Monday, August 4, 2014

bergoglio's devotion to a masonic anti-Mary?

After much hesitation I have finally decided to publish an article on what I believe to be proof that the painting of Mary "untier of knots" which bergoglio is so fond of contains masonic symbolism.

(For starters notice that "Mary" in the painting does not have her head covered. Instead of being contemplative, she is depicted as some sort of action figure. She resembles more "Marian" of the French Revolution than Mary the Mother of God.)

Two pictures.


Notice the knot in the background of the freemason below and compare it with the knots in the painting above. (Notice that we have not heard anything more about this sacriligious painting of Our Lady.)

When I saw this it literally made me feel sick.

Combine that with " Italian Freemasonry officially supports
Pope Bergoglio "

And then add a little background on knots and freemasonry.

"Since early antiquity, knotted cords have been used for magical purposes; primarily purposes associated with the binding capability of knots. In this regard knots were viewed to hold the power to bind or store spells and enchantments until they were released through the act of untying."

I have noticed multiple instances like this where bergoglio seems to be sending hidden signals to his (brother?) freemasons that he is doing their work. Usually the signals are much more subtle. In this case it is quite blatant. Although, that won't keep most people from pre-conceiving that it is not possible for the pope to be in league with freemasons and therefore reject the whole thing as a kooky conspiracy plot.

So if you like "kooky conspiracy plots" here goes. IMO bergoglio is saying that he is untying the knots -- releasing the spells. These are satanic knots that have their origin in the Garden of Eden. The Mary in the painting is an anti-Mary. Instead of crushing the head of the serpent, she is releasing the serpent. Notice that the string with knots has a snake-like appearance. Bergoglio has certainly unleashed a great deal of evil on the world since he became pope. That is indisputable.

Another more subtle masonic signal that bergoglio has sent has to do with gardens. I will admit that this one is somewhat dubious, but it fits the pattern.

Recently bergoglio received seeds from Obama and the Queen of England from their gardens to be planted in the Vatican Gardens. Then bergoglio planted an olive tree from the Jewish state of Israel in the Vatican Garden. This could symbolize planting the seed of masonry in the Vatican -- in the Catholic Church. Freemasons attach significance to the Garden of Eden. There is more... but that is the rough outline.

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