Saturday, April 3, 2010

The "six million dollar" Bionic {Christina Aguilera} Woman

WARNING: The transhumanism agenda may be harmful to your spiritual and mental health.

Christina Aguilera's upcoming album is called Bionic.

The first thing that I thought of when I saw this picture/graphic was how similar it was to a picture of Miley Cyrus that I had seen recently.

True, this is a cartoon depiction of Miley/Hannah, and this is from an episode of Family Guy not from a Miley Cyrus album cover. All that is true, but I still feel that this is a case of pre-conditioning. We are being trained, like Pavlov's dog salivating in anticipation of the food that is to come.

The similarity is that these are both young female pop artists. And they are both being de-humanized in a remarkably similar fashion.

The next thing I noticed about the CA (Christina Aguilera) album cover is that if you remove the odd tuffs of hair along the bottom, what you are left with is a short-haired and very androgynous David-Bowie-style image.

It also reminds me of Liza Minelli from Cabaret, or is it Joel Grey that she reminds me of? Here they are together singing "Money makes the world go a-round". The gender bender aspect of Liza's short hair is probably lost on today's audience. Back then it was highly unusual for a woman to wear short hair.

And notice how the word Bionic is split in syllables - "Bi-on-ic". Perhaps to emphasize "bi", as in bisexual, whereas the original intent of the word is to emphasize "bio" as in biology.

In the beginning

Way back in time, before Terminator and cyborgs, there was "The Six Million Dollar Man". It premiered in 1974 and it was a hugely popular show.

The intro to the show featured this monologue (in a slightly robotic voice).
"Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world's first bionic man. Steve Austin will be that man. We can make him better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster."
You can watch the slightly cheesy - by today's standards - intro here. Don't worry, when your kids grow up they'll think Avatar is just as cheesy.

Note the term "bionic man". This was meant to be a combination of bio and electronic. Later a spinoff show appeared in 1976. It was called "The Bionic Woman".

In the show, the development of "bionic" technology is attributed to the "OSI" (Office of Scientific Investigation or Office of Strategic Intelligence) which was supposed to be a branch of the CIA. Shows like this have to be sponsored and supported by the military in order to make it on network TV - especially back in 1974 when there were only 3 networks.

What a coincidence! Christina calls her album "Bionic". Another coincidence! Kanye had a song in 2007 called "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" with a distinctly robotic sounding audio.

Translation: Transhumans are good. In fact they're better than regular old natural-style humans.

When I first heard Kanye's song on the radio, I assumed the lyrics referred to the Olympic motto, "Citius, Altius, Fortius" , which is Latin for "Faster, Higher, Stronger". It never occurred to me that there could be a connection to transhumanism until I saw the video.

In fact the video for Kanye West's "Stronger" looks like an updated and longer version of the "Six Million Dollar" man intro. Both involve a man on an operating table being made "stronger" by being turned into a transhuman. The transhuman element in the "Stronger" video includes robot surgeons. At one point the robot surgeon makes the obligatory OK-666-Horus-eye sign. This Kanye video could be the subject of a post of its own.

Hurry, hurry! Transhuman upgrade special - today only!

There is a similarity between "The Six Million Dollar Man" and Avatar. In both cases the person who was "upgraded" was damaged. The Elite wouldn't just depict upgrading a perfectly healthy normal human being, because this would create a moral dilemma for the audience. So instead they take someone who is crippled or in danger of dying and "fix" him with a transhuman enhancement. And the audience cheers and applauds.

It's part of their art of deception. Find a special case where the unthinkable becomes thinkable. And then expand that special case until it becomes the norm. Bingo! Societal norms and attitudes are changed. There's no more need for propaganda because the society has been changed from within.

That's the ultimate end goal of advertising or public relations. To get the public to believe that it was their idea all along. It's done through subtle manipulations and associations, slowly breaking down any internal resistance through preconditioning and desensitizing. Until in the end the mind welcomes and even desires that which it once rejected.

It's not called a publicity or ad "campaign" for nothing. It's part of a war. It's a battle. And the battle is going on in our minds. It's a battle for control of territory consisting of ideas and concepts - and yes, symbols.

The sale of the century

Edward Bernays is one of the father's of Public Relations. He devised techniques for breaking down people's barriers of resistance to new products and ideas. 

Here is an example.
In 1915 Edward Bernays was hired to promote a Russian Ballet tour. At the time “Americans thought masculine dancers were deviates, and that ‘dancing was not nice,’ and of limited interest.”
And here are the results of his PR campaign (war campaign).
“The ballet was sold out before the opening. By the time the ballet toured American cities, demand had already dictated a second tour and little girls were dreaming of becoming ballerinas. Bernays had remolded biases to get his story told. The American view of ballet and dance was changed forever.”
How did he achieve such remarkable results? He broke his audience into different groups and devised a plan of attack to break down the mental barriers that each of those groups had towards ballet. His ultimate goal was to replace that with a real desire for ballet (even a need) in the person's psyche.

And he created a sense of anticipation. He flooded the newspapers and magazines with articles about the crowds in Europe standing in line to see the Russian Ballet. When they finally arrived in New York, there were eager crowds waiting to welcome them. (Some of those in the crowds were probably hired by Bernays.)

Of course this should remind us of the British music invasion of the 60s led by the Beatles. And it is the same technique being used to promote the "eagerly anticipated" Bionic album by CA. And yet the public falls for it every time. Are we really that predictable? In a word - "Yes"!

Here is how transhumanism is being "sold" to people.
  • For the "vain people" cosmetic surgery is used as the first step in breaking down resistance. 
  • For the scientific crowd, it is presented as a new and exciting technology. 
  • For the environmental crowd, you have the Avatar fantasy of a Brave New World.
  • For the spiritual crowd, you have New Age religion and its sold as part of a major change accompanying the "new age". 
  • For the sports crowd, it's a way to enhance performance. 
It's the greatest sales job in history! True transhuman technology will not be here for another few decades at least. And yet we are already being sold on this technology. It should not surprise you that the Elite plan their agenda decades in advance. The manned moon mission was a decade long project. Transhumanism is a longer term project.

Just as it was necessary to sell the moon project to the public through publicity campaigns and TV shows and movies with these themes, so it is happening now with the transhumanism agenda. The big difference is that this is a hidden agenda, while the moon project was overt. Of course there were other parts of the space program that were kept hidden from the public - like spy satellites and weapons in space - so perhaps there is not as big a difference as there would first appear to be.

And the closer the Elite get to achieving their goal of transhumanism, the more overt and public are their statements in favor of this goal. By the time the technology is actually unveiled, the public will be clamoring for it because they have been pre-conditioned to expect this eventuality and also trained to welcome and even embrace it. Those who are still opposed by that time will be ridiculed. No amount of logical arguments will be able to dislodge the belief system put in place in the public through decades of pre-conditioning.

And here we see Bernays' techniques utilized on a massive scale over many decades. And we see the very predictable results as well.

Who is their enemy?

Who would be opposed to transhumanism anyway? Permit me to provide you with some food for thought. You don't have to agree with my argument, but I at least ask you to give it some consideration.

There is a worldwide organization which has a very large membership and does wield considerable clout in the discussion of public morality. I'm referring to the Catholic Church. The Church has a doctrine declaring the "sanctity of life". And the Church has been very stubborn and unwilling to change with regards to some of its core beliefs.

In particular, with regards to the issue of abortion the Church has been leading a battle for decades against those who insist on "a woman's right to choose". Ignoring of course the rights of the unborn child - usually referred to as "the fetus" by the "pro-choice" movement. What "choice" does the child have?

And indeed what "choice" will women have in a transhuman future with regards to having children? The pro-abortion movement of today can easily become the population control movement of the future. And its clear that the transhumanism movement has its roots in the eugenics movement of the past. (But I'll have to get into that in a future article.) In the future women may not have a choice about when to have children or how many children they can have. This is already true in China.

And a significant part of the Green movement which is pushing the "global warming" agenda, believes already that people are at the root of the problem. This is again linked to the eugenics movement.

It is then, I believe, no coincidence that we find the Catholic Church under constant attack by the corporate media. This is not to in anyway an apologia for the acts of molestation by particular Catholic priests, nor for acts of those in power who did not do all they could to put an end to those abuses.

However, why is it that we never hear about the systematic ritual abuse of children at daycare centers in the military. When this has been public knowledge since at least the 80s? Shouldn't the same standard be applied to the US military and the Catholic church? (But again, this could be the topic of a whole new post.)

The point is that the Church's doctrine of "the sanctity of life" puts it squarely in opposition to the transhuman agenda, and coincidentally the Church is under attack. Could these two seemingly unrelated forces actually be a cause and effect? This is the seed that I want to plant in you mind.

I am not Catholic by the way, but I have an affinity for the Catholic Church.


  1. Fantastic article!! I found out a lot of new information, so thank you.
    I saw the "Bionic" album cover on myspace just the other day, and began wondering about the future of Christina's music and videos. I think they'll become much more overt like Beyoncé's stuff.
    Oh and I feel the need to point out that "Harder, better, Faster, Stronger" was originally a Daft Punk song (DP are an electro group from France), and Kanye sampled the song. I'm not a fan of DP, but I don't think there is anything occult about them. Perhaps I'm wrong, though.

  2. Thanks for the compliment.

    In this case the issue is not the occult, but the transhumanism/de-humanism issue. There is not necessarily a direct relationship between the two, but they seem to be part of a combined agenda by the entertainment industry of occult, transhumanism and mind-control.

  3. Funny I came upon this post (from the VC forums, I might add). I thank the first comment about DP and the "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" song, as well as Kanye sampling it. DP is currently known to play their music inside an illuminated pyramid, so we all know what to make of that.

    What I've found interesting is that I've been a fan of CA from the beginning, but after her "Back to Basics" album, I've had my fill of pop music, because it seemed like the older I got, the more blatant the symbolism became to me. And this, among others, is just a sign of crazier things to come.

    I don't know if this even fits into the transhuman agenda (going back to DP), but they had an anime movie out called "Interstella 5555" that was about a band from outer space that got kidnapped from their home planet (Saturn, maybe?) and turned into humans for their talent. The song "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" shows their transformation from alien to human, with their memories wiped out and everything made up. And because of their manager/agent, they were placed on mind control to mindlessly play music for the human masses. Interesting to note that this whole cartoon was put to their 2001 album "Discovery" as well, where the "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" track is on.

    I just find the parallel of the transhumanism, as well as other agendas at play, very interesting to say the least. But it seems to serve as a distraction towards something bigger too.

  4. ellioxx - I owe you an apology because I didn't take your comment about Daft Punk all that seriously.

    natasha - I started watching the "Interstella 5555" video.

    It's funny because it's like a low-budget version of Avatar in some ways - starting with the big blue aliens, and then there is the "tree of life" where they bury the hero-guy.

    Wikipedia does a great job of explaining the story.

    What it doesn't point out are some of the themes. There's mind control, occult and transhumanism all in one. Although the transhumanism is done in reverse from Avatar - in this case they are converted from Alien to Human.

    There also seems to be a masonic initiation sequence beginning with when they stop at the intersection and decide to turn right to go to the castle. There is a classic initiation ritual in which the person must choose one of two paths, which this scene seems to be alluding to.

    I'll have to watch the rest of it tomorrow. Thanks for letting me know about the video in your comment.

    I also looked at a Daft Punk concert video. You're so right about the pyramids. And they are dressed in bionic outfits. So once again you have the mixture of occult and transhumanism. The concert is full of flashing hypnotic lights which implies mind control.

    It really does seem to be that these themes are intended to work together. What kind of future are we being prepared for?

  5. natasha - I just realized that 5555 is a subtle reference to 666. Kanye does something similar in his video where he is staying in hospital room 566.

  6. natasha - Some final thoughts on the 5555 video. This is promoting transhumanism, but it is hidden - similar to Avatar. In Avatar the promotion was hidden by making Jake a cripple which led the audience to believe that his transformation was good.

    Here the promotion of the transformation from human to transhuman is hidden by pretending that the real reason is to transform them back into their original form. In this way the audience is tricked into cheering the transformation.

    The transformation is done in a similar manner to Avatar.
    1) The human is given a new body. In Avatar this is done literally. Here it is done symbolically through the use of a painting process.
    2) The mind/soul are transferred. In Avatar this was done through the Tree of Life ritual. Here it is done more explicitly through a mind control technology.

    Notice that the audience is led to believe that the process was bad when it was done in the beginning. What if the rock band had started out as humans? Then their abduction and transformation into aliens would be unquestionably bad. Instead the audience is deceived by initially giving the band an alien appearance. The end goal is to make the transformation from human to alien appear good without the audience being aware of it.

    In the end the aliens are worshipped as god-like creatures. They are portrayed as superior (better, faster, stronger) than the humans. (Notice the aliens got the gold records.)

    From a mythological viewpoint, the two main alien characters are the girl and the guy that dies trying to save her. It is a god-goddess love affair. He dies and goes to rule the underworld/afterworld. She goes up into heaven to rule there. The last shot shows a human child with his statues of the pair of alien deities protecting him as he sleeps.

    Maybe I should do an article on this. What do you think? I think I just did. :)

  7. natasha - I highly recommend reading LVB's latest post on this site.
    Imma Bee the Future

    I think he answers the "big question" you posted about how all this ties together with regards to transhumanism, the occult and mind control.

  8. Great article. It is up to us now to process this information and join the dots.

    I don't know if you accept requests but could you please take a look at recording artists Earth Wind and Fire? Their album covers might have an interesting insight.

    Thank you.

  9. Anonymous - Thanks!

    We're always looking for new ideas for articles. I hadn't thought of Earth Wind and Fire. Have they released anything recently? I know them from back in the 80s. I wasn't aware of this stuff back then like I am now. They always had a spiritual context to their music. At the time this seemed refreshing to me compared to the negative messages being conveyed to young people by other music - mostly sex and drugs.

    Like most people I fell for the whole New Age spiritualism stuff back then. I didn't realize the ways in which it was tied into darker occult practices.

  10. I dunno if kanyes video actually has that ethos behind it, it was allegedly inspired by an anime series/film called Akira, so the elements seen to be transhumanist may just be out of artistic influence. Or maybe its a psywar technique to infuse the two? I dont know. Christina's album cover has transhumanism written all over it however, notice how the left side of her face is bionic.

  11. Anonymous - I understand your reluctance to see the pattern that is emerging with regards to the transhuman/eugenics movement, and how it has begun to affect the corporate entertainment industry. I just ask that you keep your eyes open and decide for yourself.

    Please see my previous comments about the Daft Punk and anime video that influenced Kanye's video. I am convinced that this goes far beyond just artistic influence.

    Kanye's video is from last year. Apparently the transhuman PR campaign has stepped up a notch with CA's album. What's next?

  12. @baba

    The April 20th anonymous post is partially correct. While Kanye's music video does pay a lot of homage to the manga Akira, what anonymous failed to mention was that in the books/film, scientists were trying to create a race of super humans by enhancing them somehow. Its possible that they were fusing the transhumanist ideals being put forward today with already existing pop culture (itself very posthuman rather than transhuman) in order to sell their agenda to today's younger generation.

  13. hey babar I really enjoyed this article. Did you know that Hype williams the director of kanyes stronger music video is the one now directing the video for christinas new single "not myself tonight". After reading all of it I just thought its so weird and obviously not a coincidence isnt it??

  14. Hi anonymous - Good tip! I didn't know that about Hype Williams.

    I see on Wikipedia that the video for "not myself tonight" has already been shot by Hype Williams and will be released on May 1. We'll be watching for that one to see if it incorporates a transhuman element. I assume it will be sexploitative given the nature of the song.

    Here's a list of all the music videos that Hype has done on Wikipedia.

    He's been very busy. He did Beyonce's "Video phone" music video in 2009.

    What's really disturbing is people like him getting the NAACP image award in 1997, when all he does is sexually exploit black people in his videos. I watched a video he did recently of Nicki Minaj performing Massive Attack, just to see what is latest work looks like.

    It's highly sexploitative and portrays degrading images of blacks and women. If some white supremacist had produced this, the NAACP would be up in arms. Why is it OK when the music industry promotes these negative stereotypes?

  15. anonymous - Oh and that Nicki Minaj performing Massive Attack video is definitely tied in with Gaga's telephone video. The whole video is of a sports car being chased by a helicopter. In one scene there are some "eyeglasses" similar to the ones that Gaga wears that are made of cigarettes. Just take my word for it. I don't want you to waste your time watching this. I certainly don't intend to promote that type of trash.

  16. Found your blog via VC. Nice post, very well written. I remember the tv shows Bionic Man and Bionic Woman, I even had the doll as a child...a doll with the bionic had 'skin' which you rolled up to expose the bionic part which was also removable...seriously...a doll for little girls based on Lindsay Wagner and her removable skin! I think its still in the loft somewhere back home!

  17. Marty - Thanks. "We have the technology". LOL. That's pretty funny that you had a Bionic Woman doll. At the time I think they were referring mostly to organ transplants and getting the public to accept that technology. Which by the way, has been terribly abused. Just look at the case of Steve Jobs getting a liver. Who's surprised that he found a way to step to the front of the line? And what about harvesting organs from poor people and prisoners? This is happening in China and Eastern Europe.

    But now the technology has taken a "great leap forward". How will that impact the lives of our children?

    BTW, In the "Interstella 5555" video which a few people have mentioned, the final shot is of a child being put to bed with their dolls of the transhuman aliens.

  18. Hey. I'm a little late in the discussion. Just want to comment on the "Akira" references... I'm a fan of both the manga and anime. And, while it verses on topics such as transhumanism, I don't believe it treats it as something good. In fact, it's the other way around... the whole story is about how f***ed up things can get when people decide to play god. It would be great if you guys would write something about it, specially because the director is still active today. He even directed an anime version of "Metropolis", witch we all know is full of implications about world dominance by an elite, as well as transhumanism and such (like the "whore of babylon"). Anyway, keep up the good work!

    And sorry for my poor english!

  19. Kanye's song was taken/sampled from the song Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by the eletronic band Daft Punk, two DJ's who wear robotic head gear as their look/gimmick. They have an anime movie of their entire 2002 released album, Discovery, where the characters are a rock group who are "improved" via transhumanism (homo evolutis). Once they are transformed their popularity sky rockets. Sound familiar?

  20. They Live

    Great comments and observations. Thank you for reading and writing to us.

    I like your name, too. Great movie.

    Resist the invasion! :)

  21. Hi, this is a great article, keep it up. It makes me really sad when I see the public comments for these videos on you tube. Their minds are so well controlled and hypnotized. You (and many others) guys are doing a great job and personally I think that everyday, if you make even a single person think of whats going on around, your job is done. God bless you all.

  22. Almost cried, ONCE AGAIN. There was a reference to this "six million dollar man" in Dragon Ball Z. (Nerd time) - After the epic battle between Goku and Frieza.... (Goku is a saiyan, saiyans have monkey tails. ANd when they look at a Full Moon the transform into an Oozaru, or Giant Monkey Beast. Darwin at work here? I thought japanese people hated the illuminati.... anyways) they planet exploded, and Frieza's half body was limp and bleeding throughout space... he was found by his crew, and then "insert quotation here". He comes back as Mecha Frieza, along with his brother, who also becomes mechanized later on in the series.

  23. Ah. Brilliant post. And good point about the double standards regarding the church/abuse issue. Don't get me wrong, I ABSOLUTELY deplore the recent activities of the Catholic church and think the abuse should be exposed, and those responsible should be taken to task. However, I think the media would relish ANY opportunity to vilify religion, and they won't scrutinize other institutions in the same way as you pointed out.

  24. Hi Daisy. Welcome to Public Vigil! I hope you have a chance to read some of my other articles and comment on them. I guess I would recommend starting with the latest one which is "The Disney deception".

    Speaking of institutions that could stand to be scrutinized, how about Disney? Certain preachers like John Hagee that spend so much time maligning the Catholic Church, should turn their attention instead to the real enemies of Christianity like Disney and other gnostic forces that seek to undermine the very foundation of the Christian Church.

    I don't expect the corporate media to go after Disney. How could they? It would be like an act of fratricide. But all the Christians that spend their summer vacations in Disney should be having second thoughts - to say the least.

  25. I have read almost every article here & on VC's site. LOVE 'EM!!!!! What do you think about Lily Allen's The Fear? My daughter likes her.

  26. Oy…We could go on for hours, but I’ll try to be short. First off, I think it’s wonderful that most of you keep an open mind and re-evaluate what we are fed through medias, fashion, art or even schools and peers. Kudos to all of you who choose not to blindly follow the mainstream. However, let’s not get carried away. Being wary is good, but being paranoid is not. I get it, it’s scary and as much as we want to hold on to our free will, there’s only so much we can do.

    Actions are interpreted differently depending on the receivers and their background/culture. Before associating people (in this case artists & celebrities) to ideologies, you have to understand the original idea behind their actions. It seems completely rubbish to me to jump to conclusions like “Rihanna wears horns, she must worship Baphomet or whatnot”.

    I am glad the subject turned to Daft Punk as they are a perfect example. While digging a bit deeper, you’ll find the reasons behind the secrecy and control over their music, appearance, performances, alliances with other artists, etc. Interstella 5555 is yet another proof of their stand against celebrity-puppets and mind control. As to the use of the pyramid, let’s be honest: the symbol of the pyramid has existed for thousands of years and was found to have so many different meanings. Who knows which of these meanings were really chosen by DP. I certainly don’t pretend to hold the truth but considering the two DJs’ upbringing and beliefs, it seems very unlikely for Daft Punk to be related to the Illuminati, Transhumanism or any other conspiracy theories as such.

    --I know this post is quite old, but I had to put in my two cents' worth ;)

  27. Marie. Thanks for your comment. DP is definitely promoting transhumanism. They may not think of themselves as part of a "conspiracy" but they would not get support from the big media companies if their music wasn't supportive of the goals of those corporations.

    For example if they decided that they were going to dedicate their music to pro-Life themes such as chastity, I'm sure they would find little support from the music industry. This isn't a matter of chastity not being popular -- the music industry PR men know how to sell anything they want. It's just not the message that they want to push on to young people.