Saturday, May 8, 2010

Iron Man as Prometheus Unbound

WARNING: The devil is practiced at the art of deception.

"Put on the armor of God so that you may be able to stand firm against the tactics of the devil. For our struggle is not with flesh and blood but with the principalities, with the powers, with the world rulers of this present darkness, with the evil spirits in the heavens."
- St. Paul in his letter to the Ephesians 6:11-12

Having read this Biblical quote and knowing that this is a review of the new Iron Man movie, you would be justified in assuming that the Iron Man suit is somehow related to the "armor of God" and that he is somehow doing symbolic battle with the forces of evil in the Heavens. You could not possibly be further from the Truth.

Let there be light...

For Iron Man represents the forces of Prometheus who attacked the gods and stole fire from the Heavens and gave it to Man. Hail Prometheus!

Prometheus by occultist painter Jean Delville

If Iron Man represents Prometheus then Iron Man's enemy must represent one of the other gods of Olympus - but not just any god - the one that bound him as punishment for an aeon. Ah, but be patient. All shall be revealed.

Prometheus Bound by William Blake

The setting is the site of the New York World's Fair in 1964. Most of you are too young to remember this event. The SYMBOL of the fair was the Unisphere which so prominently features in Iron Man 2.

Creation of Unisphere by USS (United States Steel) video

This celebration took place at the height of the Cold War - just after the Cuban Missile Crisis that brought the world to the brink of nuclear annihilation. Despite the moniker of "world's fair", most major European countries and the Soviet Union refused to participate due to a conflict over the rules. One of the largest exhibits at the "fair" was General Motors' Futurama pavilion which purported to show a city of the future.

This was a time when the Race to the Moon had just begun and the Soviets had a huge lead. They had put into orbit the first artificial satellite - Sputnik (which means "co-traveler") - on October 4, 1957. It took Sputnik just 96 minutes to complete one orbit around the Earth. And thus, the "space age" was born.

On April 12, 1961 Soviet Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first Man to orbit the Earth.

The first Man to ascend into the heavens - the home of the Gods. Prometheus must have been proud that day of his human protégés.
During his flight, Gagarin famously whistled the tune "The Motherland Hears, The Motherland Knows". The first two lines of the song are: "The Motherland hears, the Motherland knows/Where her son flies in the sky".
[baba: Note that Prometheus and Mother Earth are symbolically closely linked.]
Around the same time, some Western sources claimed that Gagarin, during his space flight, had made the comment, "I don't see any God up here." However, no such words appear in the verbatim record of Gagarin's conversations with the Earth during the spaceflight.
[baba: Isn't it curious how the godless capitalists like to attack the communists for being godless?]
But the United States with the aid of former Nazi rocket scientist Werner von Braun, who had designed the German V-2 rocket that terrorized England during WW II, was able to not only catch up with the Soviets, but soon overtake them.

Nazi V-2 rocket replica

Werner von Braun in civilian suit posing with top Nazi brass
And by the end of the decade, it was the Americans that had landed the First Man on the Moon in 1969.

Footprints on the Moon

Man had taken his first steps on one of the heavenly bodies which formerly had been exclusively "the home of the gods". Prometheus could truly say at this point in time that he was the proud benefactor of Humanity which was beginning to challenge the gods.

At the New York World's Fair the theme song was provided by Walt Disney. The name was "It's a Small World".
It's a small world after all
It's a small world after all
It's a small world after all
It's a small, small world
ad infinitum... ad nauseam...
Never in the History of Mankind had a generation been more effectively brainwashed than the Baby Boom Generation of 20th Century America.

And here we are in 2010. The 21st Century. The Golden Age of Mankind.

In the 20th Century technology was used to Land a Man on the Moon. In the 21st Century technology is used to create a half-robot half-man that can fly through the heavens like a god. Hail Prometheus - bringer of fire and light!

Statue of Prometheus bringing fire down from Mt. Olympus at Rockefeller Center

But this creation does not exist in our physical reality. And yet, he is no less real because he is confined to the 2-dimensional virtual space of a movie screen. Because that image projected on that screen is reflected in our eyes and travels through the optic nerve to the optical processing regions of the brain and forms memories just as real as the ones that we experience in the physical world.

He flies - and we fly. He walks through a crowd of reporters and onlookers - and we walk through a crowd of reporters and onlookers. And he battles - and we battle. And he suffers - and we suffer. And he triumphs - and we triumph. Hail Prometheus! Ruler of us all.

And who does he battle? Who is his enemy? Our enemy. Our immortal foe.

It would seem that the Soviet Russians are back again. But wait. What is this? Our godless communist wears a Cross of Jesus. He carries with him prayer beads.

His Father died and left him with the gift of his knowledge. He completed his Father's dream, and made it a reality.

His weapon is electricity. A lethal spark in the shape of an evil whip. Is he not Evil? Should we not hate and despise him?

And in opposition to him stands the evolution of Iron Man. No longer the ferrous metal of the Romans. But a high-tech material which has Progressed to become impervious to all weapons. Invincible. Unstoppable. Immortal. Like the gods of Olympus.

But our Hero suffers a fatal flaw which threatens to destroy his very life. Iron Man is on the verge of self-destruction.

He reaches out to his Father. And begs, "Father, help me". "Help your son to battle against the son of your immortal foe."

Freemason god with compass inside all-seeing eye by 18th century mystic William Blake

And the Father receives this message from His Son and reveals to him His Great Plan. But the secrets of the past are hidden in the form of coded messages which only the Chosen can decipher.

As one of the Chosen Scientists, Anthony Stark is able to decode this message from the past and uncover its secret. And behold, a new Element is born.

And this new Element - whose name I do not know, but whose sign is an inverted Triangle - is the Solution which has evaded Tony for all these years. Tony is Saved.

With this new gift from his Father he is able to go out and do battle with the forces that are arrayed against him. And he is able to deliver unto his Enemy a crushing defeat. And we applaud him. He is our Champion. All hail, Prometheus!

Who then is this vile villain against which our Hero battles and eventually Triumphs?

In ancient times it was believed that if one knew the name of one's opponent then one could exert magical powers over him.

The true name of Iron Man's opponent is Zeus. The King of the Gods. The bearer of Lightning and Electricity. It was these same gods of Olympus that had withheld from Man the Power of Technology. Because they knew that once man had acquired these tools of science, that it would only be a matter of Time before Man became greater than the Gods.

Zeus - Greek god of lightning

If I were to end this story now, I would be doing the evil forces the greatest favor. Why? Because, the devil is practiced at the art of deception. And up until now the only thing that I have revealed is the very same thing that the devil wants to be revealed. The devil lives in a world where up is down, and down is up.

The "good" white triangle and the "evil" black triangle

Seal of Satan

Goat of Mendes - Baphomet

To read the Truth we need to read the devil's message in a mirror. In that reflection we can finally read the True message.

It's time to lift up the veil.

In the Promethean Legend Zeus does not only represent the gods, but Religion itself. And Prometheus is Lucifer - the devil himself. But Lucifer/Prometheus is depicted by the satanic forces as a great hero. Someone or something to be worshipped.

Prometheus is Progress. And according to the devil, all Progress is Good. And also according to the devil, Religion is the Enemy of Progress.

And that is why in the movie Iron Man, the enemy is depicted wearing a Cross. While Iron Man is depicted wearing the Luciferean symbol of an inverted triangle.

Iron Man with Inverted Triangle Sigil (click to enlarge)

Fiery fennel emerges from head of Baphomet

[Can you see the similarities between the two figures above? In order to do so you must focus on the overall composition as an artist would and not on the details. The faces and the arms do not match up, in this context. Instead the head of Iron Man corresponds to the flaming fennel which juts out above the head of the Baphomet. And Iron Man's arms correspond to the wings of the goat-faced creature. Notice the hidden embedded inverted triangle inside the pentagram (five pointed star) on the forehead of the Evil One and observe how its position lines up with the Inverted Triangle Sigil on the chest of Iron Man. Just below this on Iron Man's chest are what appear to be a pair of eyes corresponding to the face of the monster.]

Pentagram - five pointed star

[The space between Iron Man's body and his left arm suggests the downward left arm of the half-human figure, while the v-shaped pose of its right arm is imitated by the outline formed by the illuminated clouds on the right side of Iron Man's body. And in both pictures the lighting seems to be provided by a moon hidden behind the clouds. Now take one last look at the figure of Iron Man and notice how the helmet which encapsulates the skull of the lost soul trapped inside appears to be on fire when contrasted with the rest of the figure. This represents the fire which Prometheus stole from the gods. But this fire also represents the gift of intellect which is the function of the most mysterious of all human organs - the brain. And one final observation. The Iron Man suit is an artificial exoskeleton - like that of an ant or a shark.  Interestingly enough their is one part of the human body that God created with a true exoskeleton to protect it - the brain. The human skull is like a helmet which protects and cushions the brain from impact. Which brings up an age old philosophical question. Where is the seat of the soul in the human body? Is it in the intellectual brain encased in the skull, or in the pounding heart surrounded by a skeletal cage?]

The battle that takes place in the Heavens above the Unisphere is between the Christ and the Anti-Christ.  Can you figure out by now which is which? The drones are a diabolical representation of God's angels. We are seeing how this battle should take place according to the Anti-Revelation of the satanic forces.

"Satan arousing the rebel angels" by William Blake

From this satanic point of view, Christ is a monster determined to keep Man from acquiring the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. It is as if the world had been turned upside down and Heaven is below, and Hell is above. Or as if the demons were to occupy Heaven, while the angels were exiled to Hell.

Demonic parody of Jesus on steroids having a bad hair day
Sagrado Corazón - Sacred Heart of Jesus
[Notice any similarities? Same hairstyle, same facial hair. Both have a heart exposed outside their chest. Yet no one notices this demonic parody just because the character in Iron Man 2 is not named Jesus?]

There is one last clue. As the credits are rolling the first song that we hear is "Highway to Hell". Oh, you trickster. See how you dare to reveal yourself to us. What infernal game is this that you are playing?

To be continued...


  1. I just realized that I need to clarify something. The "bad guy" in the movies is a satanic parody of Christ. So Christ is not present in the movie as I erroneously suggested. I'll have to do some editing to reflect that idea clearly and consistently in the article. The only sense in which the bad guy represents Christ is that it is Christ as seen through the eyes of Lucifer.

    This is not unlike the parody of Jesus Christ in South Park. Only here the message is much more subtle and is delivered subliminally, in a way that the conscious mind of even most devout Christians would not be able to defend itself. This is part of the deception which I spoke of in the "warning" at the top of the article.

    The only way to acquire immunity from this type of attack is through prayer and more prayer. And through the sacrament of Holy Communion.

  2. Very interesting point of view... I'd also like to add, there is a hidden scene at the end of the credits. I've yet to see what it is, but my friends have told me that there is one.

  3. Richie B - After the credits there is a very short scene that takes place in New Mexico. A small crater is shown. And then a hammer. This is the Hammer of Thor who is a Norse god. What can I say about that except that almost all comic book characters represent gods from ancient religions. It seems to me as if comic books are a low-cost testing ground to see how the general culture will react to certain pagan gods. Once they perfect the depictions there, then they are ready to move to the big screen. I used to read all these comic books when I was a kid, so I know what I'm talking about.

    They also introduced into Iron Man 2 Colonel Nick Fury who is the head of S.H.I.E.L.D., which was a sort of fictional Special Ops group. Now we know that these Special Ops groups are dedicated to missions similar to the CIA which often include assassination, kidnapping and torture. SHIELD was sometimes used by Marvel Comics as a sort of Al-Star group with varying characters.

    But I don't really want to spend much time on these issues. They're just distractions from the main theme which is the depiction of Prometheus-Lucifer through Iron Man and other heroic figures.

  4. I've begun tinkering with the article by adding pictures, videos and links. I hope to have it finalized today. You may notice some changes over the course of the day. Already the New York World's Fair section has increased significantly through the inclusion of multi-media materials.

    I did find one error. I had stated that the USSR exhibit was one of the largest. I had gotten the 1964 New York Word's Fair confused with Montreal's Expo '67. It was at Expo '67 that the USSR (or Soviet Union) had one of the largest and most popular exhibits.

    "The most popular pavilion [at Expo 67] was the Soviet Union's exhibit. It attracted about 13 million visitors."

  5. With all due respect, the whole Promotheus/Jesus comparison seems to be a bit far-fetched. Vanko gets the blueprint of the energy device from his dying father, so his father must be God himself? But God is alive and well. And if Stark is Prometheus/Lucifer, then whom does his father represent? And why their fathers worked together on this project?
    Another contradiction - according to the myth Prometheus shares the fire with people, but Stark keeps the invention to himself and refuses to share it with anyone only assuring that everything is under control and he will protect America. So he is an unlikely Prometheus figure.
    The only thing that speaks in favor of your theory is the triangle/cross symbols that the respective heroes wear, but that could be just a coincidence. Triangle is hardly unique as a Satanic symbol and can represent many things.

    BTW, I am Russian and the Russian spoken in this movie as well as the setting in Moscow is atrocious, a big budget movie like that could have done better.


  6. Voron - I get the "far-fetched" reaction a lot. Despite that, I love your comment. This is exactly the type of dialog that I am trying to encourage. I will attempt to answer your questions below.

    *** Vanko gets the blueprint of the energy device from his dying father, so his father must be God himself? ***
    That's correct. If we follow the analogy all the way, then that is the correct conclusion. I'm not saying that this necessarily fully works, but I think it's an interesting and thought provoking approach to interpreting the symbolism in the movie.

    *** But God is alive and well. ***
    God is immortal. Any time one symbolizes God with humans, this becomes a problem. However, consider that the soul of Man is immortal, so Vanko's father still exists in Heaven. And that is all that counts. He also continues to exist (he's immortalized) through his work. In this case Vanko receives his instructions from his father through his blueprint - "God's Plan"!!! (It's just like the Freemasons to refer to God as a master builder by referring to a blueprint. LOL)

    *** And if Stark is Prometheus/Lucifer, then whom does his father represent? ***
    Notice the spirit of Stark's father (obviously looks like Howard Hughes) is capable of communicating with him. He is "immortalized" in film. LOL. I'm assuming that this is a sort of Apocalyptic story, so that there is a second coming of Christ and an Anti-Christ. In this case Tony Stark is the Anti-Christ (Prometheus) and his father is the Devil. (Perhaps Lucifer?)

    *** And why their fathers worked together on this project? ***
    I'm glad you asked that question. :) In the beginning Satan was an archangel, in fact some say he was the greatest archangel. So it is natural that he would have worked with God. And at some point he quarreled with God and was ejected from Heaven and sent to Hell. Wasn't Vanko's father deported from the US to the USSR? (I'm not saying that Russia is Hell. LOL. I'm just trying to follow the thinking of the movie's creators.)

    *** Another contradiction - according to the myth Prometheus shares the fire with people, but Stark keeps the invention to himself and refuses to share it with anyone only assuring that everything is under control and he will protect America. So he is an unlikely Prometheus figure. ***
    That was a tough one, but I have an answer for you - "character development". In the beginning of the story Tony is unwilling to share his invention with the mortals. (He himself becomes immortal through his discovery of the new element.) By the end of the story Tony has changed and he does share his invention with humanity. This is crucial to the movie's plot, and is an added element which is not part of the Promethean myth.

    I also was trying to figure out the role of his "sidekick" in terms of mythology. I first considered Hercules who freed Prometheus from the rock, but this doesn't seem to work. The one that I like is Epimetheus (after thought) who is a sort of dim-witted twin of Prometheus.

    It could be that Prometheus (forethought) represented by Tony has determined that Mankind is not prepared to properly handle this latest invention - which is the final stepping stone to achieve the level of the gods. (There is a good analogy here to the 33rd level of Freemasons.) In this case, he is testing Mankind to see if he has mastered his previous training before bestowing this final gift. And remember that part of the gift is a new power source (new form of fire), which is actually a compact cold fusion generator. Which is made possible through his technological breakthrough in manufacturing this new element.

    (Notice that the satanic forces (Prometheus/Tony) outwit the faux-Christian forces, implying that they are superior.)

  7. Reply to Voron (continued)

    *** The only thing that speaks in favor of your theory is the triangle/cross symbols that the respective heroes wear, but that could be just a coincidence. ***
    Yes, the cross symbol was rather blatant wasn't it, and begs for an explanation. There are also the prayer beads - similar to the Catholic Rosary. Is this something that is used in the Russian Orthodox Church?

    *** Triangle is hardly unique as a Satanic symbol and can represent many things. ***
    I agree. And actually a normal, pyramid shaped triangle would have been a more obvious connection to Freemasons. I'm inclined to think that they inverted the symbol to make it a little less blatant.

    *** BTW, I am Russian and the Russian spoken in this movie as well as the setting in Moscow is atrocious, a big budget movie like that could have done better. ***
    Excellent. I value your feedback all the more, because of your cultural perspective. You must assume that the depiction of Moscow was highly deliberate. Just look at how they had elements of American reality in the movie. Senate room interiors, various Fox, CNN and CSPAN news rooms, the Unisphere, real Airforce base. All of these elements indicate a large degree of cooperation from the US government.

    I'm sure you realize that the US government is actively demonizing Russia. It has been blocked from joining the WTO. So the symbolism has the double message of creating a negative stereotype of Russia. My personal opinion is that this is in retaliation for Putin's removing the Washington installed Russian Oligarchy from power.

    As for the Russian accent. I can only assume that the important thing there was to test the reaction of American audiences to this dialog. The sound was probably tailored to make it sound more sinister to American ears. Perhaps by making the Russian words sound ridiculous to native speakers they hoped to create a sort of comic element for Russian speakers, in order to disarm them and not make them take the movie too seriously. My guess is that despite this, Russian audiences will flock to this movie.

    I also want to mention that I think part of the reason for selecting Russia is to suggest a connection with the Caucuses region which is where Prometheus was bound to a mountain according to legend. Isn't this in the area of Georgia where Stalin (the Steel one) was from? (Iron Man's original armor is made from Iron, but through a process of "evolution" it is now made from materials more advanced than "Steel".)

  8. This is still a work in progress. I added some images from the Russian space program. I also added a paragraph to emphasize that the depiction of Christ as a monster is from the satanic point of view.

    "From this satanic point of view, Christ is a monster determined to keep Man from acquiring the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. It is as if the world had been turned upside down and Heaven is below, and Hell is above. Or as if the demons were to occupy Heaven, while the angels were exiled to Hell."

  9. So Stark's father is the Lucifer/Devil and Stark himself is an anti-Christ? I guess it makes more sense now. I also remember how the character played by Samuel Jackson says that Vanko's father was going to use the invention for his own personal needs to get rich and that's why was deported back to Russia, which basically symbolizes God's refusal to share and instead satisfy his own ego.
    Perhaps you are right, but there is no way to know for sure if this is really underlying symbolism of the movie :)

    Another thing that speaks in favor of your theory is Stark's captivity in the first part of the movie where he had his heart taken out, parallel to Prometheus's liver (was it a liver, I don't remember) being eaten daily by the eagle. Is it possible that Prometheus is not really Lucifer/Devil, but the anti-Christ, his son?


  10. Voron - Well there is the possibility that I'm blinded by my current obsession with the Promethean Plan of the Freemason Elite. :)

    Yes, in the Promethean legend, his liver is eaten daily by the eagle. And in this case, it is Tony's "heart" which needs to be replaced on a regular basis. When he pulls out the piece of palladium from his "heart" it appears to be "eaten up". So symbolically, once he gets a new cold fusion powered "heart", he is "unbound" in the sense that he is no longer suffering his recurring torment.

    *** Is it possible that Prometheus is not really Lucifer/Devil, but the anti-Christ, his son? ***

    Yes, Prometheus is the anti-Christ. From there it just depends on how you interpret different manifestations of the Evil One. I have come to think of Prometheus and Lucifer as being one and the same - just different names. Both are bringers of light or fire. Usually in Freemason conspiracy discussions, people will refer to Lucifer as their God. Of course the Freemasons officially deny this.

    My main contribution to this discussion is to suggest that Prometheus and Lucifer are actually one and the same. Actually Vigilant Citizen came to a similar conclusion a while back.

    But he hasn't pursued this relationship to the extent I have.

  11. (Voron reply continued)

    In my own mind, I have begun to make a distinction between Satan and Lucifer-Prometheus. I think of Satan as the father, who appeared as a snake in the Garden of Eden. And Lucifer as the son - the demonic equivalent of Christ.

    (I don't want you to think that I actually believe these things or that I even care about them - because I don't. I am only trying to understand the thinking of the Elite-Freemasons and their symbolism.)

    This view appears to be supported by the Islamic interpretation of Satan. It's interesting to note the similarities and differences between the version of events between the Bible, Qur'an and the Promethean myth.

    "It is We Who created you and gave you shape; then We bade the angels prostrate to Adam, and they prostrate; not so Iblis (Lucifer); He refused to be of those who prostrate."
    (Allah) said: "What prevented thee from prostrating when I commanded thee?" He said: "I am better than he: Thou didst create me from fire, and him from clay."
    Qur'an 7:11-12

    In the "final battle" the forces of good and the forces of evil will face off. According to Revelation (Apocalypsis) the angels of God are triumphant. But one can assume that in the satanic version of this event, the force of evil will prevail.

    In this battle the generals in charge will be the Second coming of Christ and the Anti-Christ, which is the second coming of Lucifer-Prometheus.

    In the movie Iron Man 2, we have just such a battle depicted in the skies (heavens) above the Unisphere, which represents Earth. In fact at one point Iron Man flies through the Unisphere. The drones which are in pursuit, crash into the continents, causing much [death and] destruction to this symbolic representation of Earth. At the same time Iron Man says [paraphrase] "It was time to cull the herd".

    "Culling the herd" is a reference to decimating [killing off one tenth] of the Earth's population. This figures prominently in the discussions of some of the more radical Transhumanists. Even within the context of "Global Warming" we have heard discussions of the "need" to reduce the total human population.

    Iron Man apparently directs this phrase at the instant destruction of a large percentage of the drones (God's angels), but this could just as easily refer to the slaughter of mankind from the drones (representing some celestial body falling from the heavens) crashing simultaneously into all of the continents of the Earth.

    Actually I can't say for sure that "all the continents" were hit. Hopefully, someone will read this and pay attention to this moment in the movie and report back on exactly which continents were destroyed. I have a sneaking suspicion that Russia got wiped out and the US may have survived. :)

    I'll bet you didn't expect such a long reply to your apparently simple question. Ah, but these are not simple questions. Once one factors in the element of "deception" employed by the forces of evil, it takes quite a bit of effort to unravel the Truth from the "perception".

  12. Voron - I just thought of something. When Iron Man flies through the Unisphere (Earth) it is as if he is passing through Hell, since in ancient times Hell was considered to be a subterranean world. The angels (drones) are not capable of following him into his (the Devil's) Kingdom (Hell), and so crash against the surface of the Earth.

    From a more mundane perspective, I assume that the reason the drones crash is because they are unable to navigate the small spaces between the continents on the Unisphere. Although I must say, this is a rather lame excuse for the failure of the drones at this point in time. In fact this seems to be another blatant discrepancy in the movie that screams out for an alternate (symbolic) interpretation.

  13. If you want to get a chuckle, take a look at the picture of the lady and her son standing in front of the Unisphere and notice the "horns" coming out of her head. LOL. Poor lady. Well, we all have examples of badly composed pictures where a telephone pole or some such thing is sprouting out of someone's head. :)

  14. Very interresting discussion. I too have just reviewed Iron Man 2 on my blog
    albeit with no reference to the occult or any kind of agenda (all you guys have caused me a serious problem - I can no longer view a movie without having all of this illuminati conspiracy theory in the back of my mind - I see triangles and think freemasonry - I see butterflies and think Miley!)

    The very first line of dialogue spoken by Stark mentions the Pheonix rising from the ashes - did anyone notice this?

    Baba - in the context of your review - in the movie - it is Hammer Industries, another industrialist like Stark, that gives Vanko the ability to carry out his plans...without Hammer nothing would have been achieved. How does this fit into your Prometheous theory above?

    Also, Is "Lucifer" another name for Satan? No, it is not. Lucifer is a Latin word. The Bible was not written in Latin, but in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek.

    It is the Catholic, Latin Vulgate version which is the origin of the word "lucifer", in the religious context. It has lucifer in Job 11:17, Isaiah 14:12 and 2 Peter 1:19, and luciferum in Job 38:32 and Psalms 110:3 (109:3).

    Some might think about Isaiah 14:12, where the Vulgate translated the Hebrew wording helel ben shachar (which meant something like "shining one, son of the morning"), as lucifer qui mane oriebaris. But, it is important to note that the words helel ben shachar in that verse did not refer to Satan. Instead, they were a part of a prophecy regarding what was to happen to the last king of Babylon (that is, Belshazzar).

    Just thought I'd mention it!

  15. MK - Welcome to the discussion! I loved your comment. It made me laugh when you talked about seeing Freemason triangles everywhere. Welcome to my world. LOL. But also there are angels everywhere. Don't forget that.

    I see you are quoting from the Wikipedia page on Lucifer.
    I think the Freemasons have been working overtime editing that page. :) Why then are all the pictures on this page depicting devils? :) Regardless of what the Freemasons say, Lucifer is definitely one of the many names for the devil within Christian tradition.

    I did notice the Phoenix line. Do you remember it exactly? I didn't want to extend the themes too much within this one article. The Phoenix is definitely a symbol of Freemasonry. They use a double headed black eagle instead to represent it. Here's a link to an excellent article on this subject.

    All of these symbols are tied together in an interlocking puzzle. Maybe I'll write an article sometime about the importance of the Phoenix symbol to Freemasons. (I'll have to read up on it first.) Of course the Eagle is also a symbol of the United States. Take a look at my NASA article for some "Eagle has landed" Freemason symbology.

    You have a good question about Hammer Industries. My intuition tells me that this is referring to Atlas who is one of the Titans and a brother of Prometheus and Epimetheus. In the mythology Atlas and Prometheus were on different sides in a war between the Titans and the Olympians.

    Or maybe it is a reference to Thor's Hammer, which would totally screw up the mythology because one is a Norse god and the other is a Greek god. (They did have that final segment after the credit with Thor's Hammer.) Or it could just be the simple fact that Justin Hammer is a character in the Iron Man comic book series.

    I'm going to take a look at your review now. If you run across anyone else that is making the Prometheus-Lucifer connection with Iron Man, please let me know. I came up with this idea on my own from watching the movie and I haven't seen anyone else echoing my ideas.

    And keep coming back, because I'm actively updating the page - adding new insights and multimedia material.

  16. I just want to state clearly that the issue here is not quite as simple as a "battle between science and religion" which is how the Prometheans would like to frame the debate. I'm not anti-science. And religion is not anti-science. But religion does place moral and ethical bounds on science. These are the bounds against which the Prometheans chafe.

    Without these moral bounds, we end up with a society in which human life loses all meaning and dignity. This is the ethics of a "scientific dictatorship" in which the end always justifies the means. Even if the means involves mass murder or kidnapping and torture. Or the means could involve brutal experimentation on human embryos, children and adults.

    I hope that it's apparent from my articles that I have a scientific background. I have seen how science has run rampant in my lifetime, and it is not difficult to "see into the future" and predict where all this is heading. That is exactly what the transhumanist movement is all about. The GNR technologies - genetics, nanotechnology, robotics - are potentially more devastating to the future of Mankind than even the unleashing of the nuclear genie.

    And we can easily see how these technologies are being popularized through movies such as Iron Man 2. After all Iron Man is nothing but a half-human half-machine creation. Instead of a heart, he has a fusion reactor. And when his soul is encased inside the Iron Man suit, he becomes a cyborg. The obvious next step is to make this transformation permanent.

    When I ask young people if they would like to have a chip implanted in their brain, they find the idea revolting. And yet there is no doubt in my mind that there will need to be a real debate on this type of issue within their lifetimes.

    For me the choice is simple. Prometheus cannot be allowed to roam free. He must be bound by religion and morality. Or else the future for humanity is dark indeed.

  17. I just realized after looking at the current state of the article with all the Freemason symbols and false images of Christ, that I need to add a section at the end that presents the Christian view of how things will work our in the ultimate battle between good and evil. But right now I need to take a break. Rest assured that I will complete that task. If not today, then tomorrow.

    Peace be with you,

  18. Thank you so much for your research and writing of this article. I went to see the movie Friday afternoon and when I saw the inverted traingle I totally felt something was symbolic about it. I loved Iron Man 1 and was so looking forward to the sequel. Also at the end of the movie with Highway to Hell song I wanted to puke. That evening I looked online for the symbolism and found this article. It is very infomative and answered the question that I had in my Spirit when I felt even before the movie that there was something backwards about it. Wow!

  19. Anonymous - Wow yourself! You just made my day, my week, my whole last couple of months ever since I started this blog. It's so gratifying to receive your feedback. This is the kind of thing I dream about. Just to make that spiritual connection with one person. It makes it all worth while. And I do feel that I have developed a unique insight into the forces driving today's popular culture. And that I have a message to deliver. And that message doesn't come from me. It comes through me by the Holy Spirit. But this is something that I've accepted as my mission. And it's a real labor of love. It's hard work writing these articles and doing all the research, but I get so much out of it personally. And I'm able to share this with my teenage son and daughter.

    So that they can "Put on the armor of God" and "be able to stand firm against the tactics of the devil". And realizing that "our struggle is not with flesh and blood" but "with the evil spirits in the heavens."

    So it does no good to go out and arm yourself with a gun. Its not even a political issue. This is a spiritual crisis that we are all living through. And I know personally, I have experienced it. To the point where I didn't have a good reason to get up in the morning and get dressed. And I think that most people in America today, if they're honest with themselves would say the same thing.

    Henry David Thoreau said in "Walden": "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation." If that was true in 1845 when Thoreau went to live at Walden Pond and wrote:
    "I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived."
    then how much more true is it today?

    And Thoreau was not even a Christian. He was a transcendentalist. As Christians, we must realize that our faith is being slowly eroded by the forces of what Pope John Paul II has called "a culture of death".

    And yet for all that, Iron Man 2 was an excellent movie. It represents the pinnacle of Hollywood entertainment. It was a flawless production, with the greatest technical achievements possible. The very fact that all of the technology seemed so real is a testament to how brilliantly skillful Hollywood has become at creating a world of pure illusion.

    There was not a single moment in the whole film in which I thought that the illusion of reality was broken. The acting was brilliant. The plot was engaging. The only complaint you could make is that the characters were one dimensional. And that the movie left little to the imagination.

    But what's disturbing is how all this technology and mastery of the art of film making is dedicated to a work of pure propaganda. And even that is done with such a level of perfection that only a tiny minority will even begin to understand the level of psychological manipulation to which they have just been exposed.

    So yeah, wow! We're standing in line and paying for our own programming. Just as people stood in line and paid for their own programming in 1964 at the New York World's Fair. But back then there was a deliberate societal drive towards conformity. Today we do the same thing but think we are somehow rebelling against society. Wasn't Tony Stark an anti-hero? A rebel? Doesn't his character speak to the rebellious spirit in America?

    Sure. "Pass the popcorn please."

  20. Dear Baba,
    Please don't pass on FB. I know that you may not be a fan...but the possibility of broadcasting this message is great there. If you feel gratified by helping just this one person, imagine...
    Pray about it and ask for direction.
    Will be following you on twitter.

  21. SWW - Thanks again for you words of encouragement. I appreciate that many people are on Facebook. Maybe I'm just old-fashioned, but it just doesn't appeal to me. I prefer my blog, which I think of as an old-fashioned diary. Except that it's open to the public.

    I also need to be careful that I don't stretch myself too thin. As it is, it takes quite a bit of time and effort to maintain my blog. And I want to make sure I'm doing the best job possible with that.

    Another thought about Facebook. There's a real problem with children under 13 signing up, which is against their policy. Many children open up accounts without their parents knowledge or consent. And there is a pattern of Facebook being used for cyber-bullying. And there are other risks as well for children online, which Facebook only seems to exacerbate.

    This is a quote from a British article in 2008:
    "Nearly a quarter of children between the ages of eight and 12 are evading the age restrictions imposed by social networking sites Facebook, Bebo and MySpace, a poll of young people revealed last night.

    The results suggest that more than 750,000 children are illicitly using the sites - which are supposed to be limited to teenagers and adults - potentially exposing them to risky communications with strangers.
    The poll found children spend an average of one hour a day on social networking sites. About a quarter of eight- to 15-year-olds admitted having strangers as friends on their social networking page. A fifth claimed to have met strangers they had encountered online. Two-thirds said they posted personal information on their pages, including their school and their mobile phone number."

  22. SWW - Please sign up for my twitter account. I have 0 followers right now. :(

  23. Here's an interesting tidbit about Iron Man director Jon Favreau:
    *** Favreau credits Dungeons & Dragons with giving him "...a really strong background in imagination, storytelling, understanding how to create tone and a sense of balance." ***

    That would be the same Dungeons and Dragons game that has been accused of promoting "such practices as devil worship, witchcraft".

    Hmm. Do you suppose that director Jon-Jon might actually know a thing or two about the myth of Prometheus based on this information. I wonder...

  24. Hi baba, I don't use twitter, but if I start I'll definitely sign up to you!

    Regarding my references, I'm not quoting from wikipedia but from another site which looks at studying the bible from a non-denominational and non-secterian stance. However, you're right about wiki - facts seem to sort of 'morph' on that site over time...funny that!

    In the orthodox churches, the symbol of the double-headed eagle appears on the flag as a representation of Byzantium and I believe is being held onto because of the loss of Constantinople. Of course, we can say that it is just another extension of the 'symbols in plain site' campaign!

  25. oops, I forgot to add my name at the end of that comment.
    It's Marty/MK

  26. Marty - Regarding the interpretation of symbols. I don't believe that symbols have an inherent meaning - contrary to whatever pseudo-occultist Carl Jung may have to say.

    Symbols mean whatever meaning we, as a society, assign to them. So for example, the double-headed eagle can represent one thing for members of the Orthodox Church and another for Freemasons.

    Christianity has adopted many pagan symbols and this has led some to conclude that Christians are just practicing a form of paganism. This is an especially common attack against the Catholic Church.

    I disagree. This goes back to my previous statement, that symbols acquire the meaning that we as a society assign to them.

    There is a spiritual war that is ongoing in "modern" society. One of the battles of that war is over the interpretation of symbols. The Catholic Church is at the forefront of that battle, because it is the most developed Christian denomination in terms of its adoption and sanctification of symbols. (The same is true of the Orthodox Church in the East.)

    The same way that the Blood of Christ washes away our sins, the Church through the power of the Holy Spirit is able to cleanse and sanctify the symbols of the pagan world, and re-interpret them as symbols of Christianity.

    One of the reformations of many Protestant denominations has been the elimination of virtually all symbols from their houses of worship except for a simple Cross - instead of a Crucifix. They have good theological reasons for doing this involving their interpretations of passages in the Bible regarding the worship of idols.

    Unfortunately, what this has done is to provide an opening for the satanic forces to firmly establish in the psyche of the larger society their neo-pagan interpretations of many common symbols - such as eagles, triangles and even various alternate forms of crosses.

    The Protestants were quite successful in their tactics as long as society was based on the local community. For most of us (unless you live in the proverbial small-town), this is no longer true. Today's society is dominated by the corporate mass media, and I'm afraid that Protestant beliefs have very little sway over the message that is delivered by the various mass media outlets.

    As a result, we (all of us Christians), must reexamine the manner in which we practice our faith. The Christian Church is undeniably and indefatigably under attack by "modern" society. The very word "modern" is used as a surrogate for a "post-Christian" society. We must be consciously aware of these attacks and come up with a unified strategy to not only stand firm, but to eventually emerge victorious.

    Ephesians 6:13-18
    "Therefore, put on the armor of God, that you may be able to resist on the evil day and, having done everything, to hold your ground. So stand fast with your loins girded in truth, clothed with righteousness as a breastplate, and your feet shod in readiness for the gospel of peace. In all circumstances, hold faith as a shield, to quench all (the) flaming arrows of the evil one. And take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. With all prayer and supplication, pray at every opportunity in the Spirit."

  27. >>I'll bet you didn't expect such a long reply to your apparently simple question. Ah, but these are not simple questions. Once one factors in the element of "deception" employed by the forces of evil, it takes quite a bit of effort to unravel the Truth from the "perception".

    Long reply is much appreciated and I read it with a great interest.
    All in all that was a very deep and thorough analysis, good job!


  28. Voron - Thanks for taking the time to read my reply. I hope you also saw my comment about the director Jon Favreau. It turn's out he is quite a fan of Dungeons and Dragons which is steeped in mythology. So perhaps that provides a partial answer to your question as to the "who?", "how?" and "why?" regarding this symbolism.

    I enjoyed answering your questions. It really made me think and forced me to articulate my conclusions. I am eagerly anticipating your next questions.

    I have a question for you. What did you think about my comments regarding the Russian space program of the 1960s? Believe it or not most Americans are convinced that the US was the first into space. I would imagine that most people born here after 1970 have no idea what Sputnik is, or who Yuri Gagarin is. In some ways the Cold War never ended.

  29. Greetings.

    I find your writing to be very insightful (regardless if I think you are right or not). Some points below.

    First point. You seem to apply Christian philosophical framework to everything in culture. At the same time, you are hunting for occult and masonic influences. Problem is, these follow different philosophy. As a result, sometimes your conclusions are completely off. (Your take on Gattaca for example: Jerome is not the devil tempting Vincent, they are dual to each other).

    Second point. Quote: "In my own mind, I have begun to make a distinction between Satan and Lucifer-Prometheus. I think of Satan as the father, who appeared as a snake in the Garden of Eden. And Lucifer as the son - the demonic equivalent of Christ."

    I have a feeling that you have a cognitive dissonance here, and are trying to avert it without recognizing it. (Interesting, isn't it?)

    The idea that Lucifer/Prometheus are two versions of the same story is a good one (we know that stuff was copied back and forth between ancient texts). Problem is: Prometheus was good, Satan is evil (by definition). So the Good-Prometheus-Lucifer-Satan-Evil chain is self-contradictory. Something is missing here. It becomes even more interesting (or messy) if you factor in the Lucifer-Venus (planet) link. Try this for starters:

    Third point. The masonic influence on American space program. The idea was first put forward (as far as I know) by a guy named Richard Hoagland. Be warned, however, most of his (other) stuff is pretty outlandish (and debunked).

    Fourth point. Soviet space program should not be mixed with the American one. Same goal, but the underlying ideology was completely different (see first point). To see the difference, compare the pre-flight rituals.

    Fifth point. The U.S. public does not know about Gagarin (and the ones that know about Gagarin don't know about Tereshkova)... The point here is what, exactly?

    Sixth point. For analyzing traits in pop culture, this site may be helpful:

    Seventh point. Quote: "religion is not anti-science".

    Ahem. Certain denominations do seem to have a problem, as evidenced by the popularity of Young Earth creationism in the U.S. Very ironic, if you consider that the guy who came up with the Big Bang theory (Lemaitre) was a... Catholic priest.

    Anyway, good job. God bless you.


  30. What did I think? Well, like when you said that Americans put a man on the moon 10 years later, I though "Hmm, that's debatable" ;)

    But seriously, I am well aware of the lack of knowledge on the Americans' part about Russian space program and not just what was done in the 60's, but more recently as well. For example few Americans know about the Buran project and how hugely advanced it was for that time. Even if they heard about it they think that it was a rip-off from the American Shuttle program, which couldn't be further from the truth. As a matter of fact, similarities are superficial and Buran itself had very little to do with the Shuttle. Buran was an autonomous un-manned spacecraft capable of going into the orbit and coming back all on its own and it was done in the 80's using prehistoric avionics and electronics. What made people think that it was just a copy of shuttle was the way it looked like. Russians at the time didn't have the kind of wind-tunnels neccessary to test this kind of spacecraft, so they took the American Shuttle design, that was put by NASA in public access. What they didn't know is that Americans deliberately introduced errors in calculations, knowing that Russians would be interested in it and it almost resulted in Buran crashing on its way back, but it still made it. It would also be interesting to notice that US has only recently launched a similar craft called X-37B OTV-1 - 20+ years later. Not to brag or anything :) Well, I guess I am bragging a little bit.
    But to be objective - Russia has its own propaganda machine, so it is understanable. At least in US there are channels like History Channel that frequently airs programs about Russian space explorations and other achievements.

    This is all hugely off-topic though.


  31. The bottom line for those that disagree with the sybolism, I had a sense in my Spirit before even going to see the movie that there was something 'behind the storyline' that was not right. I don't judge them for this but as a Christian we are to walk in the light. As a I mentioned from my response; this article answered questions that left me wondering after watching the movie. Hollywood will never make mention of things like this because it would lower the revenues. I don't regret seeing the movie as it was entertaining. It was when I saw the inverted triangle on the arc reacter that prompted me to know that there was something symbolic. During the Holocost during WW2 victims were given an inverted triangle with different colors representing 'their crimes' by the Nazi Regime. The inverted triangle also is symbolic to 'the unholy trinity.' This article is very thought out and I am very thankful for this. It is not offensive yet is informative. It also shows how events like the Worlds Fair, makes man seem to 'get the glory' for technology inventions. Nothing wrong with technology, it is when man gets the glory and gives God no credit what so ever. Just like in the Garden of Eden when the serpent said to Eve that they 'would be like gods'. Satan will use anything he can to decieve man kind. Satan offered Jesus 'the riches of the world' in the wilderness while tempting him. It is no different today.

    Rob J

  32. TheGattacaAnon - I don't think a response is necessary since I would just be repeating myself. So I'll just say, read the article and my comments again. :)

  33. Voron - Nothing is off-topic here. Everything is related. We just need to be able to see the connections.

    I'm starting to toy with the idea that Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia and post-Maoist China are all attempts by the Elites to create model states which can then be exported around the world. Certainly we know that there was Western Capitalist money that went into creating the Nazi and the Soviet states. We see this repeated in today's China.

    If so, these enormous social experiments (Nazis, Soviets) got out of control and had to be destroyed by the Western Elites. Modern China today seems to be at a critical point where it could represent the model that the Elite would then export worldwide. Or the local Chinese Communist Party Oligarchy could decide to challenge the Western Elites for power and we could see another global hot/cold war.

    How's that for a conspiracy theory? :)

  34. Absolutely - read the book called "Red symphony". Basically - communism is Masonic project that got out of control with Stalin coming to power instead of Trotsky.
    Red star on top of Kremlin as well as countless other symbols like Obelisks and Eternal Fire aren't a coincidence.


  35. Robert Johnson - Excellent points. I'm thinking of writing a separate article about the New York World's Fair with the theme you elaborated: "man gets the glory and gives God no credit what so ever." That's the key difference between the Promethean and the Christian world view.

    Also see my upcoming article titled "The Disney deception" (later today) to see how this also fits in with Gnosticism.

  36. Oh and you are forgetting the US itself...


  37. Voron -Of course the US is at the center of the conspiracy. What do you think the Washington Monument - the world's biggest obelisk - represents? It is the axis of the wheel around which the world rotates. Symbolically speaking of course. :)

    And it seems to me that some of those Soviet era propaganda posters of Stalin and Lenin had a striking resemblance to images of Prometheus.

    Speaking of posters. Did anybody notice the Iron Man poster in the movie that Tony Stark and Pepper Potts have a little squabble over? It's deliberately designed to look like the famous Obama "HOPE" poster.

  38. I'm done with this Iron Man 2 article. I slapped a "to be continued..." on the bottom, because any additional material will have to go into a new article. I would like to write more about the New York World's Fair as I indicated above. Originally I was going to add that material to the Iron Man article, but I have to move on.

    I just completed "The Disney deception". It ties in both with the Miley Cyrus articles and with this Iron Man article. I hope you'll find it mentally and spiritually stimulating.

  39. so what is their endgame in them doing something like this? is it suppose to have a ill effect on the viewers sub conscience mind or is it a way for these occultists and their believers to entertain themselves with their beliefs by using popular figures

  40. They just keep getting our money for their occult indoctrination. It's too bad we're all too weak to take a stand and quit going to their idolatrous films.

  41. It just occurred to me that the white parrot (or cockatoo, whatever) that is the bad guy's pet is a blasphemous parody of the Holy Spirit. That would complete the satanic parody of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

    I had been wondering for a while about the significance of the white bird. Although it does not really play any part in developing the plot, it is artificially highlighted in the movie. At first it seemed to be just a way of creating a sort of idiosyncratic character out of the bad guy. But since the Holy Spirit is often symbolized by a white dove [as in my icon] in Christian paintings, it is most likely that it is being used here as a mockery.

    That still doesn't fully explain the seemingly silly part of the plot in which the bad guy demands the return of his "bird", which is eventually replaced with a different bird by Hammer. Perhaps the message there is that the Holy Spirit has been captured or killed by the satanic forces, which would of course be a very dark occurrence. If so this is an attempt by the movie's director to exaggerate the powers of Satan, since the Trinity exists from the beginnings of time and on into eternity.

  42. Baba - Sorry for my spoken english (I'm from Chile), but I will add some things about the Iron Man and its occult connection...

    In the website "NWO Intel Briefing", where they also comment about some occult influences in various films (such as X-Men 3: The Last Stand, City of Angels, 2001: A Space Odyssey, etc.), there is a page dedicated to the occult influences in the first Iron Man movie, where the writer compares Tony Stark/Iron Man as an "occult version of Christ" or a "Luciferian Christ" and Obadiah Stane/Iron Monger as a "servant of God" or something. Also the writer says about some references to Transhumanism and Luciferianism.

    Here is the link:

  43. Hola Anonymous. ¿Como están las cosas en Chile despues del terremoto?

    Thanks for that link! His analysis of Part 1 fits in perfectly with my analysis of Part 2. When I saw the first part, I wasn't aware of the whole Lucifer/Prometheus mythology that is so important to the anti-religious forces.

    I'll have to take a look at some of the other articles at the "NWO Intel Briefing" website. I'm particularly curious to see what he has to say about "2001: A Space Odyssey". I've come to the point where I don't trust Hollywood at all. They can take the most innocent looking story and insert some Humanist theme in there.

    Humanists are what the atheists call themselves these days. They are behind the eugenics movement and transhumanism. They also promoted the sexual revolution as a way to break the hold of religion on people. Sex is the easiest way to entice people into following their creed. They also promoted the drug culture. Aldous Huxley who was a key humanist promoted the use of LSD. His brother Julian Huxley founded UNESCO as a tool to create global change by:
    - Education. Secularize education to remove religion from children.
    - Science. Create a cult of science to replace religion.
    - Culture. Instead of using physical force to change people's beliefs, make changes to the culture. This is done through propaganda inserted in movies and TV shows.

    The main obstacle to their agenda has been the Catholic Church which immediately opposed the use of all forms of contraception which was part of the eugenics strategy of the humanists. The goal of their propaganda campaign is to have people think of themselves as just pieces of meat rather than children of God with an eternal soul. Then they can go ahead with their eugenic plan to control human reproduction so that only the people they choose are allowed to procreate. This is the logical conclusion of their Darwinian philosophies.

    This started out as mostly a movement in the British upper classes which was an outgrowth of the British Empire and the colonial mindset that resulted. At one time you had the various European empires engaged in wars for domination, but now the global elite are working together in a common cause.

    Stories like Iron Man are a way of conditioning people to accept a transhuman future. Already you see the use of human embryos in stem cell research. And again the Catholic Church is leading the fight to stop the agenda of the humanists.

  44. Hey Baba!

    I didn't have a chance to read all the comments here but I just wanted to say great work buddy!

    I love your website, and I love the fact that you are balancing the lies told by the enemy and the truth!

    There is another highly symbolical movie, Legion, where angels are the enemy... And the Supernatural TV show is full of satanic references and highly blasphemous.

    I just hope that, if you have a chance, add them to your webpage.

    Oh and if you are willing to cove the satanist social agenda you might as well start covering tv shows like Glee.

    I kept an eye over certain popular tv shows and have noticed how blatantly open they've become regarding their evil agendas.

  45. Hi Paco. All of us should be careful to what extent we expose ourselves to the base influences that are so prevalent in our culture. Even when we approach these subjects with our eyes wide open, there are still subtle messages that can creep into our souls and affect our spiritual lives.

    So I try to avoid the influences of the "culture of death" in my life. It's getting harder and harder to find a refuge from the constant onslaught. I happened to watch a segment of a Glee show and was confronted with a man that looked like a woman, and a woman that looked like a man. What is the purpose of presenting these confused sexual images to young people as if they were normal? I won't watch it again.

    Last season I was watching Modern Family, but it became clear that this season the gay agenda has been turned up a notch. After last week's episode showing inappropriate homosexual behavior, I've decided that I won't be watching it again. What does that leave?

    The only family programming that I can find that actually has a positive Christian message is on EWTN. I watched a "Life on the Rock" show where they interviewed some nuns and they mentioned how "counter-cultural" the life of a nun or a priest is. Their lives are the complete opposite of the life depicted on TV shows where sex outside of marriage is thrust in front of young people as if it were normal and acceptable. (I'm thinking of the TV series Life Unexpected which is another "family" show I've stopped watching.)

    Sexual "liberation" is not freedom. In fact it is just an enslavement to our sexual desires. Our Christian culture used to understand this, but now decadence is seen as a "virtue". This is the upside down world that we enter into once we reject the teachings of Jesus Christ. The worship of the occult begins with the rejection of the Church's teachings on morality and sexual behavior. Once that door to the soul has been pried open through devil's old trick of sexual temptation, the rest of the satanic seduction becomes much easier. We need to pray for each other.

    BTW Paco, I just recently came across G. K. Chesterton's "Why I am Catholic". It reminded me so much of you and some of your comments over at Vigilant Citizen. If you haven't read it before I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

  46. Hey Baba

    I am so happy that you found the path back home, I keep on looking for people with open hearts and open minds to accept the will of Our Lord in their lives. It is so complicated sometimes, people just don't want to serve, they are so busy being slaves to the flesh and the banal that they do not pay attention to the eternal anymore.

    About the TV shows I told you about I was wondering if you could ever make a review about them here for your website, specially about the Glee show, considering it is so popular nowadays.

    The way that Hollywood is twisting people's minds and morality is unbelievable, but then again, satan is capable of nothing more than what our Lord Almighty allows him to, and what we let him do with us.

    Thanks for your recommendation, I will read it, hadn't heard about it before. I encourage you to keep fighting the good fight, to keep growing in your knowledge and love of God, and keep on spreading the true love!

    By the way, you might be interested in reading about recently beatified Paul Newman, from the UK. His life was definitely inspiring, as his words were.

    See you around and I'll keep on checking out your website!


  47. Quote from Cardinal John Henry Newman:
    ‎'I want an intelligent, well-instructed laity.I wish you to enlarge your knowledge,to cultivate your reason, to understand how faith and reason stand to each other, they are the bases and principles of Catholicism.'

  48. Hi Paco,

    I'm very happy - honored even - to have you visiting my site and reading my articles. I know that you are Catholic and are an ardent defender of the faith. I appreciate your recommendations on topics for articles and hope you keep suggesting subjects for articles - even when I don't always follow up on them.

    I took a look at some descriptions of the movie Legion that you mention. You're absolutely correct in describing it as "highly blasphemous". There is a new and very disturbing trend of blaspheming the Archangel St. Michael. Since St. Michael is the spiritual commander-in-chief of the angels against the forces of darkness, this has very strong spiritual connotations and consequences. A movie like Legion is so obviously demonic that I don't want to expose myself to it. It just makes me wonder about the people that are investing millions of dollars so that our young people world-wide are exposed to these evil ideas and images.

    You're right about Glee; it deserves an article. In a way though, I'm the least likely person that should be writing about the popular culture since I've almost completely rejected it. The more I come to understand about the forces at work in Hollywood and the music industry through my writing, the more I want to isolate myself from this "culture of death".

    Pope Benedict XVI talks about a "dictatorship of relativism". Under this "dictatorship", the absolute Truth of the Church is banned. If you try to even suggest that such a thing as absolute Truth exists, you are shouted down by the mob. The Catholic Church is vilified and attacked by the Hollywood culture because it refuses to recognize the authority of this "dictatorship of relativism".

    Currently it seems that we are losing the spiritual war - the cultural war - against the Enemy. But remember that God tests our faith before he grants us a victory - a miracle. From this crucible we emerge stronger. And we will need to be very strong in our faith to withstand the upcoming battles. Temptation is all around us and can take many forms. Sometimes in resisting one type of temptation, we end up giving in to another.

    We will need the support of each other and all the saints to be able to move forward in this battle. Remember, the door is narrow; and the last shall be first. At the front of the line are the martyrs of the Church. I would be happy (and proud) to be the last one to get in before the gates are closed. Without God's mercy and forgiveness none of us would be "worthy of the promises of Christ".

  49. Re: Venerable John Newman

    I have been reading about Newman - especially in connection with the Pope's visit to England. Notice that our news media here in the US barely mentioned this visit, even though it is of great historic importance. It just didn't fit their agenda; their pre-conceived script. I hope that all Catholics have gained greater appreciation of Pope Benedict XVI after this triumphant tour of Scotland and England.

    I'm currently reading a book titled "The Quest for Shakespeare" by Joseph Pearce which proves that Shakespeare was a covert Catholic - a "recusant". An important part of the book is the story of the Catholic priests that risked their lives to clandestinely minister to the faithful Catholics in Elizabethan England - including Shakespeare's family. Many priests such as St. Edmund Campion were brutally tortured and executed. This is a piece of history which is written out of the textbooks in the US. Again, it does not fit the script.

    It took a great deal of courage for John Newman to follow his convictions and convert from Anglicanism to Catholicism. Today, according to statistics of church attendance, there are more practicing Catholics than Anglicans in England. Anglicans are increasingly abandoning their faith, even as the Church of England continues to liberalize under pressure from society.
    How many Catholics are there in Britain?

    Many people in the US don't realize that the Queen is the official head of the Church of England, and that Parliament must approve any "measures" of the church such as the one in 1993 that allowed the ordination of women priests. Such things aren't reported in the US media because, again, they don't fit the script.

    The Catholic Church has been under constant attack since the very beginning. Despite this, it has triumphed over its enemies for over two thousand years. As you've pointed out in some of your comments over at Vigilant Citizen, today's "modern" anti-Catholic ideas are nothing more than ancient heresies. And to think that Jesus chose a simple fisherman from Galilee as the rock (Peter) to build his Church upon.

  50. Oh baba, I am nothing, literally nothing but a simple servant of the Lord, who does not do much but defend the truth every way I can.

    I invite you to continue fighting the good fight.

    I am very happy to see that Cardinal Newman's decision can be helpful for you to increase your faith. The fight against our passions, temptations and everything this unholy world has to offer is a very hard one, but a very pleasant one for the true followers of Christ.

    I understand your rejection of the secular materialistic world, yet do not become a hermit, you must still live in this world, although rejecting its bad influence, I still ask you to keep delivering your great interpretations to bring more people to the faith.

    That my friend, is the reason behind my visits to Vigilant Citizen, not to get everyone to listen to my words, but to bring the once faithful back to the ship. And again, your articles may help others through their journey and they may even come back home.

    I hope you keep delivering the articles and I encourage you to read and meditate about the speeches of the Pope Benedict XVI in England, they were very uplifting and very faithful to the words of Christ and I'm sure they will help you to further understand the faith.

    I once heard on a tv program and have ever since repeated it: Passion controls the body, through desires and temptations. However reason rules our passions and it is through reason and our free will that we must choose to faithfully obey and serve our Lord, for intellect and love are our greatest gifts.

    Faith without any logic and intellectual reason would be as an empty vessel, as is faith without true love.

    Back to the whole secular media topic, as usual, Hollywood always attacks the Catholic Church, and yes, the current trend is to attack angels and archangels and depict them as evil, especially Archangel Michael. Why? well, the other trend is to depict the rise of the fallen angels. Especially on music.

    Many people forget that satan is nothing but a creature, and a very lame one. Everything satan does is only what our loving Father allows him to, in order to test our love and loyalty to the Holy Trinity.

    And the day will come, when the Lamb of God will come as a judge to cleanse the earth.

    Until then keep constantly updating your faith, keep reading, keep growing in your knowledge and love of God, and may the Holy Spirit be the guide of your actions.

  51. Paco, thank you for your kind words of encouragement. I can see that we have a lot of the same concerns and interests. BTW, if you ever want to send me a private message, just let me know at the top of the message and I won't publish it. And if you would like to contribute an article to Public Vigil, I would be more than happy to publish it.

    These are challenging times that truly test our faith. One cannot remain neutral when the enemy is constantly attacking. In the past we were asked to be tolerant and we responded with Christian charity.

    Now we are told we must not just condone, but actually support behavior that we morally disagree with. And we find that those who once asked tolerance from us, are now unwilling to offer their tolerance in return.

    One has to wonder if this was not the plan all along. Well the Catholic Church has been persecuted before. Christianity began under conditions of persecution and knows how to respond. This only makes the New Testament more relevant to our times. Catholic teachings stand out in our turbulent times like a beacon of Truth.

    Just remember that our "fight" is not with earthly foes, but with spiritual adversaries. If Christ had come to make an earthly kingdom, then we would all be living in a paradise now. Those who offer a worldly utopia are attempting to deceive us. This world is a test by which we will be judged in the next world. Its temptations are numerous - if one doesn't snare you, another one is waiting.

    It is easy to convince ourselves that we are the "good ones"; that we are above temptation. Or we may reconcile ourselves with thinking we are "better" than the rest. But without God's grace, none of us would be able to enter into the Kingdom.

    Thank you again. Please remember me when you pray the Rosary while reciting the Fatima prayer... "Lead all souls to Heaven - especially those in most need of Thy Mercy."

  52. Disculpe por la demora Baba, pero en realidad no tenía ganas para responder esa pregunta ("¿Cómo están las cosas en Chile despues del terremoto?"). Sobre el estado de las cosas en Chile después del terremoto es... yo pienso que más mal que bien, porque el gobierno de Piñera no es tan bueno que digamos (este problema ocurre también en varios gobiernos chilenos post-dictadura). Además con la cuestión de los 33 mineros atrapados en la mina San José, donde la mina tiene unas condiciones de seguridad algo dudosas, suena algo ocultista para mis gustos...
    (El número "33" puede ser demasiado ocultista para algunos, como el grado 33 de la masonería.)
    Incluso, una de las cápsulas usadas para el rescate es llamada "Fénix".

    Aquí hay algunas páginas donde se rumorean que la cuestión de los 33 mineros puede ser algo ocultista (incluyendo lugares cercanos a la mina)...

    Ok, back to the topic. In Iron Man also has some inspirations: the first inspiration for making the scenes where it show Tony Stark's face with some graphics floating in front of his face is "2001: A Space Odyssey" (where we see Dave Bowman in the spacesuit with the lights of his capsule's control panel reflecting in his helmet visor and the second inspiration for it is the 2004's version of Appleseed (an adaptation from a Japanese comic of the same name), when the main character (a female one) uses a 3-meter tall robot. (The video about a scene from the first Iron Man movie)

    The real world equivalent of these floating graphics may be a retinal proyector/retinal imaging display/virtual retinal display, who is a see-through display where it sends images onto the retina of the eye. When the person uses this display, he/she can see a transparent image floating in space. Here there is a link about a retinal proyector. (Click in "Watch Now")

    I'm from Chile and I speak mainly Spanish, so if you can understand this comment, fine. Also, if you have the chance, you can cover some Japanese shows, such as Neon Genesis Evangelion? Because these Japanese shows (that also includes anime [Japanese cartoons] and manga [Japanese comics]) have some pretty strange and disturbing stuff here.

    P.D.: About the 2001: A Space Odyssey, there is something that found in a web page about the New World Order, where this film "announced the birthing of the New World Order". Here this is the link.

    The "annoucing the birthing of the New World Order" is more portrayed in the book of the same name, written by Arthur C. Clarke, that ends with the Star Child destroying all the nuclear weapons launched into space. Later, the Star Child realizes that he is "the master of the world". Here there is a link about the summary of the book.

  53. Hi anonymous from Chile. I think the whole world is rejoicing over the rescue of the 33 miners. I understand your concern over the apocalyptic symbolism. This seems to be a growing concern. I thought this topic would have cooled off after the second millennium celebration.

    I've noticed even the Pope has been inserting some apocalyptic references in his recent statements. And he is known as being a great theologian.

    Here in a recent statement he makes a reference to Revelation 12 which describes the battle in the heavens between St. Michael and the forces of Satan.

    (Notice that this is a topic which I brought up in my analysis of Iron Man 2.)

    Speaking about financial institutions he says, “they are no longer things of man but have become an anonymous power that man serves, and for which he suffers and dies. This is a destructive power that threatens the world.”

    The Pope is fighting back by forming a new office "to address the growing problem of secularization and the “eclipse of God” in the nations of Europe and the West."

    With regard to 2001, I think the other article you referred me to earlier did a great job of showing the relation between the visor reflections in Iron Man and the ones in the 2001 movie.

    I just want to say that the second coming of Christ is real, but I caution people against actively looking for signs, which can easily become an obsession. There is certainly a great amount of use of apocalyptic symbolism in movies. And this seems to tap into the general sense that the modern world is god-less. However, the Church has faced many crisis in the past and has emerged intact.

    If anything these sort of thoughts should cause us to become more devoted to our faith. Even if the world does not come to an end anytime soon, our lives will certainly reach an end.

    I would urge you to pray and receive communion. I am only beginning to experience the power of prayer and meditation. Never underestimate the power or the Holy Spirit which is at work in the world.

    Remember the parable of the persistent widow (Luke 18:1-8).

    "However, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?"

  54. Re: 33 Chilean miners rescued today

    I just remembered that Jesus was 33 years old when he died, so this number has an important significance to all Christians. The rescue can't help but remind Christians of the miracle Christ performed when he brought Lazarus back from the dead. And of course the death and resurrection of Christ after descending into Hell.

    They should have named the rescue vehicle Lazarus (San Lázaro) instead of Phoenix (Fénix). The phoenix myth is a pagan version of a rebirth. (There is a discussion in these comments about how the Phoenix symbol appeared in the Iron Man 2 movie.)

    Also today is the anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun on Oct. 13, 1917. This was the last apparition at Fatima when the sun danced in the sky.

    Here is a news article from the Philippines celebrating the rescue of the 33 miners and making the connection to Fatima.