Sunday, December 7, 2014

Time to tell bergoglio to SHUT UP!

Time to tell bergoglio to SHUT UP!

Bergoglio has ANOTHER interview.

[LINK]    [Original in Spanish]

I have not read the whole thing, but it would take days to respond to the little bit that I have read so far.

This has gone beyond ridiculous. When will Catholics finally tell this pope to "SHUT UP!"

bergoglio thinks that he can say and do whatever he wants and that no is ever going to tell him to "shut up!"

Where did he get that crazy idea from?

... from Catholic media
... from Catholic bishops
... from cardinals
... from the vast majority of the laity

bergoglio has taken on the role of a dictator... or as I have stated previously a mafia godfather... the godfather of the gay mafia...

he sees that he is unchallenged and therefore he assumes that he is un-challengeable.

Each day he becomes more drunk with his papal power...

What he needs is a bolt of lightning to hit him on the head... but even then -- assuming he survived -- he would not get the message... he would just take this as proof that he is invincible and untouchable...

The man's criminal insanity reaches new depths each day... and why not?

Who is going to stop him? Who is going to tell him to "Shut up!"

mr. humility now openly boasts of destroying his enemies... he mocks them.. and why not?

It is true that he is the most powerful agent of satan in the world today... have we ever seen any like him before?

Future generations will wonder what sort of hypnotic power he had over the Catholic faithful which caused them to remain silent before such evil...

The proper Catholic response to this latest interview is not to carefully analyze it and refute the rantings of this criminal maniac point by point... NO!

The proper Catholic response is to tell bergoglio to "Shut up!"

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