Thursday, August 14, 2014

Was an abortion the 'turning point' in Robin Williams' life?

Was an abortion the 'turning point' in Robin Williams' life?

"For the wages of sin is death."
- Epistle Of Saint Paul To The Romans 6:23


Once again Robin Williams was in the middle of a deep depression. His early days back in San Francisco after dropping out of Julliard were among the unhappiest of his life. His [relationship] with his girlfriend, which had seemed so full of promise back in New York, had now come to a sudden and abrupt end. It's interesting to speculate on the reasons, even though Williams himself seldom speaks publicly about it.

In an interview in Playboy magazine some years later, the subject turned to the Bush administration's stance on abortion. Williams agonised about the plight of the poor who would be forced into a terrible dilemma of either having an unwanted child or consulting a potentially deadly backstreet abortionist. Williams offered that making the decision to have an abortion was not an easy one, which begged the obvious question from interviewer Lawrence Grobel about whether he had ever found himself in that position.

'Long, long, long time ago,' Williams replied candidly, 'and it was because we were too young and it wasn't right.'

The period of time between the 1992 Playboy interview and the break-up of his relationship in 1976 would certainly constitute a 'long, long, long time ago.' That being the case, did Williams and the love his life split up because she had become pregnant?


Abortion is one of the anti-sacraments of the humanist anti-religion. Through these anti-sacraments the demonic spirit of the evil one possesses its victims.

Then the demon begins to whisper to its victims that they are now unclean and unworthy of being in the presence of God....

.... the demon does not want its victim to know that God is all-merciful and will always forgive us no matter the depth of our sin if only we will turn towards him in an act of repentance....

.... if only Williams' could have turned to Christ and received Him in Holy Communion....

It is too late for him, but not for those of us still walking in this "valley of tears".

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Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us.

O clement, o loving, o sweet Virgin Mary. Pray for us that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ. Amen.


  1. Excellent set of entries on Robin Williams. Didn't know how perverted the man was. It is sad that Francis & bishops & priests didn't proclaim Christ for Williams to hear or for those in the same boat.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Hola CMJ,

      Thanks! It's always nice to get some feedback. This one old article about the religious affiliation of Robin Williams is well worth a read. It's the one that I was quoting from.

      I don't know if you caught this quote from that article:

      "Williams says, with some pride, that as an 'honorary Jew'..."

      Not to belabor a point but the typical American secularized Jew and secular humanism are a very close fit. Their interests align almost perfectly. The Jews as a religious minority in the US and Europe have everything to gain from "freedom of religion" -- however, in Israel it's a completely different story.

      Yes, Vatican II was a tragedy on a global scale. I have often wondered recently if the whole 1960s revolution would have happened if the Church would have maintained its traditional teachings on Christianity and morality. How many liberal/violent/sexual movies would never have been made because the Church would have blacklisted them? Would Playboy have become socially respectable opening the door to widespread pornography? Would the radical feminists have been stopped in their tracks and as a result would the family still be intact today? Would the education system have kept a more responsible social role rather than becoming a tool of radical secular humanism/atheism?

      I lived through those times so I know that they were very confusing times and if the Church had placed its light on a hilltop rather than under a basket as a result of Vatican II that it could have made a huge difference. Everything hung in the balance in those days between the demons and the angels and it would have only taken a slight nudge to push the whole world in the direction of Christ.

      Now we are fighting an uphill battle. The demons have the upper hand and they are not holding back. They are in full attack as we see in Iraq and Gaza.


      See also the video of Robin Williams doing his anti-Christian 'comedy' routine in this article. The article has some good insights as well:


      I was thinking again this morning about how Williams hung himself and it seems very demonic. "What could possess a man to do something like that?"

  2. Here is an interesting link with a quote from a 1999 US Weekly Magazine where Williams discusses being possessed.

    Same blog entry ends with an unusual synchronicity between Williams and the demonic television cartoon, Family Guy.

  3. Hello CMJ. There are lots of mainstream articles out there that make reference to the "voices" in Williams' head.... but they don't make the obvious connection that there is something demonic about this.

    It is such a small jump that would be required, but for them it would be like leaping over the Grand Canyon because it would require them to abandon their whole humanist mindset. They would have to accept the existence of God -- not just some masonic "god the great architect" that never intervenes after the initial creation.

    They would have to accept the validity of the Gospels and Christ expelling demons. They would have to ultimately accept that Christ is King over Heaven and Earth.

    It's a small jump, but the implications are enormous. So they view it as crossing a huge abyss. This is what they have been brainwashed to believe -- but it is only a fairytale, a myth.

    The Truth is that they could accept Christ at any moment and like the prodigal son be welcomed with a feast.

    But they are faced with society's great taboo -- a society that says it has eliminated all taboos. All except one -- thou shalt NOT believe in God.

    Just keep eating those apples that snake-like character is feeding you. Aren't they delicious? Here.... have another one. God won't mind....

    Perhaps a few souls will begin to question the validity of the humanists arguments and find Christ as a result of Williams' suicidal death.

  4. a sober series of posts. at one point there is mention that what Williams and those like him really need is a 'Catholic priest' - where would he find one? a the local novus ordo one can be pretty sure he would send him back to the drug pedlers. how many catholics believe in the war on our souls? has anyone met, face to face, a priest who does? even in private let alone one who dares to preach such. Catholics think one is 'touched' (and not by an 'angel) to speak plainly of such things.

    1. Dear Viterbo,

      Yes, I would have to agree, "the local novus ordo one can be pretty sure he would send him back to the drug peddlers".

      The Church itself is -- also along with our society -- thoroughly infiltrated by humanist thinking. Many (most? the great majority?) of our priests and bishops have more "faith" in "modern psychiatry" than in the Gospel.

      That is the truth.

      However, anyone who searches for the riches of the Church will surely find them... I believe Pope St. Pius X has a quote something like this... "the true religion if one searches for it is not hard to find. It is the Catholic religion."

      One advantage we have today is the easy access to information and in the case of the Catholic Church this equates to easy access to the Truth.

      There are online talks, there are articles, there are pre-Vatican II encyclicals... that are all available online.

      But, yes we each must face the challenge. But really,,,, don't we have it easy compared to the early Christians? Ours is just a "white martyrdom". Surely with the help of Christ and the immutable truths that His Holy Church has handed down to us we have all that we need. God always provides for those who turn to Him for help.

      Yours in Christ,