Wednesday, December 24, 2014

bergoglio's sodomite admirer at the New York Times

bergoglio's sodomite admirer at the New York Times

Frank Bruni has been described as an anti-Catholic bigot. A quick search of "Frank Bruni Catholic" reveals a long track record of savage and biased attacks against the Church.

I'm guessing that Bruni has never had a kind word to say about a pope... until bergoglio -- every anti-Catholic's favorite pope.

Bruni writes today in a featured New York Times article titled "The Pope, Beyoncé and Me -- Francis’ Gift to [pro-sodomite?] Catholics"...


"... almost two years into his papacy, it’s impossible to deny the revolutionary freshness of his posture: humble, receptive, even casual. The pomp is gone and, with it, the air of thundering judgment..."

Bruni adds the following very mild disqualifier...

"... things are different. Not different enough, not by a long shot. The church remains wrong on women and wrong on gays..."

Bruni fails to mention that he is a sodomite. How do we know this? The New York Times highlights this aspect of Bruni's life in a brief description about him. Who cares? I wouldn't care if Bruni would not allow his perverted lifestlye choices to taint his writing about the Catholic Church... but that seems to be the whole point of Bruni's article.

Does the New York Times make it a regular practice to employ radical marxists to write for their business section? And yet when it comes to the Times coverage of the Church the writers it employs are inevitably radically anti-Catholic.


Below is a quote from a January 2013 article titled "NY Times’ Frank Bruni Again Uses Old Sex Abuse Stories For More Anti-Catholic Bigotry". What I find interesting is that Bruni uses the same tactic of latching on to "anti-Catholic Catholics" in order to attack the Church. In the quote below it is "Garry Wills", but if you substitute for "Garry Wills" the name "jorge bergoglio" the results are very interesting...


"In order to advance his spiteful attack on the Catholic priesthood, Bruni turns to a long-time Church basher, Garry Wills [jorge bergoglio], a writer who has long been known as an "anti-Catholic Catholic." Wills [bergoglio] proudly supports abortion on demand, artificial contraception, and women's ordination. He also rejects and/or denies papal infallibility, papal authority, and the Real Presence in the Eucharist. In other words, Wills [bergoglio] is not really a follower of the Catholic Church. He's a follower of the Church of Garry Wills [jorge bergoglio]. And his trendy views align nicely with those of the New York Times editorial board."

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