Wednesday, November 12, 2014

anti-God auto-immune reaction

anti-God auto-immune reaction

The media is an organ of the anti-God society and whenever the media detects that the God "virus" is attacking the societal body it mounts an immune reaction to kill the "virus".

The problem for society is that God is an integral part of the society and by attacking God the media causes damage to the societal body.

The obvious analogy is to AIDS. The body ends up attacking itself. The organs that are supposed to protect society from sickness and infection instead act to destroy society.

And this is because our "modern" society is lost. We have come to the absurd conclusion that God is not only unnecessary for a healthy society, but that God is actually detrimental to society.

We have created the myth of the "god-virus" which must be eradicated from society. Ever more aggressive "treatments" are used to achieve this purpose.

With each "treatment" society gets weaker and weaker.

And now we are at the point where our "modern" society is actually dying from the "cures" promoted by the liberal-atheist cabal that is manipulating society in service to their satanical master.

A God-free society is a dead society.

The empirical evidence of this fact is all around us. And yet we continue to ignore it.

Instead we seem to be hell-bent to rid society of the "god-virus"...

How much further will we go... will we ever realize the Truth that is before our eyes...

No wonder that the world applauds a pope      that also views God as a "virus". The one organ of society that can bring the body of society back to health is the Catholic Church by leading us back to Christ.

And yet this most essential organ -- the very heart of society -- has become infected by this auto-immune disorder and has joined the lethal and diabolical campaign against the "god-virus".

God have mercy on us all.

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