Monday, January 5, 2015

bergoglio gets a surprise -- from St. Teresa

bergoglio gets a surprise -- from St. Teresa

Hey bergoglio... surprise! You are worshiping a false god.

St. Teresa writes in the beginning of her classic poem...

Nada te turbe
Nade te espante
Todo se pasa
Dios no se muda

Let nothing disturb you
Let nothing astonish you
Everything passes
God does not change

The last line "Dios no se muda" had caused me some difficulty in the past in translating. The word "muda" is not common in today's Spanish and I was struggling to understand its full meaning.

It just occurred to me recently that there is a similarity between muda and immutable. and I think this is the best way to understand St. Teresa's message to us... and it is a message that is very pertinent to this disgraceful papacy...

The last line "Dios no se muda" is usually translated as above as something like "God does not change", but I now think an even more accurate and insightful translation is "God is immutable."

God does not change... God is immutable...

God does not surprise... God is incapable of surprising...

A god of suprises... a god that surprises... is a false god...

This sadly is bergoglio's god...

This is not the God of the saints -- the God of the Catholic Church. This is not the God of the Holy Trinity that became flesh and dwelt among us. This is not Jesus Christ -- Our Lord and Savior.

And since there is only one true God all other gods are demons... bergoglio's god then is a demon.

This is a demon the "evolves" and mutates and seeks to conquer the Church by spreading false teachings that sound pleasing to the ear but contain a highly toxic poison.

This is the god of Vatican 2 that opens its doors to the secular world and changes with the perverse fashions of the day.

God have mercy on us all.

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