Thursday, February 26, 2015

GNOCCHI: Bergoglio is Destroying the Catholic Church...

GNOCCHI: Bergoglio is Destroying the Catholic Church...

... He is Not Catholic


From Novus Ordo Watch:


This story is so huge that Mundabor broke his iron-fisted anti-sedevacantist policy in order to link directly to Novus Ordo Watch:


This is BIG! This is not just Michael at Public Vigil saying that bergoglio is destroying the Church and the he is not Catholic...


Excerpts from Gnocchi as translated by Novus Ordo Watch:

It is a fact and not an opinion that [Jorge] Bergoglio is destroying the Catholic Church 

This Church deserves this Pope.

If tomorrow Benedict XVI would come back to the Chair of Peter, nothing would change, and the process of self-destruction would continue without interruptions

I am not able to say if Bergoglio is not the Pope: But I am able to say, and I do say, that he is not Catholic, in almost all his declarations and acts. This is the last step in my reasoning and I think it is harder and more painful than the step of the ones who say that Bergoglio is not the Pope. I believe that you can acknowledge that; if I were to realize that a further step is needed, I would take it.

With ten — I do not say a hundred — only ten Mgr. [Marcel] Lefebvres, instead of only one, probably today we would not be in a such a pitiful condition.

We must fight for what is good, for truth, and for the salvation of our souls, and for the glory of God...

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