Sunday, November 16, 2014

Welcome to the desert

Welcome to the desert

"I know thy works, that thou hast the name of being alive: and thou art dead."

-- The Apocalypse Of Saint John 3:1

I was going to title this post "The Church is dead", but thought that this might turn away potential readers...

... but I will say it anyway, "the Church is dead."

I am not talking about a "sick" Church... no, the Church is dead. It is a rotting corpse.

This is not a time to speak of "restoration".. what the Church needs is a resurrection, but this is beyond our human capacity.

For some time it has seemed as if we were reliving the Passion, now the lifeless body of the Church has hanging on the Cross.

The October synod was the final piercing by the spear to see if there was any life left in the body... there was none...

In a curious way this means that everyone is right in their conflicting interpretations of the present times.

... even the fool bergoglio is right when he says that it doesn't matter whether someone receives the sacraments to be saved...

How can a dead Church offer valid sacraments?

So it doesn't really matter if the divorced and remarried receive the eucharist... from a dead Church.

The sedevacantists are right in saying the Chair of Peter is vacant... because if the Church is dead then what does it matter who is sitting in the chair?

I have been thinking often of the biblical account of two mothers going before Solomon and arguing over a child. Solomon offers to cut the child in half... what does it matter if the child -- the Church -- is already dead.

What does it matter if the traditionalists are right... or if the neo-conservatives are right.. or if the liberals are right... or if the radicals are right?

What does it matter if a dead Church falls into schism? A dead Church split into a thousand different pieces is still dead.

The SSPX can offer masses where they pray for the pope, but what does it matter if the is a pope of a dead Church?

The Church is as dead as Lazarus... dead and entombed... while Martha and Mary wept...

Now can Christ perform a miracle of bringing the dead back to life? ... yes, most certainly...

... but for now this is a time of mourning.

What should we do? Should we even attend Mass?

I propose that we should go into self-imposed exile in the desert... and work and pray and contemplate... and wait.

"Come, Lord Jesus."

-- The Apocalypse Of Saint John 22:20

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