Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Say No! to bergoglio

Say No! to bergoglio

Finally, leaders of the traditional movement within the Church are saying clearly and unapologetically what we have been saying here for some time... that bergoglio is hell-bent on destroying the Church.

Today on Remnant TV Christopher Ferrara said the following:

[LINK] (See ~21:30 mark)

"What we are seeing is an attack on the Church by the pope himself and we have to stand up and say, 'No! This is wrong!' "

I applaud Mr. Ferrara for speaking out forcefully. May the chorus of voices speaking out against bergoglio grow ever stronger until we finally see the day that the Church is rid of this heretical anti-Catholic pope once and for all.

Pray to God that it be sooner rather than later because the damage on the Church and on the world is greater than we can imagine. And we will be living with the consequences of actions and the statements of this heretical pope for many generations.

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