Sunday, August 10, 2014

"Bishop" Tony Palmer's blasphemous final resting place

"Bishop" Tony Palmer's blasphemous final resting place

The original source of the report that Tony Palmer was buried as a Catholic bishop is from Michael Daly who is a "non-denominational franciscan" -- whatever that means....

Anyway, he attended the funeral of Tony Palmer and provides a very detailed account here:

He has very kind words for the Catholic priest who presided at the funeral. Apparently Father David Ryan the parish priest at St. John’s is full of the "spririt of Vatican II".

Daly tells us that "Fr David confessed that he would have loved us to be able to con-celebrate with him, but for now this was impossible."


And here the story turns tragic. Tony Palmer was not just buried in a Catholic cemetery. That would have been bad enough.

His remains "were taken to the Eyre Chapel Crypt, at Perrymeade Catholic Cemetery, in Bath" -- a place of high honor.

The Eyre Chapel is described here.

"This miniature jewel of a chapel was built by Charles Francis Hansom in the 1860s for John Lewis Eyre, as a burial place and chantry for the Eyre family. Hansom designed an elaborate French Gothic chapel, with a beautiful altar in the form of a sepulchre containing an alabaster figure of Christ. In the crypt are buried members of the Eyre family, Recusants who came originally from Derbyshire."

So Tony Palmer the faux anglican bishop who called for a false ecumenism between Catholics and protestants is now buried along side the descendants of Catholic Recusants -- the descendants  of Catholic faithful who risked everything to maintain their Catholic faith after the British monarchs split from the Catholic Church and formed the Church of England.

This is a blasphemous act that cries out to heaven.

Holy Mary Mother of God, pray for us...


  1. CORRECTION: I incorrectly stated that Tony Palmer was "buried along side Catholic Recusants". I have read more about the Eyre Family Chapel and I should have said something like "buried along side the descendants of Catholic Recusants".

    I will make the necessary corrections promptly.

    This doesn't take away anything from the gravity of the situation. Palmer a VERY publicly professed non-Catholic was buried in the Catholic cemetery in Bath with the highest honors possible.