Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mozart and the Promethean Plan

... to be preceded.

I owe all of you an article on the Promethean Plan which I have hinted at in my recent comments. Prometheus is the Greek god that gave fire to Mankind. In the myth, fire symbolizes science and technology. For now let me just say that the Promethean Plan is a plan by the Elite to turn themselves into gods through the use of science and technology. Like gods they would become immortals and all powerful and all knowing. (Think of the singularity and the transhumanists dreams.) Ultimately they wish to live among the stars like the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt. Their goal is to travel to the three stars in the belt of Orion which are associated with the Giza pyramids and are thought to be the final resting place of the Pharaohs.

Tonight I woke up at 2 AM, startled from a dream. I wrote myself an email. Its title was "Hidden clues". And its contents were only this:
Popul Voh
Amadeus - silhouette
The magic flute by Mozart
Popul Voh

I knew from the dream that Popul Voh had something to do with Prometheus. Here is what I found.
Tohil (also spelt Tojil) was a deity of the K'iche' Maya in the Late Postclassic period of Mesoamerica. At the time of the Spanish Conquest, Tohil was the patron god of the K'iche'.[1] Tohil's principal function was that of a fire deity and he was also both a sun god and the god of rain.[2] Tohil was also associated with mountains and he was a god of war, sacrifice and sustenance.[3] In the K'iche' epic Popul Vuh, after the first people were created, they gathered at the mythical Tollan, the Place of the Seven Caves, to receive their language and their gods. The K'iche', and others, there received Tohil.[4] Tohil demanded blood sacrifice from the K'iche' and so they offered their own blood and also that of sacrificed captives taken in battle. In the Popul Vuh this consumption of blood by Tohil is likened to the suckling of an infant by its mother.[5]
While it is not completely clear from this passage, it appears as if Tohil - like Prometheus - gave the gift of fire to mankind.

There is more information in the Wikipedia entry on the Popul Voh which describes a creation myth of "the Post Classic Quiché kingdom in Guatemala's western highlands."
Creation of humans, migration, and first dawn. Animals gather white and yellow corn from which the gods create Balam-Quitze, Jaguar Night, Naught, and Wind Jaguar. Their four wives are later created while they sleep. Their descendants travel to Tulán Zuiva to await the first dawn. The god Tohil gives fire, but it is extinguished by hail. Tohil requires concessions to restore their fire, but the Quiché hide themselves in smoke and obtain their fire without conditions. The Quiché rise to prominence over the other tribes. The first dawn appears, dries out the land, and turns original animals to stone. Distinct languages evolve.
Here again Tohil gives fire to the people - just like Prometheus in the Greek myths.

I don't know what sparked the vision of Popul Voh. I have heard of this term before and associated it with pre-colombian beliefs of people of the Americas. But I have never studied it.

Amadeus silhouette

I do know what sparked the vision of the Amadeus silhouette. It was a silhouette against the full moon in the Miley Cyrus "Can't be tamed" video which appears just as Miley, the birdwoman, and her fellow creatures escape from their cage to go on a rampage through the Natural History Museum.

"Can't be tamed" full moon silhouette

In posters for the movie Amadeus, a similar silhouette appears. When my mind had made the association the results were so startling that I woke up and got up from my bed to immediately begin searching for information on the internet.

Amadeus is about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - otherwise simply known as Mozart. I remembered that for some reason the Magic Flute by Mozart was important. Most likely I was subconsciously recalling an excerpt from an article by Vigilant Citizen.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is considered to be one of the most prolific and influential composers of music ever. He also was a Freemason and was initiated in the Austrian lodge Zur Zur Wohltatigkeit on Dec. 14th 1784. Mozart’s creations often incorporated important Masonic elements. The Magic Flute opera was mainly based on Masonic principles.

“The music of the Freemasons contained musical phrases and forms that held specific semiotic meanings. For example, the Masonic initiation ceremony began with the candidate knocking three times at the door to ask admittance. This is expressed musically as a dotted figure: meanings. For example, the


This figure appears in Mozart’s opera The Magic Flute in the overture, suggesting the opening of the Masonic initiation.”

- Katherine Thompson, The Masonic Thread in Mozart

The musical progression of The Magic Flute was based on the Golden Ratio (1,6180…), the proportion of everything that is considered divine by Mystery Schools.

Here are compositions created by Mozart for use in Masonic lodges:
  • Lied (song) “Gesellenreise, for use at installation of new journeymen” 
  • Cantata for tenor and male chorus Die Maurerfreude (“The Mason’s Joy”) 
  • The Masonic Funeral Music (Maurerische Trauermusik) 
  • Two songs to celebrate the opening of “Zur Neugekrönten Hoffnung” 
  • Cantata for tenor and piano, Die ihr die unermesslichen Weltalls Schöpfer ehrt 
  • The Little Masonic Cantata (Kleine Freimaurer-Kantate) entitled Laut verkünde unsre Freude, for soloists, male chorus, and orchestra

What most people will get from this excerpt is that Mozart was a Freemason. Wikipedia has more in its entry on The Magic Flute.
The Magic Flute is noted for its prominent Masonic elements; Schikaneder and Mozart were Masons and lodge brothers (see: Mozart and Freemasonry). The opera is also influenced by Enlightenment philosophy, and can be regarded as an allegory advocating enlightened absolutism. The Queen of the Night represents a dangerous form of obscurantism or, according to some interpreters, contemporary Roman Catholicism.[6] Her antagonist Sarastro symbolises the enlightened sovereign who rules according to principles based on reason, wisdom, and nature. The story itself portrays the education of mankind, progressing from chaos through religious superstition to rationalistic enlightenment, by means of trial (Tamino) and error (Papageno), ultimately to make "the Earth a heavenly kingdom, and mortals like the gods" ("Dann ist die Erd' ein Himmelreich, und Sterbliche den Göttern gleich." This couplet is sung in the finales to both acts.)
I don't think the Promethean Plan which I described in the beginning of this article could possible be stated any clearer than how it is here by the Freemason Mozart in 1791...
ultimately to make "the Earth a heavenly kingdom, and mortals like the gods".
Oddly enough (as if this entry wasn't already odd enough) Papageno - who is the character from the Magic Flute - is depicted as a sort of birdman. And of course you will recall that what sparked my vision was Miley's video where she is depicted as a birdwoman.

Papageno from Magic Flute

Miley as birdwoman

And I can't ignore another image from the Wikipedia's Magic Flute article of "The arrival of the Queen of the Night".

The arrival of the Queen of the Night.
Two things strike me about this image. One is the similarity to a vision in the Book of Revelation 12:1 which is associated with the Virgin Mary. I had just recently posted two articles where this passage from Revelation features prominently titled "The occult meaning of Gattaca" and "Agnostica Eugenica Transhumana - A Dragon's tail".
A woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars.
The other is that the overall image has the appearance of an eye - perhaps the "all-seeing eye" of Freemasonry.

This is a true story

Well, there you have it readers. It is approaching 4 A.M. as I am finishing up this story and preparing to go back to sleep. Tomorrow (I mean later today after I wake up) I will see "Iron Man 2" in Imax. I am sure that this will spark a new article. Iron Man is (if you've been following along) an obvious variation of the supermen of The Promethean Plan. I'm excited. :)

Sweet dreams.

And no, I have not been drinking or taking any drugs of any sort - only the communion bread and water at Sunday Mass. And I have been praying the Rosary daily.

To be continued...


  1. Very interesting.
    I notices small thing about knocking three times in massonary rituals. There is a tv series Big bang theory wher ain protagonist Sheldon Cooper knocks three times everytime. It isnt a big deal, but in the opening theme are flashing variuos images and one image stands for a longer time. It is a illuminati pyramid all seeing eye. Also the verse of the song in the opening goes like " we build the pyramids".
    Maybe there is much more about this sitkom. Can someone look at it please? ;)

  2. @Anonymous - I never watched the show but your absolutely right! I just watched the video of the theme song.

    I was trying to figure out what symbol was hidden in "the big bang" picture. And you hit it! It's so blatant. It's a Freemason all-seeing eye! Just like on the dollar bill above the pyramid.

    We built a wall...
    We built the Pyramids

    Who? The Freemasons. They show a brick (masonry) wall. Kind of totally out of place don't you think? The goddam Freemasons with their sick symbolism!

    The "wall" is the Wall of the Temple in Jerusalem of course.

    And you got all this out of "knock three times". I'm very impressed. Do you have a name or a handle?

    The whole song is a creed for the Prometheans/Freemasons. It's their whole mythology with Darwin's theory of evolution and professing that science has all the answers.

    Just one problem. Due to the limitations in traveling faster than the speed of light, man can never conquer the universe. God doesn't have that problem. God wins again. Give up Freemasons. Surrender now or prepare to be slaughtered. :)

    Did you notice "the bipeds" are actually some sort of cyborg or robot creatures? This whole thing is an exercise in mass subliminal hypnosis an indoctrination.

  3. Well done Baba!
    I was thinking about starting to prayer the rosary daily because it was one of the things Mary asked to be done at Fatima.
    Loved the Big Bang Theory. Another off of my list. Reminds me off "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I also will forget thy children."
    It is funny that most things that should give you social capital (eg. listening to Mozart) are somehow tied to the occult.
    I think about the trend to expose the foetus to classical music in utero. Most Moms just don't know...


  4. @baba - Thank u Baba, it is honor from u that u think my idea was right. Yes i have a nickname if u want. On the Vigilant citizen my nick is SUBhuman. I watch also this site because it is a great source of information. You and LVB does so much great work here. I nociced all seeing eye right in the very beginenig af the show when it is started to air. There must be some kind of other symbols too in the series, but i doubt that you have time to watch it all.

    Bi pedal robots is certainly a transhumanism agenda. I also noticed that in Alicia Keys songs is some kind of pattern and that she is worrsipping an evil entity. I post about it on vigilant citizen forum.

    Sory my english but i am not from USA or england.

    Keep on doing a great work.

  5. I've been reading your blog for a while and while I find a lot of what you write convincing, I can't help but feel confusion by the controversy that I seem to perceive. On one hand the elites want to turn men into gods by means of eugenics and transhumanism, give them the Promethean fire, yet on the other they want to enslave and turn humanity into blind puppets? I mean how does that work? Reading through your as well as Vigilant's blog one can come to rather contradictory conclusions. If they want to enhance humans, then why are they pushing the whole monarch/caged bird agenda intended for turning masses into blind followers of their will? And if they want obidient slaves then what use is the eugenics and transhumanism?


  6. Very interesting, both comments and article.
    Have you ever seen Futurama, a show about future in the 31st century by Matt Groening?

  7. @Voron - I think the elites want to turn "the worthy" (i.e. the super-wealthy, genetically superior fellow cult members and people who go along with their agenda)into gods, and it is the non-elite they want to enslave and/or eventually eliminate all together (i.e. various forms of population reduction that get pushed on the masses but not the elite).

    LVB or baba can correct me if I'm wrong, but that's the way I see it.

  8. D - You are correct. There are always two messages from the "secret societies". One is the eXoteric - this is designed to be delivered to the uninitiated. The other is the eSoteric - this is the True message which is only known within the inner circle. It should not be surprising that these two messages are in conflict with each other.

  9. Wow~ my 15 yr old daughter loves Mozart, Bach, ect.... I let her read this article & her response " so what I still like his music"
    Same with B.E.P.'s Lady Gaga. She is aware of the message but still likes the music & says for her it doesn't mean that. I guess I've at least planted a seed.

  10. Thanks again! My mother showed me all these Mozart CDs this morning right before church and was like your daughter should listen to this...the Holy Spirit told me that I shouldn't and here is the confirmation!

  11. Actually the song says "we built the wall", as in the great wall (china).

    Also Sheldon is a promo pic makes the "in the know" gesture.

    But there's nothing that would make me stop watching this show, is the funniest show I've ever seen!

  12. The image of the Virgin Mary standing on the moon was a favorite image in Catholic art and it would have been obvious to anyone versed in that knowledge to see the anti Catholicism inherent in the image of the Queen of the Night. I say this as a Catholic who sang Pamina and later had to give up that pursuit.