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bergoglio's odd Christmas card

bergoglio's odd Christmas card

See the image of the card here signed only "Francis"... no "pope"... at least he didn't sign as "jorge"...

As with everything else, bergoglio never misses an opportunity to send an anti-Catholic and anti-Christian message.

The art work is -- as you would expect from bergoglio -- non-traditional.

The artist is Victor Delhez. Taking a look at some of the other work from this same artist one is left with the impression that this is a person obsessed with the occult. See results of a google search here:


For more of this artists interpretation of biblical scenes see this webpage which has high resolution images that supposedly depict scenes from the Gospel of St. Matthew.


Again, the feel of these pictures is very occult even though the theme is supposedly the Gospel. Also, I suspect that the the artist imaged Christ after himself.

I have noticed bergoglio's perverse taste in arts before. If you go back to some of his early interviews you can find where he mentions some of his favorite writers, artists and musicians. I found that many of them were homosexuals. This seemed to be his way of sending a signal early in his papacy that he was friendly to the homosexuals in the Church heirarchy.


BTW. the quote in Latin is from Luke 2:30 "Because my eyes have seen thy salvation", and comes from the canticle of Simeon when he sees the Christ child as St. Mary and St. Joseph  present him in the temple. I leave it to others to decide whether this is the most appropriate verse from the Bible at Christmas time. It is a beautiful verse full of meaning and worthy of contemplation which I can see how it would lend itself to the nativity... but with bergoglio one always wonders.


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  1. There seems to be some confusion over at AngelQueen about whether this is the real Christmas card from bergoglio for 2014.

    The answer is: YES, it is!

    The RomeReport video that Tom linked to is from 2013:

    Father Rosica -- who often acts as a papal spokesman -- has posted the 2014 card to his twitter account and yes, it has that hideous depiction of the Nativity by Victor Delhez:


    BTW, I am a big fan of AngelQueen and especially of Tom's postings. When are you guys going to link to one of my articles? :)