Saturday, January 17, 2015

Latest weather report from the Philippines on typhoon jorge

Typhoon jorge continues to cause devastating destruction in major parts of the Catholic world. Forecasts are for typhoon jorge to increase in size fueled by the warm waters in the kitchen of Casa Santa Marta.

Already the death toll includes the loss of countless souls and many more are facing slow spiritual starvation from the lack of access to clean Catholic teaching on the faith.

Highly communicable heretical diseases are rampant in the areas already destroyed and forecasters say that these may ultimately lead to a higher death toll than that caused by the highly destructive winds emerging from the mouth of the storm.


  1. Prayer,
    St. Thomas Aquinas, often evoked for safety during storms and in times of heresy,
    Pray for us.

  2. excellent my friends, excellent. Carry on the good work

  3. excellent my friends, excellent work !! carry on and pray for Benedict