Friday, August 15, 2014

humanist immune system reacts to protect itself from TRUTH

humanist immune system reacts to protect itself from TRUTH

Since I don't read the mainstream news (or watch tv or listen to radio) I was completely unaware of the "official" humanist reaction to the suicidal death of Robin Williams.

Well I just got woken up to how the politically correct stalinist-style thought police have ordered that the diabolical SUICIDE of Williams is to be reported. And if you deviate from the (communist/atheist) party line then you are to be severely castigated.

Imagine if you will how the human body reacts to the introduction of a foreign substance. The body will attempt to reject such a foreign substance in order to protect itself from a potential invader. This is referred to as an "immune reaction".

Now think of our humanist society as a body. It cannot stand any ideas/positions/declarations that are contrary to its humanist/naturalist/atheist ideology. A FALSE ideology.

So what does it do when a bit of TRUTH is introduced into society which is contrary to its atheist/satanic ideology.

Well of course it immediately has an "immune reaction" and attempts to reject destroy and expel the "invasion" by the TRUTH.

If you are following my analogy then you will not be surprised that:

a) Any notion that Williams death by suicide is of demonic origin is to be surpressed. (See my previous articles on this subject.) This would logically lead people to seek God in times like these.

b) We are told to believe that the correct response to Williams' SUICIDE is to desire better psychological treatment for the depressed. As if there were some sort of "scientific" approach that could cure society of the epidemic spiritual malaise that drives so many to depression and even SUICIDE.

How very humanist. How very atheist.

Any stupid reaction is OK as long as it does not involve God -- especially Christianity. Especially the One Holy and Apostolic Catholic Church.

So what solutions are offered? The same ones that were offered to Williams -- psychological therapy, medicinal drugs, group hugs, self-help, bergoglio's ten ways to a happy life....


Does this make any sense? Even from a rational/scientific perspective which humanism claims to embrace?

No because humanism is a FALSE ideology that seeks to reshape the world into a demonic godless utopia/dystopia. TRUTH does not enter into the picture.

Radical ideologies such as humanism always place TRUTH in a subservient position to their FALSE ideology.

So if some babies need to die or old people killed or Christians persecuted or "unfit" eliminated in order to create the perfect humanist world.... so be it.

There is nothing "humane" about secular humanism. It is totalitarianism-lite. The total enslavement of society achieved by a movement which is at times so slow and gradual that it is almost imperceptible. And at other times -- like the ones we are currently living in -- the pace of change quickens. But always just enough so as not to create too much resistance to change. This is a system devised and perfected by satan himself.

Take a public opinion survey.... see how "the public" (i.e. "the masses") is reacting to the latest diabolical change.... if the reaction is too negative then dial back the pace of change or seek a different approach.... if "the public" is reacting positively then accelerate the latest diabolical change and begin to introduce other even more overtly satanic changes into society.... (repeat as needed)

Does that sound about right?

God have mercy on us all.

Holy Mary Mother of God. Pray for us sinners. Now and at the Hour of Our Death. Amen.


Suicide is not OK. In the last 24 hours, even I, accustomed as I am to the boundless energy of the idiots and morlocks inhabiting Internet Space, have been shocked at the speed with which we have gone from lionizing Robin Williams to blanket condemnations of anyone who might be tempted to say that suicide is a bad thing to do. How dedicated and vigilant the Death Peddlers are who took up his death as a rallying point can be seen in the lightning-fast typing fingers of Dean Burnett who wags those fingers in our faces and warns us that saying suicide is so much as "selfish" is mean, nasty and "stigmatizing the mentally ill."

There is a rush all over the internet to be the first and loudest to call for greater “awareness” of the agony of mental illness, drug abuse and alcoholism and their potentially devastating effect on the mind. Nearly all of them are predicated with some declaration that Robin Williams, because he was depressed, must be absolutely innocent of any wrongdoing in his decision to take his own life.

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