Sunday, August 10, 2014

A very revealing interview with bergoglio -- is the pope suffering from early stage dementia?

A very revealing interview with bergoglio -- is the pope suffering from early  stage dementia?

Call Me Jorge has posted a

"short film made by Argentinian filmmaker Fernando E. Solanas in which Francis talks about the myth of Shiva, quotes communist Zhou Enlai, rambles on about youth unemployment.... "

NOTE: This video was recorded on November 11, 2013... almost a year ago. This means that already at that time bergoglio was discussing an encyclical on the envirionment and also it makes me wonder if his condition has deteriorated since then.... if he does indeed suffer from dementia. After my second viewing I am more convinced than ever that this is most likely true...

[EDIT: On second thought maybe he was drunk during this interview. See my next post on WYD interview.]

Below is the comment I left.


Wow! Thanks for bringing that video to our attention.... now THAT's an interview which is very revealing!

On the Tony Palmer article you commented that perhaps bergoglio is "losing his marbles".

I don't want to be overly dramatic, but very sincerely and without any personal offense to bergoglio he does appear in this video to speak like an ederly person in early stages of dementia.

I've spoken in the past with elderly parents of friends of mine that suffered through this and the conversations can at times be interesting, but there is a noticeable lack of comprehension. And there is a tendency to repeat the same things.

Even the look in bergoglio's eyes is somewhat distant and slightly disconnected from reality.

Now I feel sorry for him, but why doesn't anyone step in? Of course we will pray for him, but must the Church suffer under a senile pope?

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