Saturday, January 3, 2015

bergoglio's parody papacy

bergoglio's parody papacy

Parody? Who needs parody? We've got bergoglio... as pope... ha!

To see what I'm talking about and what triggered this reaction, please go to the CallMeJorge blog where he has the scoop on the new philippine musical "I love Pope Francis"... yes, you heard it right.


SNL could not top this if they tried...

Still waiting for bergoglio to be guest host of SNL so that he can have the SNL comics humbly poke fun at him... although, by this point in his papacy this would be redundant...

Could SNL possibly come up with anything to top a papal encyclical on global warming?... I'd like to see them try...

No... we don't need no stinking parody... we've got pope parodius himself... mr. humble... pope francis the minus 1... the anti-anti-anti-pope... if it ain't Catholic then bergoglio loves it...


"A parody is an imitative work created to comment on and trivialize an original work...  a humorous or satirical imitation of a serious piece of literature or writing,,, "

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