Thursday, February 19, 2015

father rosica: bergoglio's canadian bulldog

father rosica: bergoglio's canadian bulldog

I've called bergoglio the godfather of the Vatican gay mafia...

Now we have the attack of the Vatican gay mafia on a Canadian blogger -- Vox Cantoris -- for simply alerting his readers to the obvious manipulations of the October Synod (on sex)... and the specific role of father rosica as an official papal spokesman for said manipulated synod.

Here is a PDF copy of the legal notice claiming libel and slander against father rosica... an incredible charge to the point of being absurdly ridiculous.


To his honor and credit Michael Voris has done a spectacular job of bringing this story to public attention in the following video.

[LINK to Video]

It seems that bergoglio and his gang of bully boys will stop at nothing in their mission to destroy the Catholic Church.

Can you imagine anything even remotely similar to this happening prior to bergoglio's disgraceful papacy?

What say you now Mundabor? Do you still think that bergoglio has been given a bloody nose by Cardinal Burke and will now back down from a fight? Clearly, the answer is no.

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Source: see the post at Vox Cantoris here.


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