Wednesday, August 20, 2014

We are Christians

We are Christians

We are not converted jews. We are Christians.

We are something entirely new created at the moment that Christ died on the Cross, which sealed the New Covenant.

Which abolished the old covenant. Which marked the beginning of a new Church with a new Law and new Commandments.

Which draws all men to Christ and through Christ's sacrifice to God.

We are washed in the blood of the lamb.

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Now the way to reach Christ is not hard to find: it is the Church. Rightly does Chrysostom inculcate: "The Church is thy hope, the Church is thy salvation, the Church is thy refuge." (Hom. de capto Euthropio, n. 6.)

It was for this that Christ founded it, gaining it at the price of His blood, and made it the depositary of His doctrine and His laws, bestowing upon it at the same time an inexhaustible treasury of graces for the sanctification and salvation of men.
You see, then, Venerable Brethren, the duty that has been imposed alike upon Us and upon you of bringing back to the discipline of the Church human society, now estranged from the wisdom of Christ; the Church will then subject it to Christ, and Christ to God.

If We, through the goodness of God Himself, bring this task to a happy issue, We shall be rejoiced to see evil giving place to good, and hear, for our gladness, " a loud voice from heaven saying: Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God and the power of his Christ." (Apoc. xii., 10.)

Pope St. Pius X
E Supremi Apostolatus, Oct. 4, 1903

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