Wednesday, January 21, 2015

bergoglio's coming home party

bergoglio's coming home party

What's a JP2 Catholic to do?

Pity, for example, the case of Marcus Grodi of "Coming Home" fame.

Who could help but notice that Grodi's message to protestant ministers to "come home" is in direct opposition to bergoglio's mantra of "come together"...

In true JP2 (the actor) style this gets played out as a musical drama in three acts titled "bergoglio do you love me?"

Act 1: Grodi sings to his sweetheart bergoglio... "I long for your love... can't we work it out together..."

Act 2: bergoglio responds... "yes... it's true that i have another love not you... but if you will allow me my other love... then i can still pretend to love you too-ooo-ooo... "

Act 3: Grodi accepts the compromise... "I never doubted you my love... as long as you say the words I long to hear... I will pretend that all is well... all is well... "

And the curtain drops to thunderous applause... all the world loves a happy ending. (Just ask Hollywood.)

Did I say "drama"... I meant farce...


See letter from Grodi to bergoglio here...


Note to Louie V.: With all due respect for the great work you do... you should know better than to fall for such a cheap act... see Louie's video here...

.. and in response to your question "could the blinders finally be falling off of our “conservative” friends?"... did you not read the final paragraph in Grodi's message?

From Grodi's newsletter: "This is great! Certainly your concern and worry over this last year or so can be put to rest. Your  mission continues!!" [Note the two exclamation marks!!!!! ... "KA-CHING!!"]

Or as Grodi and friends sing in the grand finale of "bergoglio do you love me"... "don't worry... be happy... be happy... don't worry... bergoglio loves me and you and you and you too-oooo-oooo... "


The moral of this farce is that we must not get distracted by all the "drama" surrounding bergoglio... there is indeed a method to his madness... one of the goals of the V2 church is to get us all fighting one against the other... and we are fools if we fall into this trap...

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