on topics which are more fundamental than left-right politics. And more fact based than your typical conspiratorial website. I know that both LVB and myself double check our facts in order to get them right. And when we delve into areas of speculation, we try to be clear and point that out. But we don't hesitate to draw conclusions from the facts like the corporate media does. You won't find the type of "objective" article here that you will find in mainstream sources. We feel it's important to let our readers know about our interpretations of the facts, and encourage all of you to participate and explore with us alternate interpretations and meanings.

Our goal is to look through the veil of secrecy. Sometimes it feels like we are actually able to lift certain parts of the veil and get a clear view of the other side. There's a shadowy world out there, and it definitely impinges upon our daily lives - which is why it is so important to expose it. If they have nothing to hide, then let them come clean. Let them reveal their agendas and plans. Let them explain their strange use of occult symbolism.

And so the journey down the Yellow Brick Road continues. We may even take a detour down a Rabbit Hole or two along the way.

Come join us. It's more fun that way. And there's safety in numbers.☺


  1. Just wanted to say I really appreciate you and LVB for sharing your time, research and opinions. :) It's sites like these that help me see the bigger picture.
    Oh, and leading me to this awesome site called, "Look up Fellowship."

    The only thing I have to share is this quote, "Capture their minds, and their hearts and souls
    will follow"


  2. Thanks Victoria. I thought we would be dealing on this blog mostly with issues of the occult in corporate media. It seems now as if the main culprit is the transhumanist movement. They actually seem to be the ones pushing occult religions, and drugs, and inappropriate sexual behavior on our kids. Not only that, but our research shows that their influence in Hollywood goes all the way back to the 1930s when Aldous Huxley first moved there to infiltrate the movie industry as a screenwriter.

    Please take a look at the video on my latest post "Rights for robots conference" to see how the Huxley family has been involved in eugenics for generations. I wish I was making this stuff up, but it's all too real. And their agenda seems to be accelerating.

    I have one favor to ask. When you visit other sites like the "Look up Fellowship" site, please leave a link back to our site where appropriate. I visited over there and saw that they have at times pointed out some of the images in corporate media depicting women as robots. I'm not sure they realize just how those images are part of a larger campaign with its origins in eugenics. Thanks.

  3. Hi! Thank you for this blog. It seems very rational, with a real effort made to stick to facts, compared to some other blogs that seem to take tiny bits of occult or MK-ultra knowledge and run with them. What I would really like to see is a thoughtful analysis regarding Michael Jackson. Looking back at his work, it seems many of the themes we are noticing now with current artists, were present in his work decades ago (i.e. Egyptian mythology, militarization, the environment, etc). However, after much research and consideration, I do not believe he was involved in the occult, some type of willing tool for the elite agenda or an Illuminati child brainwashed by his father who was working for the CIA. I do believe though, that at the height of his fame (and wealth, of nearly a billion dollars), he would have been invited to reserve his spot as an elite against whatever was planned against the masses (i.e. eugenics, NWO disasters, etc). I am sure that at his level of wealth and influence he would have been targeted for participation, perhaps in exchange for him becoming friendly to or even promoting the elite agenda. Perhaps he declined and this was the start of his troubles.

    Anyhow, I am interested in a rational, fact-driven analysis regarding Michael Jackson that does not consist of youtube videos insisting he was killed by the “Illuminati” and you can tell because he was “casting spells” during his concerts. Thanks!

  4. Anonymous - I enjoyed reading your comment. It was very thoughtful. You have obviously spent some time studying these subjects. I have had some similar thoughts to what you are saying with regards to MJ.

    LVB and I first met at VC's site, where we engaged in a long conversation along with others with regard to Gaga's Telephone video. That was the beginning of my journey down this path. If you visit that article at Vigilant Citizen, you'll see that I made a few comments with regards to MJ.

    Take a look at comments 1291 which I've copied below.


    On a lighter note, have you ever watched the Michael Jackson video “Remember the time”?

    In the video MJ goes back in time and makes love to the Egyptian queen Nefertiti. The weird thing about this for me is that I have a feeling that with all the plastic surgery, MJ was trying to make himself look like the Nefertiti. (Google “bust of Nefertiti”.)

    And I also get the feeling that he actually believed that he was this reincarnated Egyptian god/goddess or pharaoh. That would certainly explain a lot of his eccentricities. For example all the animals he kept. Egyptian gods were associated with different animals. Here’s a short interview where MJ talks about some of his animals.

    And the whole androgynous thing fits right in there as well. Some of the older Egyptian gods were both male and female. Notice how MJ adopted kids. So in a way he was both mother and father to them.

    I think MJ did try to break out of the prison that he found himself in. Most notably with “They Don’t Care About Us”.

    He tried to warn us about the upcoming police/prison state.


    I agree that he would have been enticed to join the Elite at some point. I think he did cooperate up to a point, and then he tried to break free. That would be when they came after him with allegations of child sexual abuse. I'm not defending him, I just think that these things never come out until someone steps out of line. (Look at how Tiger Woods was protected.)

    I really don't have much more than that. I spent a lot of time contemplating the cover of his Dangerous album. It seems to be saying that he was being used like the way that P.T. Barnum used a freak show. To attract the "suckers" to his carnivals. I think that is as much as he felt he could safely reveal.

    There are perhaps some parallels with his death and the death of Heath Ledger which VC talks about in his article.

    You might have seen a video of Aaron Russo talking about how he was recruited to join the Elite. He claims that Nick Rockefeller told him about the plans to microchip everyone.
    I think the way he describes the recruitment process is credible.

  5. baba, thanks for the response. I will check out the links, I am very interested in the recruitment process for organizations that might target persons of influence (i.e. OTO, upper echelons of Freemasonry, etc).

    We will have to keep in touch regarding MJ. I too have been toying with an analysis of the Dangerous cover, as well as what MJ's involvement may have been at some point. I agree that both videos for TDCAU are warning about the coming police state.

    Thanks again!

  6. D - Your very welcome. Please stop by regularly and comment on whatever topics are of interest to you. We love to converse about this stuff. It's how we learn. We're the farthest thing from experts. We absolutely believe in the power of giving and sharing.

    A few more things about MJ that just popped in my mind. MJ converted to Islam just shortly before his death. One of his brothers is the one that introduced him to the religion. There's been a tradition of African-Americans involved in the Muslim religion going back to Mohammed Ali and the Black Muslims. I don't think MJ became a member of the Nation of Islam though.

    MJ was absolutely crucial to the early success of MTV. I recall seeing articles that MTV was struggling economically until MJ released the Billie Jean video and then later Thriller, which was the one that really launched MTV's success. Heck it probably had a profound effect on the cable TV industry as a whole.

    Mj certainly led a fascinating life. You might enjoy watching a couple of rare MJ videos.

    This one is MJ receiving an award at the White House from Ronald Reagan in 1984.

    And this one is MJ speaking at a NAACP award ceremony in 1994. He defends himself against his accusers with the words, "The Truth will be my Salvation".

    You get the effect of going from the peak of fame to the depth of infamy in those two videos.

  7. D - If you gather enough material that you think you want to write an article, then let me know. Just leave a comment and we can figure out something from there. That goes for everybody out there.

  8. LVB, baba,

    I’ve got a photo that you’d probably like to consider adding to your SSRI article. Can you inform me of the most feasible way to pass it along to you? Not sure of copyright infringement legalities, but that determination can be made. Thanks!

  9. Hi Valencia. Do you have anyplace you can post it and then provide a link? As far as copyright, we can make "fair use" of an image for educational purposes.

  10. Hey Baba check out this link, I think you might enjoy it. Let me know :)

  11. Hi Victoria. Thanks. I actually came across that site myself recently. I encourage others to check it out. They are tackling the transhumanist agenda from a Christian perspective. It's nice to know we're not alone. I expect that our numbers will grow rapidly as people become aware of these issues. The "H+" crowd will attempt to paint a nice big "happy face" on all of this, but I don't think this time that they will be as successful as they have been in the past.

    Although I have to admit that they have been wildly successful in their other front which is the "green" agenda. If you pay close attention to the message there, a big component of it is that there are too many humans and that we need to get rid of some of us for the sake of the planet. They want us to stop breeding. And they will enforce this most forcefully against the lower classes. What do you think "carbon taxes" are all about? It's a tax on humans simply for the crime of breathing. They don't want to have to share the planet with the rest of us. Meanwhile they reserve the right for themselves to have as many offspring as they want through artificial methods. If they really want to reduce population, then why are they encouraging methods of reproduction for infertile couples?

    It all fits together once you are aware of the eugenics agenda. Oh I know, I'm a conspiracy theorist. Right.

  12. baba,
    I don't have anywhere to drop and retrieve the photo, but the website is:

    The photo is of the prescription and illuminati sign side-by-side depicted as having a striking resemblance. Very convincing to say the least.

  13. Hi Lenci, Thanks I got it.

    That is interesting. I wasn't aware of that. According to this other site.
    "The 'Rx' symbol which is used by pharmacies and in medicine has its origins in the Eye of Horus."

    I've wondered quite a bit about the one-eye Egyptian symbol. I can tell you that it is intimately tied to "secret societies".

    According to ancient Egyptian beliefs the eye of Horus was ripped out by Seth. The eye was replaced by Thoth through magic. But Thoth did not replace the whole eye. There is 1/64th part that is missing.

    I suppose this has some mystical meaning to the people that believe in this sort of thing. Kind of like looking for the sorcerer's stone. If you find the missing eye part then you have all sorts of magical powers. Whoopee!

    Anyway, I could see how this could connect to "prescriptions" since originally medicines would have been considered to have some magical properties. You can see how "science" arose out of magic.

    You won't usually here the "secret societies" referring to Thoth, who was the Egyptian god of magic. They will usual refer to Hermes which is the Greek equivalent. And you'll hear terms like "hermetic" which refer to Hermes and occult practices. And the Roman equivalent of Hermes is Mercury.

    Have you ever noticed the Mercury dime? I wonder how they happened to choose to celebrate that particular Roman god? And on the back is a Fasces which also has significance to the "secret societies". Officially the figure on the front is not Mercury but Liberty. That has to be one of the least plausible of all the coverup stories that the Masons have ever come up with.

    Another thing that I think is related. Have you ever heard the term "godspeed"? I think it may be a sort of "secret handshake" for Masons. I don't think it refers to God at all. I think it refers to Hermes/Mercury who was the messenger of the Gods and was the swiftest-fastest-speediest. So when they say "godspeed" it is a covert signal to their brothers. This seems to be obsolete now, but I thought it was interesting. I can't confirm this at all. It's pure speculation on my part. But I strongly suspect it to be correct.

    For instance President Harry Truman was the Grand Master of Masons of Missouri.

    In his last State of the Union address his last words were:
    Now we turn to the inaugural of our new President. And in the great work he is called upon to do he will have need for the support of a united people, a confident people, with firm faith in one another and in our common cause. I pledge him my support as a citizen of our Republic, and I ask you to give him yours.

    To him, to you, to all my fellow citizens, I say, Godspeed.

    May God bless our country and our cause.

    Doesn't the use of Godspeed in there seem a bit contrived. As if he purposely inserted it in there to send a hidden signal to his fellow Masons. (He was referring to incoming President Eisenhower.)

  14. hey baba, I guess I didn't mention this, but I am a huge MJ fan. I am probably a walking MJ encyclopedia, lol, and have read nearly all of the books and US media accounts on him and his life. I guess where I am struggling in writing an article on him and the occult, is from what perspective. It's hard because you can't definitively say anything about him - what his religion was (I don't believe he ever converted to Islam, there are reports he was drifting back to JW and taking his kids regularly), the biological parentage of his kids, the status of his relationships with women, and so on. How then can one say anything about what his occult involvement could have been? I examined whether the "Illuminati" were involved with his death here - - posts 35 and 36. Feel free to leave your comments, it would be nice to have someone knowledgeable (and sane)to discuss this stuff with.

    I literally have pages of notes where I've started writing and then stopped, and started from a different angle. It's just such a huge topic, it's hard to narrow down the scope...

  15. Here's a more recent example of the use of "godspeed". President Bill Clinton in a State of the Union address said"

    "And this October, a true American hero, a veteran pilot of 149 combat missions and one five-hour space flight that changed the world, will return to the heavens. Godspeed, John Glenn!"

    "Yeah, so what?" you say.
    "Fourteen years after being elected to receive the Degrees, Glenn became a Master Mason and member of Concord Lodge No. 688. The Senator received additional "Masonic Light" on April 11, 1997, in the Valley of Cincinnati, when he received the Scottish Rite Degrees. His highest Masonic honor came on September 10, 1998, when the 33° was conferred upon him... Bro. Glenn then went back into training for another astronaut mission aboard a space shuttle making him the first "senior citizen" and the first 33° Mason to orbit the earth."

    This information is from a masonic site and so is 100% verifiable. Bill Clinton actually slipped in a Masonic Salute to John Glenn in a State of the Union Address!

    Now you know why John Glenn was sent back into space. It must fulfill some prophecy of there's to have a 33° Mason orbiting the Earth.

    My next question was "is Bill Clinton a Mason?" And the answer is "sort of". According to online sources he was not a full fledged Mason, but he did belong to the "Order of DeMolay" which is a Masonic youth group.

    If you want to really get creeped out go to the Order of DeMolay website and take a look around.

    Guess who else was in the Order of DeMolay? Walt Disney. Up until recently, I thought Walt Disney was a benign person. My opinion of him is beginning to change.

    Here's a list of some other famous members. Lots of Governors and three astronauts.

    What? Do you have to be a Freemason to be an astronaut? And I suppose the name "Mercury" for the first manned US missions into space is just a coincidence. Remember this whole trip down a rabbit hole began with Thoth-Hermes-Mercury, the god of magic!

    And Apollo. That would be the "god of sun/light". Aka Lucifer which is the god that the Masons worship. Lucifer is also associated with Thoth-Hermes-Mercury as a god of magic.

    And if that wasn't enough the Nasa Apollo symbol has on it the Orion constellation.

    The path of the spaceship is seen to traverse "Orion's Belt". There is a commonly held theory that the three great pyramids in Egypt were designed to resemble the three stars in Orion's belt. And since the Freemasons are totally into Egyptian religion and use pyramid symbols everywhere, that would be the connection.

    And you thought that the US was founded by Christians. (I may have to turn this into a post.)

  16. Lenci and baba,

    Regarding the Rx symbol, prescription drugs, and drugs in general, the original Greek word in the Bible for sorcery or witchcraft is "pharmakeia".

    This is not to say that all drugs are bad, by any means, but you can probably see that "better living through chemistry" (the catch-phrase of the 60s drug counterculture) has some very evil applications, in the wrong hands - much like any form of technology, and knowledge, in general.

    It's strange that this word, specifically, has come to represent drugs in the modern world.

  17. Yes baba,

    You most definitely should turn "Orion's Belt Tied Around Freemason Astronauts" into a post! It is especially eerie when you've taken the time to connect the dots.

  18. Hi D - Good to see you back. Sorry about not posting lately. I'll post up something quick tonight.

    I assume you are Renee. I think your on to something with Michael Jackson's name. I have to assume that the significance of his name is a coincidence, and yet it must have profound meaning for Masons.

    When MJ talks about Roosevelt and MLK Jr in "they don't really care about us". I think he is not only referring to them as leaders of Civil Rights, but also as influential Masons that would protect him and not allow bad things to happen to him.

    Here is what I found out about FDR as a Mason:
    "Brother and President Roosevelt was made the first Honorary Grand Master of the Order of DeMolay on April 13, 1934 at the White House."

    With regards to MLK it is a bit more complicated. I have a strong feeling that he was a secret Mason. There is a rumor on the internet that he was made a "Mason on sight" after his death.

    Regardless, MLK had the protection of certain members of the Elite until shortly before he was assassinated. I can tell you one thing for sure. He received an award from Planned Parenthood in 1966 along with LBJ.

    That says a lot to me. It says he struck some sort of a deal in exchange for support for Civil Rights legislation from LBJ. I suspect he was assassinated because he decided he had to break his end of the deal. That's similar to what I believe happened to MJ.

    I don't know if MJ was killed, but he was definitely character-assassinated long before he died. I'm sure if he would have played his part that they would not have continued to attack him. Just look at Bill Clinton. His public image was rehabilitated and his wife is now the de facto Vice President.

  19. @Lenci - Great. I will. I love the title. I'm going to use it!
    "Orion's Belt Tied Around Freemason Astronauts" LOL

  20. Walt Disney exposed...not sure I buy all of it, but it's very interesting.

  21. LVB - I started reading the Disney article. One thing that pops out at me is the use of the word "magic". The "magic" kingdom. Also the theme song "when you wish upon a star". More magic. I don't want to get to the point where I'm telling kids not to believe in Santa Claus, but you can see how this is encouraging kids to believe in "magic" instead of having faith in religion.

    And Disney keeps this up with current and recent shows like "witches of waverly" and "that's so raven". Even "hannah montana" has a sort of magical element to it as Miley switches identities. But that's the new disney

    The thing that got me on to the old disney was probably fantasia. It seems to tie in with the LSD stuff I've been researching which is connected to the CIA.

    Getting back to substituting disney magic for true faith. It seems that children need to believe in something. If they weren't given the disney magic bottle to feed from, they would thirst for real spiritual knowledge. But because they are being filled up with "junk spirituality" (like junk food) they have no hunger for real spirituality. Does that make sense?

    This fits in very nicely with the secular world that the Elite are promoting. And once a child gets old enough to question their magical beliefs, they are told that it is all a fantasy and then trained that science has all the truths. So there is no room there for true religion to take hold in a child's life. This is exactly what the transhumanist-eugenecist-darwinians want.

  22. I picked up on a mention in the Disney article that Julian Huxley was involved with Fantasia. Here are more details:

    "One famous section of the film represents evolution from the formation of the Earth through the extinction of the dinosaurs, set to Igor Stravinsky’s ballet The Rite of Spring. Disney had at one point planned to include more of the Stravinsky piece and follow evolution through to the coming of humans but time considerations and some concern over the possible reaction of fundamentalists curtailed that scheme."
    "it was released to schools in 1955 in 16mm under the title A World Is Born."

    It's no surprise that the eugenicists would want to use Disney to indoctrinate kids with darwinian "survival of the fittest" propaganda.

    The music they chose for this segment was Stravinsky's Rite of Spring. Here is how the composer describes his inspiration for it "... there arose a picture of a sacred pagan ritual: the wise elders are seated in a circle and are observing the dance before death of the girl whom they are offering as a sacrifice to the god of Spring in order to gain his benevolence."

    Here we have the pagan sacrifice of a virgin combined with eugenics oriented darwinism.

  23. baba

    Nice! Hello, Mr. Huxley. Pleased to meet you, yes, I guessed your name. :)

  24. Precisely, baba. You are such a quick study, once again with the "magic kingdom".

    This is both falsified metacommunication, and a double bind.

    I think I've decided to expand further on these concepts, and how they are used so aggresively
    in mass media for my next article. This time, I will illustrate examples in such movies as these:

    The Davinci Code, Demons and Angels - There is no Illuminati, and even if there were, it would be justified, because the Catholic Church is evil and hates technology, etc. The double bind being, if you believe otherwise, you are crazy, stupid, etc., and will be roundly criticized and humiliated - and who needs that kind of abuse??

    The Pick of Destiny / Tenacious D (which I personally found quite funny btw) - There is no devil, and you are silly, backward and/or insane
    if you believe otherwise. The ideas presented are that the idea of the devil is silly and ridiculous, yet the story also provides the exposure and densitization to the ideas and images of the horned beast and the 666 drum kit, while at the same time, denying the actual deceptive message of the story, etc.

    Jennifer's Body - Same deal, with more graphic sexuality, horror, violence, and dark humor.

    Conspiracy Theory, The Number 23 - Anyone who believes conspiracy theories is insane, and deserves to be ridiculed and mocked by society at large, regardless of the existence of factual evidence to the contrary.

    A Beautiful Mind - Same as above, but specific to the communist plots of the 1950s, and you need insulin-shock "therapy", a chemical lobotomy, for your own good, to purge these unacceptable, irrational ideas from your sick mind. Note the cog-diss in the title - "A Beautiful Mind", in that he was a brilliant mathematician, yet a very sick and twisted mind, to believe the communists were up to no good - which, ironically, has been made abundantly clear, repeatedly, by mountains of FOIA declassified documents. You will be ostracized and ridiculed like Joseph McCarthy if you dare to
    mention any such things; quite the double bind.

    The Men Who Stare at Goats - Again, painting anyone who believes any conspiracy theory
    regarding the CIA and/or US Military as unstable and kooky. The false metacomm here is shown at the beginning of the movie, with the phrase "More of this is true than you would believe." Well, gosh, I believe some of the things the CIA and US Military does are wrong, but people killing goats with their minds is just silly, so therefore all such things must be ridiculous and I better not believe any of them. Like that.

    Michael Moore also does a lot of the same things in his movies, in the direction of socialist propaganda.

    There are far too many examples of these concepts in mass media for me to cover them
    all in a lifetime, but I hope that by giving people these tools, they can begin to "fish for themselves", without any assistance at all from little ol' me.

    I will go into much greater detail, possibly include other examples, and try my best to publish it one day soon, God willing.

    Peace and Wisdom to all of you. :)

  25. baba, sorry its been awhile, the public vigil home page is now blocked at my job as "alternative spirituality" but somehow I can still access individual posts. Yes my handle on that site is renee. Regarding MJ, I waver back and forth as to whether he had occult involvement. I feel like he may have dabbled initially and then stopped when he realized what was truly going on, and by the time of They Don't Care About Us, was firmly against the elite blue print. But somehow he couldn't quite get away from occult practices totally (allegedly hiring a witch dr to curse Steven Spielberg in 1999, etc). Sigh, round and round I go in my analysis. Maybe I'll do "was MJ in the occult: yes vs no."

    Thanks for the FDR and MLK angles. I have consistently heard of FDR being a "good mason" so that's interesting.

  26. D - "alternative spirituality" - Ha! That's interesting. Well you shouldn't be logging in from work anyway. :)

    I don't know if I mentioned this earlier, but I found this article that shows a connection between Deepak Chopra and Michael Jackson. Have you heard anything more about this?

    Jackson was secretly recording a new album: Deepak Chopra

    And also there's this.

    EXCLUSIVE: B.J. Novak Played Games With Michael Jackson at Deepak Chopra’s House

    I'm deeply concerned that Chopra was deliberately trying to provoke MJ to act inappropriately with young children. I've thought about writing an article about Chopra. Do you have any more information about his relationship with MJ?

    He was very quick to condemn MJ for drug use after he died. See this interview with Larry King. He claims that he never have provided drugs to MJ, but I have to wonder.

    Deepak Chopra: I'm Not Tarnishing Michael Jackson's Image

  27. baba: Yes, yes, yes! We were JUST talking about Deepak Chopra because Lady Gaga just said he was the most influential person in her life -,00.html.

    In response to this, I wrote about concerns I had regarding Deepak:
    "Something bothers me about Deepak Chopra. I question the influences he is bringing into his followers' lives and whether he is transparent with what exactly those influences are. I will leave it at that."

    From Wikipedia: "Deepak Chopra, an American physician born in India, is also an author and lecturer on Ayurveda, spirituality and mind-body medicine. Chopra began his career as an endocrinologist and later shifted his focus to alternative medicine. Chopra is a former leader of the Transcendental Meditation movement. In the late 1980s, he began publishing self-help books on New Age spirituality and alternative medicine."

    The TM movement was started by the Beatles' "guru". Wikipedia: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was the leader or "guru" of a new religious movement, often called "Transcendental Meditation movement", notable for influencing The Beatles and other celebrities of the period, for which reason he is also known as the "Beatles guru". Varma's given name was Mahesh, while maharishi and yogi are honorifics. Varma was known as "Maharishi Mahesh Yogi" beginning around the year 1960. His devotees referred to him as "his holiness".

    Notable followers
    During the 1960s and 1970s, a number of celebrities such as The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Rolling Stones, Deepak Chopra, Jane Fonda, Mia Farrow, Shirley MacLaine, Joe Namath, Stevie Wonder, Russell Brand, and Howard Stern, as well as author Kurt Vonnegut and Major-General Franklin M. Davis, Jr reported using the technique."

    Google the Maharishi and read up on all the controversy of mind control/drugs and sexual abuse and you'll get the picture.

    Here's a good start:

    Apparently the Beatles write their famed "White album" while staying at the guru's retreat. As you probably know, the Beatles are considered prophets in the occult and there is some type of spiritual significance to the album for occultists. I've even seen it suggested that it has mind control triggers on it for people who have exposed themselves to certain types of demonic possession; for example, Charles Manson -

    Anyhow, Deepak Chopra and Michael Jackson. Deepak introduced MJ to Grace Rwaramba, who served as his kids' nanny for years. There are repeated rumors that she was heavily involved in voodoo and greatly contributed to his drug problem. Because of her influence, she is now greatly at odds with the Jackson family, who hold her semi-responsible for MJ's drug issues during the almost 20 years she worked for him.

  28. D - You came through big time. There's your article right there. Chopra is at the center of all of this. Scary stuff. Poor Michael. Rest in peace.

  29. D- Chopra was exposed as a conman from the very beginning.

    "In its May 22/29, 1991 issue, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published an article coauthored by Chopra: Letter from New Delhi: Maharishi Ayur-Veda: Modern Insights Into Ancient Medicine.[15] JAMA editors claimed that Chopra and his co-authors had financial interests in "Maharishi Vedic Medicine" products and services. In the August 14, 1991 edition of JAMA, the editors published a financial disclosure correction[16] and followed up in October 2, 1991 with a six-page Medical News and Perspectives exposé.[17] An article discussing this chain of events was authored by Skolnick in the Newsletter of the National Association of Science Writers.[18] A 1992 defamation lawsuit brought against the article's author and the editor of JAMA was dismissed in 1993.[19][20] Media reports published four years later saying that there had been a monetary settlement of the case were later withdrawn as untrue.[21]"

    And as far as the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the Beatles got the heck out of there once they realized what a scam artist he was. Of course the Beatles themselves were scam artists as far as leading young people into drugs and "free sex". They got their rewards in terms of fame and money. I can't "Imagine" where John Lennon is right there. Hope it's warm enough for you down there Johnny boy.

  30. Someone needs to write this article. Take your time and do it right, in-depth and full of detailed quotes, etc.

    You have properly indentified one of the major culprits in the celeb world, and you all make me very proud of you.

    I wonder if Deepak, Oprah, Gaga and/or Suzanne Toro havee shared any mutual "sweat lodge" experiences?!?

    Now, THAT would bee a story!! LOL

    Carry on...

  31. Hey, didn't I mention something in my "Imma Bee" article, about the concept of the con-man using charm to disarm?

    Silly me. :)

  32. D - Did you see this article on Deepak Chopra's website?

    "His children’s nanny and surrogate mother, Grace Rwamba, is like another daughter to me. I introduced her to Michael when she was eighteen, a beautiful, heartwarming girl from Rwanda who is now grown up. She kept an eye on him for me and would call me whenever he was down or running too close to the edge."

    Yikes! She kept an eye on MJ for him! Poor Michael.

    Did you follow the other link I posted where it almost sounds like Chopra is acting as a pimp for MJ and hooking him up with young boys? I'm referring to the one about B.J. Novak.

  33. baba, yeah I saw the BJ Novak story when it first hit the fan sites last week or so. I wish I knew a date on when this hanging out happened. I assume it was when BJ was maybe 8 to 13? BJ is 30 now, so 17 to 22 years ago, '88 to '93? I wish I knew how MJ and Deepak met. I'm guessing early 90's because Deepak's son has tons of anecdotes about MJ around the dangerous years ('91-'93).

    Random side note: I've looked at tons and tons of documentation (from all perspectives)regarding MJ and young boys. I don't believe he was a pedophile. The Court docs are available for the 1993 settlement and several people, including wacky Ian Halperin, concluded MJ was being extorted. I am pretty sure the 2003 case was a set-up after the "Living with Michael Jackson" documentary aired and the public saw he was friends with another young boy. That family that brought the accusations was completely not credible and they were demolished in the court case. Some good resources:

    General overview
    Charles Thompson, UK reporter. Most recent coverage -

    1993 allegations
    GQ - "Was Michael Jackson Framed?"

    Geraldine Hughes - Redemption
    Ian Halperin - Unmasked (first 5 chapters)

    2005 trial
    Aphrodite Jones - Michael Jackson Conspiracy
    J. Randy Taraborelli - Michael Jackson, the Magic and the Madness, the Whole story (biography)

  34. And good find on Deepak's blog re: Grace. I read that last year before more information became available about Grace's contributions to MJ's drug dependency.

  35. D - I have not come to any judgement regarding MJ. You notice that I never use the P word. But I think if anything Chopra may have been encouraging him to go in that direction. After all wasn't he "advising" MJ while all this was going on?

    I don't know when Chopra and MJ hooked up or how. Chopra must have still been working in the Boston area when B.J went over his house to meet Michael.

    I honestly think that Chopra was a handler for MJ. And he was trying to get some incriminating evidence on MJ to be used against him if he stepped out of line. You notice that all the big stars have major drug problems and stuff like that. I don't think they'll promote someone unless they know they have a weakness that they can exploit to manipulate them.

    For example both Apl and Fergie from BEP were big time Meth addicts. If it was my business I wouldn't want to be handing out huge sums of cash to drug addicts, but they use it as a way to control these people and make them plug their agenda. Well, that's my conspiracy theory anyway.

    LVB - check out this BEP article.

    They joke a lot about selling out, but I don't think it's a joke. These guys were willing to do ANYTHING for the fame and the money. That's the kind of people the industry is looking for. Remember the article about Gaga?

    While all this was going on, the Black Eyed Peas were finessing “Where Is the Love?” “I never thought that song was going to be played on the radio,” Will insists, rather implausibly. “If I did, I probably wouldn’t have written that line calling the CIA terrorists.”
    Taboo is more bullish. “I don’t wanna be living at home with my mom and freestyling in the backyard ’cause I wanna be a purist. Forget that shit. I’m selling out? I’m selling out arenas, motherfucker!”

  36. D - Thanks for the Lady Gaga link. It got mangled, but I was able to find it. I'm going to post it to the blog.

    Lady Gaga Time article and video

    The video is also up on YouTube here:

    It's totally sick and crazy that she is doing an infomercial for him in Time magazine???

  37. baba, I agree about Deepak being a "handler" for MJ. Perhaps Dr. Murray was the most recent "handler." I've seen suggestions that Dr. Murray was part of a doctor ring that included...wait for it..Dr. Nick, Elvis' doctor ( Supposedly Murray is a Freemason. Also, the doctor ring thing with Murray appears to be generational; his father was busted for the same thing ( Murray runs a low-income health clinic in a poor section of Houston, so he has to be making money somehow. Murray was also James Brown's physician when he died, and he also had drug issues (

    I guess my point is that there are doctor rings at the beck and call of occultists to keep artists drugged, compliant and on message for the occult agenda.

  38. @ baba - "And he was trying to get some incriminating evidence on MJ to be used against him if he stepped out of line. "

    I REALLY wanna know now when the BJ Novak thing happened, if it was before or after the Chandler allegations in 1993. If after, then that makes perfect sense, Deepak trying to get evidence to blackmail him (great angle, by the way). Any advisors of MJ's with good sense would have told him to stay FAR away from kids after the 1993 scandal. I am pretty sure MJ was on good terms with the elites in the early 90's and 1993 was just something unfortunately that happened (which turned out ot be gold years later for the elites). MJ was best buddies with David Geffen (look him up - financial/political/religious power) who convinced MJ to release Dangerous (around '91)and do some other career stuff; in '93 MJ did Clinton's inaugeration, then the Superbowl, then a sit-down with Oprah. He was riding high then the allegations started that summer, as they got worse, elites totally came to his aid. He started dating Lisa Marie Presley (Scientology), Elizabeth Taylor (Kaballah) presided over his legal team while he as on tour, and when he went into rehab, he stayed at Elton's John's house.

    Then in 1996, he released the TDYCAU video, he and Lisa Marie divorced and soon he replaced his management team with Muslims. Something big had to have happened 1995-1996 and he fell WAYYYY out of favor. Also, sometime in 1995 is when he was first introduced to using anesthesia to sleep, I think by a Dr Neil Ratner, while on the HIStory tour.

    1999 he allegedy paid a witch doctor to curse a bunch of Hollywood elites, in 2001-2002 he went on this big public war against Sony and Tommy Motolla and then in 2003 Living with Michael Jackson aired, and he got arrested later that year. It's been suggested that the family of the little boy in the documentary came home one day and found the DA's card on their doormat. They were then presssured repeatedly by the DAs office about Gavin (the boy) having been molested. Eventually they gave in, was connected with the same civil attorney who got the 1993 settlement out of Jackson and the ball went rolling on the criminal charges.

    ^ THIS seems like what Deepak would have been setting him up for.

  39. D - Whoa! You're a fountain of information. You weren't kidding when you said you're an authority on all things Michael. Yup, there seems to be docs that specialize in this sort of thing. Still they must have connections higher up, because some of these drugs are closely monitored. And if a doctor is seen prescribing to much of them they can run into problems.

    Here's another link from Deepak's site. It's a statement from Grace Rwaramba that came out shortly after Michael's death.
    In addition to being my employer over the past 17 years and entrusting the care of his beloved children to me, he was my dear friend. While our friendship had challenges, as do all friendships, he was loyal to the end. I cherish and honor his memory.

    I am shocked, hurt and deeply saddened by recent statements the press has attributed to me, in particular, the outrageous and patently false claim that I “routinely pumped his stomach after he had ingested a dangerous combination of drugs”. I don’t even know how to pump a stomach!!

    I'm guessing Chopra has a P.R. company that works with him. It looks like he went on the offensive immediately after MJ's untimely death to keep aspersions away from himself and those people closely tied to him.

    BTW, the reason LVB and I got on the Deepak Chopra trail was because the BEP lady is connected to him. I think D.C. set her up to be Apl's handler. I guess D.C. was too busy with other bigger name stars to handle Apl personally. Anyway, this woman graduated from one of his courses and that's how she comes to be Apl's manager. Of course she says it all happened purely through coincidence that she just happened to meet him in a recording studio. I'm not buying it.
    -Studied under Deepak Chopra and the Alliance for New Humanity, facilitated in creating a global network of change agents
    - Yoga Instructor and Certified Meditation Instructor with Chopra Center and Deepak Chopra

  40. D - Excellent timeline. I love to see events laid out chronologically like that. I can definitely see from that where the split with Elites happened sometime in 95-96 like you say. He became an outcast.

    I'm going to work on seeing when the visit with B.J. happened.

  41. D - You know MJ and James Brown were connected spiritually. MJ started off his career (as a little kid) imitating JB. Check out some of the videos at this site.

  42. D - Forget about the BJ Novak lead. I was wrong about that. I got the full quote from the Playboy interview and it says that it was at a party and his father was there as well. You can see how the media chopped up the interview to make it sound like the two of them were alone.

    "Another time my dad took me to a party at Deepak Chopra’s house. All of a sudden this figure sweeps into the room in a red military outfit and black hat and sunglasses and sits down at the kids’ table. I thought, How weird. Deepak hired a Michael Jackson impersonator. Then I realized, It is fucking Michael Jackson! I remember three things about it: He didn’t touch his food at dinner, we played board games, and nobody believed me at school the next day when I said I’d played Scattergories with Michael Jackson."

  43. Here is yet another link to MJ, and yet another "suicide".

  44. Lenci

    Thank you so much for thinking of us and sending the information and the Rx symbol. I will use it in my SSRI / MK-ULTRA 2.0 article, which is coming along...good things take time, please bee patient with me. :)

    These things aren't necessarily all bad, in fact, they do help some people. The real issue is that they are massively overprescribed for "off label" uses, anything and everything.
    So, in this sense, they are far too dangerous a class of drugs to be thrown around like candy to hundreds of millions of unsuspecting people, which they are.

    The most important thing in stopping them, especially after any length of time greater than a few months, is to do it very gradually, and "taper" off of them, under a physician's guidance. Some doctors refuse to help people do this, which is alarming to me, but there are many others who will help people, so for anyone in this situation, it is certainly your own choice, but if you decide to eliminate SSRIs from your life, do it slowly and carefully.

    Thank you again, Lenci, we miss you when you're not around posting stuff for us. Be well. :)

  45. LVB - Doctors shouldn't be prescribing addictive substances to otherwise healthy people. The reason many people need to take these medications is because of the over-sized pressure on people from the instabilities we face in the modern consumer society. When people don't know from day-to-day whether they will have a job, they will naturally become depressed and anxious. These mood altering drugs are the real-life equivalent of the SOMA which Aldous Huxley described in Brave New World. His 1932 dream is finally coming true. I hope he's enjoying his eternal resting place I here it's a real hot-spot for the Elite. :)

  46. @ LVB - at first glance, I can't think of how the two suicides could be related. Evan Chandler, who killed himself last fall, was the father of Jordan Chandler, the kid who made the first abuse allegations against MJ in 1993 (after being administered "truth serum", sodium amethol, by his father). Apparently Evan Chandler got very ill shortly after the settlement and became estranged from his family, even Jordie eventually. He had some type of debilitating genetic disease that was slowly stripping all of his muscular functionality.

    Peter Lopez was hired in 2006 by MJ's former manager Raymone Bain, to replace MJ's long-time, on and off music attorney, John Branca. Doubt was cast during MJ's 2005 trial about the loyalty of Mr. Branca to MJ, in relation to something about offshore accounts and Sony.

    However, MJ had apparently hired Branca back shortly before he died and Branca appeared with a 2002 will naming him as co-executor of the estate, which he is now. There is a segment of fans that is very apprehensive about John Branca. Unfortunately though, when you dig into just who MJ had surrounded himself with, EVERYONE looks suspicious.

    Anyway, I'd like more info on Mr Lopez and what he was doing for MJ, and how long he lasted on the job. I wonder what he would have found out. Since more information will be coming out about MJ's life in the upcoming trial, my curiosity is definitely peaked. Maybe some people are running scared in advance. I don't see anything suspicious about Evan Chandler's suicide though.

  47. D - When I first heard about Peter Lopez' suicide, I didn't think much of it. Of course I didn't know who he was. After reading your account here, it raises my suspicions. MJ's death looks like it could turn into almost as big of a mystery as the JFK assassination. I had no idea. As you say, MJ was surrounded by a whole cast of suspicious characters. It does remind me more and more of Elvis Presley. The King of Rock, the King of Pop.

  48. I am working on that MJ article. It's already 4 pages in Word, so I'll probably have to break it up into a part 1 and part 2. It's jsut taking a long time to source everything.

    Other news - watched "Duplicity" and "The Beach" this weekend. To me, Duplicity was a good example of cognitive dissonance; on one level you know what the main characters are doing is terribly wrong, but it's in the context of their relationship, which you want to succeed, so you wind up rooting for their immoral plans to succeed. Major psyche conflict.

    The Beach - pretty sure that had some type of esoteric meaning. It was a really weird movie; random symbols, a hedonistic paradise, dead guy coming back as a pseudo-spirit guide, odd references to Christianity sprinkled throughout...

  49. Go D! I can't wait to see the MJ article. I love your comments, so I know it's going to be "off the wall". Hee-hee! Can you post it somewhere that I could copy it from? We'll work out something.

    I'd like to see Duplicity. I like Julia Roberts. I watched the Beach a while ago. I should watch it again, huh.