Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A post-Christian pope

A post-Christian pope

How is it that a conservative commentator in France that is not even a Catholic can see so clearly through the mask of bergoglio and yet "conservative" Catholics seem unable to grasp the simple truth that bergoglio is set on destroying the Church?

The commentator calls bergoglio a post-Christian pope. He could just as easily have said that bergoglio is an anti-Christian pope... but perhaps he thought this would be too shocking for people to hear.

But I have already said it and I will say it again that bergoglio is an anti-Christ... why else would all the enemies of the Church applaud him with such enthusiasm?

We have gone beyond living in a post-Christian world and are now entering into an anti-Christian world.

bergoglio says over and over again that the Church should not be turned into an NGO and at the same time he does everything humanly possible to do exactly that.

Is he not acting as a son of the father of lies?


Excerpts below are from Rorate Caeli's article. Follow the link for the full article.

For the record: Top French Commentator in Radio-Editorial: "Francis, the Anti-Benedict XVI, is leading serious Christians to desperation."


Pope Francis speaks of the roots of Europe, but never makes clear that they are Christian.

He exalts spirituality, but he barely mentions the name of God, and never that of "Christ".

He mentions "human rights", "solidarity", "exploitation, "diversity", "the environment", "globalization", and "immigration", but does not say "abortion", "euthanasia" or "homosexual marriage".

He pronounces the words are are pleasing, not the words that annoy.

This pope is obsessed with dialogue between Christianity and Islam, but other than a conventional and protocolary dialogue, how can Christianity dialogue with an Islam that considers all Christians to be Muslims who don't yet know it or who deny who they are?

Francis tosses out dogma to please the age.

Vatican II had wrought havoc on the liturgical bearings of Christians. Francis seems set on giving away the cultural and religious bearings. Pope Francis is the idol of the media, of Members of the European Parliament, and of the Left in the West. He does not seem to mind that the most vengeful and sarcastic critics of the Church applaud him.

A post-Christian pope. An adherent of a Christianity without dogmas, who is adored by contemporary Progressives who have thrown away what is Sacred into the dustbins of history.

Pope Francis is in the process of transforming the Church into a simple NGO.

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