Monday, November 17, 2014

Cardinal O'Malley denies Christ

Cardinal O'Malley denies Christ

Cardinal O'Malley says [LINK]:

"If I were founding a church, you know, I’d love to have women priests,” he said. “But Christ founded it and it — what he has given us is — is something different.”

What's wrong with this statement? This statement is wrong in an infinite number of ways...

... by what it says.
... by what it does not say.
... by what it implies.
... by it's tone.
... by it's incertittude regarding the faith.
... by being blasphemous.
... by being heretical.
... by being incredibly shallow.
... by denying the divinity of Christ.
... by denying the divine nature of the Church.
... by being relativist.
... by being modernist.
... by kowtowing to a constituency -- radical feminists -- who are atheist and therefore have no interest in the Church except for finding ways to destroy it.
... by undermining the Catholic priesthood.
... by raising false expectations.
... by doing the work of Satan.

This statement alone should be enough to have Cardinal O'Malley excommunicated... but don't hold your breath because this will never happen as long as any of us are alive.

And you wonder why I say that the Church is dead?

Should I attend Mass in one of this Cardinal's parishes and give my offering so that it can be used to support him in his anti-Catholic and anti-Christ campaign in full harmony with the anti-Catholic and anti-Christ campaign of don bergoglio?

Should I pray for this man under the title of archbishop? NO!

I will pray for the man that he may be converted and saved from the fires of hell, but as archbishop, NO!

Nor will I pay or pray for bergoglio as pope. NO!

Pray for the man that he may be converted and saved from eternal damnation, YES!

... but as pope? NO!

These men with their small demon infested brains are killing the Church. They are anti-Catholic muggers and rapists. They are murderers.

If they want to "found a church" then go for it and take all of your demonic followers with you, but leave the Catholic Church alone. For God's sake!

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