Monday, August 4, 2014

bergoglio will host SNL

bergoglio will host SNL

This Saturday night bergoglio will host Saturday Night Live and will appear in various skits where he will parody himself. There have been rumors that one of the skits will be titled "who am I to judge?"....

August fools! Just kidding!

But would this be that much more ridiculous than all of the interviews that bergoglio has already granted?

And now it has been announced that this Friday, August 8, bergoglio "will not only speak during a live radio broadcast but converse spontaneously and answer questions."

Not kidding! See link here.

What's next? Will bergoglio make the rounds of the late night talk shows on a promotion tour after he releases his much anticipated encyclical on the environment, "humanae globus warmingus"?

Even if bergoglio doesn't manage to actually abolish the papacy, he has created so much disrespect for the office that already he has managed to destroy in the public perception the very essence of the papacy which is to be the Vicar of Christ .

LORD, save us from this plague!

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