Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sedevacantism is a question

Sedevacantism is a question

Sedevcantism is a question not an answer.

The question:
Is the chair empty?

The answer is NOT:
The chair is empty.

This false answer raises many many more questions. It answers none.

The question "Is the chair empty?" is our Cross to bear in the post Vatican II Church.

To give the answer "the chair is empty" is to reject this Cross.

The answer as always is that God only knows. We must submit to the will of God and accept His yoke.

Am I a sedevacantist?

Yes, because I ask myself "is the chair empty?"

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  1. Michael - good questioning. Our alternative is to say - no, the chair is not empty, it is occupied by the sixth of a series of antipopes who sit against Christ and His Church, who sit in opposition to the FAITH. That is our reality and our dilemma in these last days - BUT - how else would the prophecy about the Antichrist and the False Prophet "sitting in the temple of God as though he were God, changing all laws" and "power shall be given him to make war against the saints and to overcome them" - the "saints" necessarily being those who HAD the TRUE FAITH - i.e. CATHOLICS - be fulfilled? God bless.