Saturday, February 7, 2015

bergoglio wannabee warren

bergoglio wannabee warren

if "we all love Jesus"...

... then why don't protestants end their revolt and return to the Catholic Church?


  1. Is this the infamous Rick warren of Purpose Driven Heresy ??

  2. Hi,

    Yes, that Rick Warren.

    Below is the perspective from a conservative protestant who is anti-Catholic... what a shock right... an anti-Catholic protestant...



    We are heading quickly toward an ecumenical melding of the false church as well as one world religion. Pope Francis has increasingly been interacting with popular Protestants, including pastor Joel Osteen and televangelists Kenneth Copeland and James Robison. Pope Francis sent a video message to Word of Faith heretic Kenneth Copeland, urging a reconciliation between Catholics and Charismatics.

    So Rick Warren spoke on the “Biblical Meaning of Marriage” Tuesday at the Vatican conference. He was among 30 global religious leaders (including Muslim, Jewish and Latter-day Saints representatives) examining the changing roles of marriage and family in the world. Warren is a champion of ecumenism. He exhorted these inter-religious leaders to be “Purpose Driven,” thus demonstrating that the PD program is ecumenical. 

    Warren also said, “Although we have some differences, we all love Jesus Christ and we all want marriages and families to be healthy and strong.” Upon meeting Pope Francis, Warren said: “Up close, you can feel the humility and compassion that others see from afar.”