Sunday, August 10, 2014

Boston Globe publishes propaganda piece on the death of Tony Palmer

Boston Globe publishes propaganda piece on the death of Tony Palmer

I posted the following comment on Call Me Jorge and am re-posting it here. (It is the first comment following the article which is titled "Jorge Mario Bergoglio advised Tony Palmer not to become a Catholic".)


Dear Call Me Jorge. The Boston Globe has finally spilled the beans on Matteo Calisi and his relationship with Tony Palmer -- and it wasn't super-Catholic-journalist John Allen who wrote the article!

This explains Calisi's emerging from the shadows to do an interview with Zenit. The interview was a pre-emptive propaganda strike to try to downplay his role in promoting charismatic/pentecostal/evangelical style worship in the Catholic Church and specifically in Argentina.

I'm still wondering who was the driver of the "silver Audi" that ran head first into Palmer on his motorcycle. The only thing I have heard is that he was arrested but then free'd on bail. Shouldn't there be some sort of trial? And shouldn't there be some publicity surrounding it?

This Boston Globe article is the first that I have heard that bergoglio called the hospital or that he sent a message to Palmer's widow.

Reading a little deeper into the Globe article it looks to me like a propaganda attempt to gain sympathy for a movement to form an "ecumenical union" between the Catholic Church and evangelical style protestants.

They are shamelessly using Palmer's tragic death and trying to turn Palmer into a sort of saint/martyr of the "ecumenical" movement.

if you recall, John Allen actually predicted something like this would happen -- that Palmer's death would be a catalyst for "ecumenism".

Now it seems to be happening. Or rather I should say that those who control the media are pushing it to happen through the use of propaganda.

Regarding the accuracy of Allen's prediction -- it's not that he has prophetic powers .... It's that he has the insider knowledge to know how those who control the media are planning to use Palmer's death to manipulate public opinion.

Call me a conspiracy kook, but I have been mostly right so far on the Palmer/Calisi story.... the "professional journalists" are just now starting to catch up. But of course they have to put their liberal/socialist/marxist/anti-Catholic/masonic/atheist spin on things in order to manipulate public opinion in the direction of a One World Church and a One World Government....

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