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Deepak Chopra: "My first experience with spirituality was with LSD when I was 17"

WARNING: Lady Gaga's guru is channeling the spirit of eugenicist-transhumanist Aldous Huxley.

Aldous Huxley - Deepak Chopra's inspiration?

LSD as a Spiritual Experience - Deepak Chopra

ForaTv  October 29, 2009 — Complete video at: http://fora.tv/2009/10/22/Deepak_Chop...

Author and spiritual guru Deepak Chopra remembers his first spiritual experience with LSD at 17, and discusses various cultural uses of hallucinogenic drugs to achieve enlightenment. He touches on ritualistic drug use in Native American, Aborigine, and Indian religious traditions.

LSD and mass hypnosis

Aldous Huxley is the most successful mass hypnotist in history. Before he wrote "Doors of Perception" (1954) and "Heaven and Hell" (1956) virtually everyone who had taken LSD had found the experience extremely unpleasant. After that a cottage industry arose of "doctors" who would "guide" their patients through the LSD experience. The fact that someone is in a highly suggestible state while under the influence of this powerful hallucinogenic leaves that person extremely vulnerable to manipulation. If the "patient" is told that they are having a "spiritual experience" then they will believe they are having a "spiritual experience".

Aldous Huxley spoke to an audience at UC Berkeley in 1962 about how people can easily be led to believe that a placebo is a powerful pain killer, or that a simple audio recording (or book) can change their lives.

He clearly understood just how suggestible humans are - even without being under the influence of drugs. He said that 20% of the population can easily be persuaded to believe almost anything - even without the use of hallucinogenics.

It can be easily concluded that this percentage would go up dramatically under the influence of LSD. Let me remind you that the reason that the CIA conducted so many experiments with LSD as part of their MKULTRA program, was because they found it to be highly effective in mind control and "brainwashing".

Huxley attempted to use LSD to control the minds of a whole generation in order to get them to abandon their Christian religious beliefs, and to adopt his new age spiritualism. More than fifty years later, the results of his drug-fueled propaganda campaign are truly "mind blowing".


  1. Awesome work, baba.

    There is SO much more that can be said about Aldous Hoxley, but you have summed it up nicely using relatively few words. Sometimes, that is much more powerful than too many words. :)

  2. LVB - You can't go wrong with Deepak Chopra, Aldous Huxley and LSD. :)

    I was really happy about how I was able to weave the pictures into the story. I learned that from you. :)

    Consider this to be a first installment of my long awaited LSD article. There's so much more I could say. Stay tuned to the comments.

  3. Baba, have you tried LSD?

  4. experience speaks always.......?*&%^$

  5. Hi
    I didnt see any contact info, so i am writing a comment. I am a fan of Queen, and i would like to hear your thoughts about their music, videos, and anything you notice about them. I enjoy reading your site. Greetings from Macedonian

  6. Anonymous and Om- Have you tried LSD? How do you know? How do you know it wasn't something else or laced with other chemicals? Do you work for the CIA and therefore were able to get a pure source? Would you trust the CIA not to adulterate the product? Are you sure it wasn't "brown acid" which some say was actually the drug BZ?

    Do you know anyone that ever had a "bad trip"? Do you know anyone that actually lost their mind because of the use of drugs and went insane, and had to be hospitalized in a mental institution and never regained their full sanity? Yes, I do. More than one.

    JImi Hendrix said "Are you experienced?" "Purple Haze" was the name of a particular batch of LSD. Jimi Hendrix died at age 27 under mysterious circumstances.

    Jim Morrison named "The Doors" after Aldous Huxley's "Doors of Perception". Jim Morrison died at the age of 27 under mysterious circumstances.

    Have I had a spiritual experience that made a real difference in my life? Yes, I have. Was it under the influence of drugs? No, it wasn't. It was "under the influence" of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Can drugs bring you true happiness? No, they can't? Can receiving Jesus Christ as the Lord of your life by submitting to his Word bring you true happiness? Yes, it can. How do I know? I have personally experienced it.

    Have you ever "experienced" the love of Jesus Christ? If you have, then you'll know that nothing else can possibly compare with it. If not, then ask him into your life.

    Jesus said:
    Mathew 7:7-8
    "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks, receives; and the one who seeks, finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened."

    He is the true "door to perception" and eternal life. Once you've "tried it", nothing else can ever come close.

    Peace be with you,

  7. Hi my friend from Macedonia. Like so many others, I grew up listening to rock music. At the time I was unaware of the true nature of the corporate music industry. It's no accident that so many rock musicians died untimely deaths. Freddy Mercury of Queen died of AID at the age of 45.

    I haven't thought about writing about Queen. It just hasn't come up in any of my research. I've thought about writing an article about the Rolling Stones. And in particular their involvement with LSD and the occult. Would that be something that would interest you?

  8. Personally I do not believe the way to spirituality is through drugs. Only through your heart when you are ready for it and not forcing yourself. As I believe that is what you do when you use drugs for that purpose. You can have a spiritual experience but can you deal with it? Are you really ready for that? And can you handle a bad trip? I personally have no experience with drugs at all, not even soft drugs (eventhough I am Dutch and we have our famous coffeeshops!). I have seen people even go crazy on weed after a while. It is not as innocent as some would like you to believe.

    Thank you for your blog. I really picked up some very interesting things. I also look, thanks to vigilant citizen and you, very different at videoclips. Will you post something more about Miley's new clip. What do they call her at te beginning Eve(s) Cyrus??? As in Adam and Eve? I am sorry my English is not that good. Greetings from the Netherlands. Keep up the good work!!!

  9. Hello Netherlands! Are you in Amsterdam? I was there once many years ago and visited the Anne Frank House and the Van Gogh (pronounced houck) museum. I almost got run over multiple times by the bicycles. I don't know how you are able to resist the temptations of this city. Or avoid getting run over by the bicycles - they're dangerous. :)

    I did an update on the Miley Cyrus video just pointing out that Ishtar/Inanna has bird-like qualities. I don't think there is that much to analyze in the video in terms of story. And I don't want to further promote the corporate music industry's agenda. It will be interesting to see the reaction of parents of children who are fans of Miley/Hannah. Will there be a backlash? Miley is only 17. In the US the drinking age is 21. What is the music industry doing making a soft-porn video featuring this young girl?

    In the introduction to the video, the announcer says, "...the rarest creature on Earth. Avis Cyrus!" Avis is the Latin word for bird. This introductory scene is an obvious allusion to King Kong.

    P.S. You're English is fine. Much better than my Dutch. :)

  10. Hi Baba how are you?
    You have a great site. My mother reads a lot of Deepak Chopra's books. I like him myself but I don't know that much about him. I can't believe he took LSD! thats crazy spirituality alright
    he has this spiritual center and different sessions and retreats that he does. hmm im skeptical. thank you Baba

  11. Freeyourmind - Let me guess. She's a big fan of Oprah too.

    I've never read his stuff, but I have had enough personal experience with "new age spiritualism" to know what I'll find there. It's amazing how they can constantly regurgitate and repackage the same stuff. Huxley even laughs on the YouTube audio about how his friend is suckering people in to buying this useless self-help garbage. It's a placebo. Nothing more. The world's most powerful drug is the power of suggestion.

  12. Thank you for your reaction. And thanks for the explanation, I am sorry I did not get it. But it explains the birdlike features in the clip. I also thought the cage was a symbol of her being a puppet for the industry. Highly ironic that she can not be tamed but is in a cage. People thinking they are free but in reality we are stuck in a cage!!!

    No, I do not live in Amsterdam. About 40 kilometers from there, but I hardly go there. It is not appealling to me. I am very sensitive and the noises and all the people always get to me. I live in a small city, but we do have coffeeshops. I believe two in total.

    Question. What is the legal age to have sex in America? In the Netherlands it is 16. I always thought it was 18 in America. Considering Miley is 17 that clip is very strange. I don't understand the need to sexualize (if that is a word) teenage girls in such a way. It reminds me of an episode of South Park and the Jonas brothers about selling sex to kids. Is it to make profit or is it far deeper to desensitize children to sex and by doing that opening them up for it. I have read that using children in certain rituals (sexual) increases the energy. The thought of doing rituals is pretty sick to me, but using children....I can't phantom that. But I do know that it is happening. Is this the reason behind all these disturbing clips?


  13. anonymous from Macedonia

    I also enjoy Queen's music. Brian May is a very accomplished and tasteful guitarist (not to mention a brilliant man, in having his PhD in astrophysics!), and Freddie Mercury (Farrokh Bulsara) was one of the most sensitive and gifted songwriters and vocalists of the modern rock era. It is hard to compare any other rock music with "Bohemian Rhapsody" - which is truly ingenious.

    I have not personally looked at Queen with an eye toward occult symbolism or the like, but I may consider doing that, based on your comments.

    Thank you for reading and writing.

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  15. Dear Dutchie, The legal age of consent in the US is 18. So actually, I think her video could be considered child pornography. I understand that Miley is currently worth somewhere around 50 million dollars. And it is often said online that if she continues at this pace she could be worth one billion dollars by the time she is 20. So I guess that is why her father does not mind hiring her out as a virtual high priced prostitute.

    You must be familiar with the famous "red light district" in Amsterdam, then I'm surprised that you did not make the same connection that I made when I first saw the image of Miley in a cage. It is exactly like the cheap prostitutes in Amsterdam that are "imprisoned in their cages" and are on display to all potential customers. She is being marketed like a young virgin whose chastity is up for sale to the highest bidder.

    If you look at the first picture that I placed just below the one of Miley in her cage, you will see that it appears that there is a young woman staring out from what reminds me of a window with bars. I assume that this is not actually a depiction of the goddess Ishtar, but is instead one of the temple prostitutes.

    According to what I have read all the women of this time were required to become temple prostitutes at the age of maturity. They were obliged to remain there until they had completed their duties. So one way of interpreting this video is that Miley is fulfilling her obligation according to this custom.

    Mesopotamian Holy Harlot
    "The Greek historian Herodotus (3 BC) tells us: 'Babylonian custom... compels every woman of the land once in her life to sit in the temple of love and have intercourse with some stranger... the men pass and make their choice. It matters not what be the sum of money; the woman will never refuse, for that were a sin, the money being by this act made sacred. After their intercourse she has made herself holy in the sight of the goddess and goes away to her home; and thereafter there is no bribe however great that will get her. So then the women that are tall and fair are soon free to depart, but the uncomely have long to wait because they cannot fulfil the law; for some of them remain for three years or four. There is a custom like this in some parts of Cyprus."

  16. Hello anonymous Netherlands,

    You ask, "Is it to make profit or is it far deeper to desensitize children to sex and by doing that opening them up for it?"

    The answer is, yes, to both.

    The age of consent for sex in the US actually varies in different states, but you are quite right in seeing that the mass media's targeting of these ideas and images at children is beyond sick and perverse. The entertainment industry, not just in Hollyweird, but globally, is generally quite degenerate and exploitative of children, both sexually and spiritually.

    You are very observant to note the cognitive dissonance and duplicity in the deceptive message "Can't Be Tamed", while picturing a child in a cage.

    This brings to mind the doublespeak of '1984' -


    Thank you so much for reading and writing.

  17. Mr. Macedonia, if I may call you that, I just remembered one Queen video that I found interesting. Perhaps it is one that you are familiar with. It is the video for "Radio GA GA"

    In it their are clips from the film Metropolis by Fritz Lang.

    Vigilant Citizen mentioned the Queen video briefly in one of his posts about Lady Gaga.

    It's interesting because I was just thinking about this and recently wrote a comment about how Metropolis could be inspired in some ways by the Prometheus myth. See my comments over at Vigilant Citizen.

    It's clear to me that in the "Radio GA GA" video the members of Queen are depicted as Gods flying through the air in their high-tech "chariot of the sun". Freddie Mercury is depicted as Prometheus bringing fire and light to the imprisoned masses through the magic of the radio.

    And by the way, "Mercury" refers to the god Hermes. Which is also equivalent to Lucifer, which is equivalent to Prometheus. Thanks for mentioning this. It would make an interesting article.

    There are also some tie ins with some of the imagery in Rockefeller Center. In particular an image called "The Conquest of Space" which shows radio waves inside an all seeing eye. And another called "Intelligence awakening mankind" which depicts Thought sending out Written Words and Spoken Words over the radio waves.

  18. C.I.A. went wrong back in the late 1950s and early 60s, after sniffing out LSD-25 to study for mind control; that had been first isolated by Dr. Albert Hofmann at Sandoz Laboratories in Switzerland back in 1943. Having thus found out exactly what the whiz-bang can and cannot do. After that unfortunately, the C.I.A. irresponsibly then distributed LSD to mental institutions to study for schizophrenia, knowing well that LSD was an engine of sorcery and witchcraft.

    The major blunder is that, (by my presumption), their theoretically practical use of LSD to attain the ability of astral projection � is that astral projection is a dark art that can only be acquired by sorcery. The C.I.A. was irresponsible in not respecting that LSD was an engine of sorcery and witchcraft, and should have just scrapped it, and labeled it as something like: Abandoned ~ due to it being essentially a peculiar, fascinating troublemaker.

    So LSD, �shrooms and the likes are fuel for our dog-eat-dog sorcery-strewn lifestyle that is the devil and the demons� greatest joy!

    This is why in God�s wrath, He flooded the world in Noah�s time, (Joshua 24:14 combined with Exodus 32:7-8). Essentially, everyone was bowing to the devil, with their idolatry of the sacred calf eating psilocybin �magic� mushrooms, that naturally grow out of the dung of cows. �Shrooms, LSD, and peyote all open the same door to the spirit world, and are engines of sorcery and witchcraft. To attain these worldly powers, one must sell their soul to the devil. The devil though, is a tyrant, and will not permit anyone from discussing the topic in detail, or to reveal they�re being an access to the spirit world; which was presumably the Tree of knowledge of good and evil in the garden of Eden, from the Book of Genesis Ch. 3. The description of the tree, as a metaphor, mimics psychedelics identically ... �Pleasant to the eyes.� No other entity opens the door to the spiritual underworld, as does the family tree of psychotropics. Reading between the lines, that is exactly why this information rarely, if ever is discussed or even mentioned in the media; and is therefore strangling us from solving this ongoing, escalating problem.

    Seems to me that LSD is a kind of bully pulpit, seducing many to perceive that the advantages of the dark side and avoidance of the oppressive persecution, outnumber the advantages of trusting in God and abstaining from LSD. Then becoming disappointed as to the reality or �dessert letdown� reminiscent of the vivid fluorescent colours attained while high on LSD, only to fade drab as the LSD inebriation tapers off. Such as fluorescent paints do after a relatively brief life duration; compared to more conventional colours. Note: Fluorescent colours came on the scene at the relatively same time as LSD swept the nation. The Holy Bible refers to the true believers as being the least or smallest, or fewest of all minorities. ~Deuteronomy 7:7.

    LSD deliberately spoils ya! It�s a matter of coming around and recognizing that that�s exactly on target. And that is precisely why the Lord created it, for mankind to isolate out. Imagine that the stuff even glows under ultraviolet, black-light ... �Well I declare!� God didn�t miss a trick, huh!

    Something is definitely sour or contrary ... �Over the rainbow� or once one has sold their soul; to break on through to the other side.* It�s an unhappiness worthy of contemplation! Before succumbing to it or deciding to give into it, (out of weakness to the worldly trap) ... Believing that even though being forced by peer pressure and the spiritual tug of the nearly everyday hit of LSD ... That LSD is a better lifestyle. Consider that your genuine happiness is the tradeoff. �Sorcerers shall not inherit the Kingdom of God ... � Galatians 5:19-20.


  19. The hatred of those malcontents that emanates from the LSD* snare towards those that carefully sustained themselves from the seduction of many in these days, is best recognized in the anti-Semitism that has dominoed throughout the history of the world against the Jews. The Jews honoring the Lord, were then the only tribe, race, or culture in the world not bowing to the devil. For one to sell one�s soul to the devil, is the only way, that I know of, to obtain the earthly, dark powers of witchcraft. [*and other similar psychotropics]

    By the way, this hatred is an indicator that something is definitely amiss. Please ponder this thought: Why would more than a few of those who have sold their souls to the devil, (so they can access the dark conveniences and powers of LSD) ... Be angry or malcontent towards those who are truly with the Lord, by opting not to bow to the fallen angels? There is also= a prevailing persuasion or goal to coerce the true believers to dose. Why? Misery loves company? Or does the tyrant, the devil leverage his snared into harvesting more into his lair?

    If we can collectively gather up the courage and character and faith to trust in Jesus Christ and not LSD, then we possibly can be spared the eventual prophesy of Daniel 12:1, of the end times being the worst time out of the whole history of the world. Every prophesy in the Bible has come true, the Dead Sea Scrolls are evidence to us that the Lord has protected His Word verbatim, throughout history. The unforeseen, actual cost or price tag for the sequestered, but vast lifestyle of LSD across society, is far more devastating than we have ever fathomed or perceived.

    Exposing LSD in the media could very well be the �silver bullet� in bringing this furious turmoil of these wars and terrorism to a conclusion. I believe there is still hope, but we have to weigh out the importance of why the Lord created LSD and psychedelics that are engines of sorcery, and why He is a jealous God. Keep in mind also, that the Lord is a true romantic; hence the incredible stories about Noah and Jonah, for a start. The prevailing notion that it�s too late for society to turn from LSD is a mere reflection of an attitude that we�re now each individually challenged with. This letter will reach many who are relying on LSD and like the conveniences it provides. So consideration of: Are the benefits that LSD offers, worth the overall trade-off for the destruction that is orchestrated by our jealous Lord? Perhaps not such a wise barter ... Time will tell.

    The Book of Jonah is the turnkey -- when the Ninevites, fearing God, went �cold turkey� on bowing to the sacred calf and doin� �shrooms. This event took place after Jonah, the Hebrew prophet, had prophesied to the Ninevites, who were enemies of the Jews, that God was going to destroy them in forty days like He did Sodom and Gomorrah; because of their sins. The Ninevites, or Assyrians are the ancestors of many of the Arabs in the Middle East. They knew that the Hebrew Lord was the Creator* so fearing God, they repented, (Considered by some to be the largest revival in history!) So the Lord, being honored, rebuked His wrath and spared them! *Just as all the Buddhists, Confucianists, Islams, believers in The Great Spirit, etc., (Who have experimented with psychedelics enough to reach the spiritual turning point or crossroads where they must make the decision to either sell or not sell their soul), then find out that Jesus Christ is Lord. Because when one sells one�s soul to the devil, using psychedelics to attain that communication, then each individual is told by the spirit world at that deciding time, like a gate or exit point of parting from the realm of the Creator, that Jesus is God.


  20. Hello Baba and LVB,

    First off, i'm miss Macedonia :-) Did you know your name Baba means grandmother in Macedonian, haha there is also a mountain called Baba.

    You know, this morning i was listening to Queen on youtube, and i looked at the videos, and i saw some familiar things like the black and white patron on clothes and floor, the image of Freddy and the others splitting and also standing in a room with mirrors and of course having his reflection in them. After reading both your posts i looked on youtube to see if i can find more things in their videos, and really all three videos i saw had these things, and the shock came when i saw the video for Love Kills, which is made of clips of Metropolis. I have heard of the movie, not seen it yet, though will soon. So i am really puzzled. I wrote you this morning hoping you will exonerate them, cause i am basically an addict of their music and i have immense respect for them, like you said Brian got his PhD recently.. and i thought Radio Gaga was about mocking the radio and what it represents. I read that John Deakon's son had called the radio radio poepoe, after which they wrote the song and changed it to gaga.

    I read also that Freddy wrote in a song "Oh mother Mercury what have you done to me", so that's why he changed his last name, cause his mothers name was Mercury, and i know his family's religion is ( what i read ) Zoroastrian, dont really know what it represents.

    This really comes as a shock to me and i hope you will give us your expert insights on this one. I'd forgive them in a heart bit though...Perhaps they weren't aware of the hidden meaning, or it was the video directors who did this? These symbols are so widespread that people take them for granted...

    I was at their concert in Rotterdam two years ago or so, and they were so good, even without our beloved Freddy and John. They opened with Tie your mother down, and closed with We are the champions, of course :-) Brian sang Love of my life as a tribute to Freddy, it was very touching. How sad am i for not being able to see Freddy live in a concert, i was 7 when he died. It still hurts that he's gone. Jimi Hendrix was Freddie's idol and he also died young under strange circumstances.

    Thank you for your swift reaction and i am looking forward to your comments/posts about Queen.

  21. Miss Macedonia, If you enjoy Queen's music and it doesn't bring any occult influences into your life then don't worry about it too much. I sense a child-like spirit in you, and a child is innocent and cannot be corrupted very easily.

    I'm no expert on these things. I've just recently started to learn about them. As far as Queen, I only know them through their biggest hits. There's no doubt they are very talented and have a unique style. I only knew just the simplest details about Freddie Mercury. I just read up on him now in Wikipedia.

    He changed his name to Mercury through an inspiration after writing "My Fairy King". The lyrics you referred to "Oh mother Mercury what have you done to me" have nothing to do with his real mother. That whole song has a mythological theme of gods and goddesses in a fantasy land. It may have some occult significance, but you could also simply view it as a child's fairy tale.

    Mercury, as I said, does have occult significance. Given that rock music has had a strong occult influence from the beginning, we shouldn't be too surprised by that. Jimi Hendrix was definitely influenced by the occult and yet I still enjoy listening to him sometimes. I can also hear Led Zeppelin influences in his music, and they were very much into the occult.

    But even the Beatles and the Rolling Stones were into drugs and the occult, so it pretty much goes with the territory in rock music. Many people have enjoyed this music through the years without becoming "devil worshipers". Just as long as you maintain a strong Christian faith, you'll be OK. And at some point if you decide that this music isn't for you, then that's OK too.

    The lyrics of the song Radio Gaga are quite innocent as far as I can tell. It's only in the video that they give it an occult meaning. This happens quite a bit in popular music. Just stay away from the videos and you should be fine. :)

    I don't attend rock concerts, but there again the more occult side of things may become emphasized. There's also generally a lot of drug use at rock concerts. So personally, my recommendation would be to stay away from the concerts. The tickets are too expensive anyway. :)

    So I hope that helped. A lot of this is just common sense. If you see some video with offensive images, just turn it off. The same goes for songs with offensive lyrics. If the lyrics contain images of magicians and wizards just pretend it's all a child's fairy tale and you'll be fine.

    Peace be with you,
    - baba

    And I did do a google a little while ago and discovered that my online name has several unintended meanings. I originally chose it just as a way of making fun of gaga. And it has stuck. I'm mr. baba, by the way.

  22. Baba your response @8:41 a.m to Anon etc -I'm in love ;)

  23. The Visionary Butterfly - I'm humbled. When I re-read some of these comments and articles I have written lately, I don't recognize my own voice. I honestly believe that it is the Holy Spirit speaking through me. I am truly blessed to have received such a gift.

    Yes Butterfly, you are in love... with Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Isn't it great?

    Peace be with you,

  24. Hi baba,
    great article. i have recently been questioning deepak chopra. why? his diamond/jewel encrusted eye-glasses. could you comment on that? why is a man in his position breaking out the bling for all to see?

  25. Anonymous - I only became aware of Deepak Chopra recently because of his involvement with Michael Jackson. I don't know what it is that people see in this phony new age guru. As soon as I heard about him, I smelled a rat.