Friday, November 28, 2014

Schism is exactly what the enemies of the Church want

Schism is exactly what the enemies of the Church want

The enemies of the Church are pushing all the buttons to cause the Church to break up into many small and dysfunctional pieces.

Yes, we already have a defacto "schism" which is the result of Vatican II. Yes, it is not the traditionalist that have caused the current defacto "schism" but rather the radical revolutionaries who were put into power at VII by John XXIII.

Yes, the "schism" was deepened by Paul VI and his liturgical "reforms".

But in the eyes of the world and even in the official eyes of the Church, the ones who are in defacto "schism" are the traditionalists that reject in part or in total VII.

Yes, given the current situation of the Church it is clear that there is no turning back on VII by the official hierarchy -- the Cardinals elected schismatic bergoglio and when the time comes they will elect another schismatic to take his place.

So is schism inevitable?

Yes, I think it is.

But, if traditionalists are going to finally abandon the official Church it must be under their own terms and NOT those imposed by the revolutionaries in the Church and their allies in the media.

If you want to know what the agenda of John Allen and Austen Ivereigh is, it is IMO to promote divisions in the Church that will lead to schism. IMO these men are paid agents of the enemies of the Church.

And bergoglio? Yes, it seems clear that his election was influenced by those same enemies of the Church that are seeking to destroy her by breaking her into a thousand little pieces.

Now what about the sedevacantists? I believe that most of them are sincere, but it can be assumed that some of them are also paid agents.

And then again some of them may be very sincere and still be effectively doing the work of the enemies of the Church -- the useful idiots category.

No one should desire schism. I do not.

But as I said before, if it is inevitable and unavoidable then we should work to make it happen on our own terms.

Of course any formal schism will be painted by the media in the ugliest way no matter how skillfully and clearly we make our arguments.

But gentleman, the time has come.

And I say "gentleman" deliberately because this is a job for men and not squeamish women.

We will either move swifly, trusting in Christ to guide our actions and Our Lady to offer us her protection, or we will be crushed mercilessly...

These are our choices. These are our only choices.

A man  who thinks clearly can come to no other conclusion. Squeamish women and men who share their way of thinking will not come to this conclusion.

So be it.

Let us give our fiat as Mary gave hers to the message from God delivered by the Archangel Gabriel...

And Mary said: Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it done to me according to thy word. And the angel departed from her.

-- The Gospel according to St. Luke 1:38

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