Friday, August 29, 2014

bergoglio's guilty mind accuses Christ

bergoglio's guilty mind accuses Christ

In the mind of bergoglio the Catholic Church is guilty of all the sins throughout history. From the first sin of Adam against God.... to the first sin of Adam's descendants committed by Cain against Abel his brother.... to every sin since then.

This is expressed in his endless apologies to protestants, jews, muslims, atheists, etc.

I have written about this previously with respect to bergoglio's speech/prayer during his visit to the State of Israel in which he effectively said "the blood of the jewish people is on the heads of all Catholics and their descendants until the end of time."


But this is not all. It is not just the Catholic Church that bergoglio condemns in perpetuo.

(IMO)The real target of his condemnation is Christ himself.

The subtle subconscious message that bergoglio conveys with his repeated condemnation of the Church is that Christ by "falsely" proclaiming Himself to be God commits the greatest sin of all time.

The sub-message that bergoglio conveys is that Christ is NOT the Messiah. And that Christ is NOT the Son of God.

This is beyond heretical... this is blasphemous! This is the denial of the very foundations of Christianity. This is a denial of the Trinitarian God.... and substituting instead a false jewish/muslim/masonic anti-God.

(IMO)In the guilty mind of bergoglio Christ is simply a "prophet"... one of many.

Who can deny that this is at the heart of bergoglio's false and anti-Catholic theology?

Let the man speak for himself. Here are the words spoken by bergoglio at Lampedusa.

[my comments are inserted below]



"Adam, where are you?” [By "Adam" bergoglio is referring to the New Adam -- Jesus Christ] This is the first question that God addresses to man after sin. “Where are you Adam?” Adam is disoriented and has lost his place in creation because he thought to become powerful, to dominate everything, to be God. [bergoglio is saying that Jesus Christ is NOT God. he is denying the Trinity.] And harmony was broken, the man erred – and this is repeated even in relations with his neighbour, who is no longer a brother to be loved, but simply someone who disturbs my life, my well-being. And God puts the second question: “Cain, where is your brother?” [Cain murders Abel. To bergoglio Abel represents the other religions (our "brothers") but especially the jews -- "our eldest brothers".] The dream of being powerful, of being as great as God, even of being God, [the "error" of Christ according to bergoglio -- the "prophet" falsely declared himself to be the Son of God.] leads to a chain of errors that is a chain of death, leads to shedding the blood of the brother! [and therefoe the Catholic Church needs to endlessly apologize for this "chain of errors"]


"Where is your brother?” the voice of his blood cries even to me ["me" meaning the Pope -- the Vicar of Christ -- and by extension to the whole Catholic Church], God says. This is not a question addressed to others: it is a question addressed to me, to you, to each one of us. ["each one of us" meaning especially each Catholic throughout history including (especially?) the Saints.] These our brothers and sisters seek to leave difficult situations in order to find a little serenity and peace, they seek a better place for themselves and for their families – but they found death. [he is saying that the Church has been "hypocritical", etc. the usual liberal accusations against the Church. Notice also bergoglio's obsession with worldly "peace" and worldy "death" instead of the Peace of Christ and the life (or death) everafter.] How many times to those who seek this not find understanding, do not find welcome, do not find solidarity! ["solidarity" -- his marxism shines through] And their voices rise up even to God! [which "God"? the masonic "God"? the jewish "God"? the muslim "God"?] And once more to you, the residents of Lampedusa, thank you for your solidarity! I recently heard one of these brothers. Before arriving here, he had passed through the hands of traffickers, those who exploit the poverty of others; these people for whom the poverty of others is a source of income. What they have suffered! And some have been unable to arrive! ["poverty" -- he reduces the message of the Gospel to a mundane/marxist one. As if Christ is only a "prophet" -- and not even a very important one.... just one of many. The special message of this "minor prophet" is to help the poor in the gospel according to bergoglio.]


Who is responsible for the blood of these brothers and sisters? [hint, hint, it is the Catholic Church of course!] No one! We all respond this way: not me, it has nothing to do with me, there are others, certainly not me. [bergoglio is ridiculing his perceived view of the pre-Vatican II Catholic Church -- a bunch of religious "hypocrites"] But God asks each one of us: “Where is the blood of your brother that cries out to me?” Today no one in the world feels responsible for this; we have lost the sense of fraternal responsibility; we have fallen into the hypocritical attitude of the priest and of the servant of the altar [the priest of course represents the Catholic Church to bergoglio. Actually in the Gospel it was a jewish priest but adding that detail might spoil bergoglio's story. ] that Jesus speaks about in the parable of the Good Samaritan: We look upon the brother half dead by the roadside, perhaps we think “poor guy,” and we continue on our way, it’s none of our business; and we feel fine with this. [Here he is ridiculing the traditional Catholic. Even on a mundane level this is a false accusation because no one has done more for the poor historically than the Catholic Church.] We feel at peace with this, we feel fine! The culture of well-being, that makes us think of ourselves, that makes us insensitive to the cries of others, that makes us live in soap bubbles, that are beautiful but are nothing [he is saying we should not have beautiful churches that glorify God. instead we should have drab ugly churches. Shouldn't our churches be temples and houses of God?], are illusions of futility, of the transient, that brings indifference to others, that brings even the globalization of indifference. In this world of globalization we have fallen into a globalization of indifference. We are accustomed to the suffering of others, it doesn’t concern us, it’s none of our business. ["us" meaning the Catholic Church. bergoglio proposes a different "globalization".... a new world order.... the de-thronement of Christ.... a marxist/atheist utopia.... based on human needs.... the Church of Man!]

+ + +


Say a prayer for this pope.
An Our Father.
An Ave Maria.

Say a prayer for the Holy Catholic Church.

Say a prayer for the world. For all of us. We are all sinners and we have all had a role to play in the de-throning of Christ.

It will take all of us praying together asking for the help of Almighty God to begin to reverse the spiral of decline into a state of total depravity.

God help us! Hear our cries!

OUR LADY OF FATIMA, pray for us.


  1. Michael,

    Interesting insight as always. Got us thinking.

    Remember Francis joke about Eve?

    and look at the Vatican's website where they have Francis' official words:

    Going to look at his Argentinian works to see his mentions of Adam.


  2. Hi CMJ,

    Here's a quote from you:

    "So what is his religion?  What is he praying and to whom is he praying, if he sees Catholicism as a joke?"

    I would say that bergoglio's religion includes a "Jesus the prophet" but NO Jesus Son of God and therefore NO Holy Trinity.

    He's very fond of what he refers to as the "holy ghost" but this "spirit" seems to be totally under his control (instead of vice versa). I can't think of anytime that bergoglio's version of the "holy ghost" ever contradicted bergoglio's humanist/marxist/masonic/protestant/ecumenical/charismatic catholic-extra-lite ideology. Can you?

    As for bergoglio's "God".... I have some theories about that based on the book of the Apocalypse....

    And yes, bergoglio definitely thinks that the only good thing about the pre-Vatican II Church is that it makes good material for his papal comic stand-up routine -- if you're in front of a tough liberal crowd throw in a few anti-Catholic jokes to warm them up... one of bergoglio's top ten stand-up comedy tips.

    I think that about sums it up. Don't you?

    Yours in Christ,

  3. The Judeomasonic "founder of American Judaism" Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise
    claimed: "We have given you Christianity to convert the heathens gradually
    to the pure deism and ethics of Moses and the Prophets."

    In this claim Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise was echoing the codifier of Judaism,
    Moses Maimonides who said that despite its "idolatry" Christianity
    was 'good' insofar as it served as a gateway to convert the nations
    to 'Noahidism,' the rabbis' lower-tier religion for non-'Jews.'

    This is fantasy, of course, but since the Church has been hijacked by the
    rabbis and money power it has very obviously been serving this purpose.

  4. Thank God there are some Catholics, however few, who are waking up to the
    reality that their own 'shepherds' are replacing the sacrifice of our Lord
    with the suffering of 'The Jews' and absolving the Pharisees and their
    followers of their crime of crucifying Christ while laying blood libel
    guilt thick upon Christendom for allegedly 'crucifying' 'Jews' for 2000
    years; an entirely satanic reversal.

  5. Remember Francis joke about Eve? ... Francis said,
    "The fact is that the woman was taken from a rib .. (he laughs heartily). I'm joking, mine is a joke."


    The fact is that Francis' religion, Hasidic Judaism, teaches that Adam and Eve were created as one hermaphrodite being and were split from each other. Adam then had sex with every animal in Eden while Eve had sex with the serpent and gave birth to Cain.

    I'd like to rib Francis about these facts, a few of Judaism's manifold absurdities, and see if I could get a chuckle out of him. I very much doubt it.