Sunday, August 3, 2014

bergoglio: "Nice headline, eh?"

The following are the words of introduction that bergoglio said when meeting with the priests of Caserta on July 26 the Feast of St. Anne, Mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The transcript is from the official Vatican webpage.

Thank you very much for the welcome. Thank you. I am happy and I feel a little guilty for having caused so many problems on the day of the patron’s feast. But I did not know. And when I called the Bishop to tell him that I wanted to come and make a private visit here to a friend, Pastor Traettino, he said to me: “Ah, right on the patron saint’s day!”. And I immediately thought: “In the newspapers the next day it will read: ‘on the patron feast of Caserta, Pope visits Protestants’!”. Nice headline, eh? And, in this way, we organized the visit, a little rushed, but the Bishop helped me a lot as did the people at the Secretariat of State. I told the Substitute when I called him: “Please cut the cord from around my neck”. He did so nicely. Thank you for the questions you will ask. We can begin...

I will let Sandro Magister tell the rest of the story. I only want to note that bergoglio acknowledges that he cares very much about how he is portrayed in the media. He attempts to make a joke out of the whole affair, but notice also that he does not take the opportunity to actually apologize and to say that he is sorry -- as he did two days later with the protestants.

Finally, it seems incredible to me that the protestants in Caserta were totally unaware that the day they had scheduled to meet with bergoglio was the feast day of the city's patron saint. It seems much more likely that the date was set deliberately....

Now I turn it over to Sandro Magister.

When the news got out, and was confirmed by Fr. Federico Lombardi, that Pope Francis intended to make a private visit to Caserta to meet with a friend, the pastor of a local Evangelical community, the city's bishop, Giovanni D'Alise, was thunderstruck. He hadn't been told a thing.

Moreover, the pope had planned his visit to Caserta for the same day as the feast of Saint Anne, the city's patron. Seeing themselves snubbed, some of the faithful threatened an uprising. It took a good week to convince the pope to change his schedule and divide the trip into two phases: the first a public one with the faithful of Caserta on Saturday, July 26, and the second in private with his Evangelical friend on the following Monday.

Notice that bergoglio refused to change the date even after being informed that it was the patron saint's feast day. Which makes me suspect even more strongly that he knew all along the significance of this day....

And then he tries to turn the whole thing into a joke. What does this tell us?

1. bergoglio's supposed devotion to the Virgin Mary is a total pretense. If he has no respect for the Virgin's mother then he has no respect or devotion for Mary. bergoglio simply pretends to have a devotion to Mary because he knows this will make him popular with the faithful who have a true devotion to Mary.

2. Most likely bergoglio looks upon patron saint feast days as one of those "old traditions" that he would like to get rid of. Protestants don't have patron saint feast days. Heck, evangelical protestants don't even have saints. Maybe if it had been the feast day of "saint" JPII...

3. bergoglio is a liar. He told the priests "I immediately thought... ", while the truth is that it took a week of pressure to get him to change his mind.

4. bergoglio is a joke.

Had enough yet?

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All the angels and saints, pray for us!

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